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  • Manufacturer: DAITEM
  • Category of Device: Security Sensors
  • Document: SH273AX Installation Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 26-05-2023
  • Count of Pages: 13
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DAITEM SH273AX Security Sensors PDF Installation Manual (Updated: Friday 26th of May 2023 03:06:46 PM)

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Compatible devices: SH148AX, 145-21X, SH271AX, 191-21X, DP1201, 173-21X, DP1101, 144-21X.

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  • 2, DAITEM SH273AX 57 GB 1. Introduction IMPORTANT • Some functions are only available with versions 2.0.0 or later (press on the control panel keypad to check the version). • The operating differences with former ranges are described in the compatibility booklet available in the Daitem installers section at www.daitem.co.uk. Contents 1. Introduction .................... 57 2. Preparation ..................... 58 2.1 Opening...................... 58 2.2 Power supply............. 58 3. Programming.................. 59 4. Installing....................…

  • 3, DAITEM SH273AX 58 GB 2.1 Opening Recommendations The user must not attempt to access the siren’s internal parts, except areas described in this manual. If the user does access these parts, the product guarantee will be considered null and void and DAITEM shall not be held responsible for any problems. Touching the siren’s internal parts and/or electronic components can damage the product. Furthermore, the siren is designed in such a way that these parts and components do not need to be accessed for operation …

  • 4, 59 GB 3. Programming During recognition programming, the product to be programmed for use with the control panel does not need to be placed next to it. In fact, we recommend you place the product at a short distance from the control panel (at least 2 meters away). Programming enables contact detectors to be recognised by the control panel. 1. To programme contact detectors the control panel must be in installation mod…

  • 5, 60 GB • Example: programming of 1 st detector allocated to Group 2 with immediate triggering. 10 s max. then “detector 1” “group ?” “time delay?” “beep, detector 1 group 2, immediate” ) ) ) ) ) 4. Installing IMPORTANT: make sure there is a distance of at least 2 meters between each product, except between 2 detectors. 4.1 Choosing the best place The contact detector must be placed: • inside the protected area, • pref…

  • 6, 61 GB Cover Magnet Spacers Base 2. Adjust the height of the magnet holder according to the diagrams below. 3. Fix the magnet holder base, place the magnet inside the cover and clip it to the base. 1. Align the vertical slot on the magnet holder with the arrow located on the base of the detector. IMPORTANT: the parts must be laterally aligned and their height adjusted for the detector to operate correctly. Max : 5 mm Detector Magnet holder Spacers Spacer If necessary use the spacer supplied for the magnet hol…

  • 7, 62 GB Screw cover Overview of opening and closing distances between the contact detector and the magnet used by the built-in contact to analyse any change in entrance status. 15 mm 9 mm 12 mm 7 mm 15 mm 8 mm 12 mm 6 mm Built-in contact opening and closing distances Movement Contact status opening closing 23 mm 11 mm 22 mm 11 mm opening closing 34 mm 20 mm 24 mm 9 mm 24 mm 15 mm 19 mm 8 mm opening closing Spacing Vertical sliding Horizontal sliding Wooden support Soft iron support t t t t t t t t t t To unclip the magnet holder co…

  • 8, 63 GB The contact detector has a “test” mode for testing: • the battery: the LED indicator lamp lights up when the test button is pressed to indicate the battery is working correctly, • detection: the LED indicator lamp lights up when the contact changes status, • the radio link: see § on Checking the radio links described in the control panel manual. 5. Testing IMPORTANT: the control panel must be in installation mode for …

  • 9, 64 GB • check detection of protected entrance opening and closing: Pressing on the button for more than 1 sec. causes the control panel to give a “Test” message when the panel is in test or installation mode. entrance open: the test LED indicator lamp lights up entrance closed: the test LED indicator lamp goes out ))))) “beep, test detector X, group Y immediate (or delayed or combined)” 6.1 Battery low indication The control panel indicates when the contact detecto…

  • 10, • The lithium battery pack must be replaced by the same type of pack with the same technical characteristics, i.e. (3 V). • We advise you to use the DAITEM BatLi31 pack available in the catalogue in order to guarantee individual safety and equipment reliability. • Dispose of the waste lithium power pack in an appropriate recycling bin. Li 65 GB 6.2 Changing the battery To change the battery: 1. switch the control panel to installation mode and ask the master user to press: then press: 2. open the d…

  • 11, 66 GB Specifications Contact detector Built-in magnetic contact 1 Environment building interior Power supply DAITEM lithium battery (BatLi31 - 3 V) Battery life 5 years in normal conditions of use Radio links TwinBand® 400/800 MHz Test button programming, battery and detection test LED Indicator lamp 1 Operating temperature -10 °C to +55 °C Anti-tamper & protection • against opening and removal • against loop cutting Degrees of mechanical protection IP 31/IK 04 Dimensions L x W x H 108 x 26 x 30 mm Weight (with battery) 60 …

  • 12, DAITEM SH273AX 67 GB To obtain advice when installing your system or before returning equipment, please contact the Daitem technical support team (see telephone number at the back of the alarm system installation manual) or check the web site at: www.daitem.co.uk A team of qualified technicians will advise you what to do. Non-contractual document, may be modified without prior notice. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Manufacturer: Hager Security SAS Address: F-38926 Crolles Cedex - France Product type: Contact detector Trade mar…

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