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Olis 72/02FRG Fryer PDF Installation And Operation Manual (Updated: Tuesday 28th of November 2023 12:25:08 PM)

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Compatible devices: CL-002, CP137-AF, CoolDaddy Elite, GAF-395A, TF4039-013182-ST, XL Series, EASY 411, FR3 BIELA14.

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  • 14, 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Operating instructions 10 4.2.4 Frying Prior to frying, remove as much moisture as possible from the foodstuffs with a twofold purpose: to prevent oil from overflowing due to foam build-up and to avoid excessive hot oil splashes. Total weight of product to be cooked should not exceed 1.5 kg in 10-litre tanks (models 73) and 2.5 kg in 15-litre tanks (models 72 and 74). • Use the thermostat to set the desired cooking temperature; the ideal temp…

  • 9, Olis 72/02FRG 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Functional description 5 3. Functional description 3.1 Application of the appliance The deep fat fryer is intended to cook fresh or deep-frozen products and to fry half-cooked products continuously. 3.1.1 Prohibited use/Use for unintended purposes The deep fat fryer is not designed for use as a bain-marie or pasta cooker. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for any faults caused by defective installation or inappropriate use of the appliance. In such cases …

  • 23, Olis 72/02FRG 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Installation 19 5.8.1 Checking supply pressure after installation Gas supply pressure can be measured with a liquid-filled pressure gauge (for example, a U-shaped pressure gauge, minimum subdivision 0.1 mbar) or a digital pressure gauge. Proceed as follows: • remove the knobs; • loosen all screws on the guide collars (item 22 in Fig. 8); • remove the screws shown on item 23 from the control panel; Fig. 8 22. Guide collar 23. Control panel fixing screws • remov…

  • 22, 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Installation 18 The appliance should be connected to the gas supply by means of metal tubing --either rigid or flexible-- having a proportionate diameter (see “Technical specification table” at the end of this manual). When joining pipe fittings, never use oakum or Teflon as their residues could get to the valve/regulator and jeopardise its operation. Instead, interpose a seal gasket suitable for use in ga…

  • 12, Olis 72/02FRG 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Operating instructions 8 4.2 Using the appliance 4.2.1 Filling the tank with oil First of all, check that the drain valve is closed (item 5 in Fig. 1 further above). Fill the tanks with good quality deep-frying oil up to the maximum level mark (see Fig. 2). To find out tank capacities, refer to the “Technical specifications table” at the end of this manual. Fig. 2 Use liquid deep-frying oil only. If you should use solid fat to fry, melt it in a separate pan before using it to avoid over- heating the heat excha…

  • 13, 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Operating instructions 9 4.2.2 Lighting the pilot flame Push the knob and turn it towards the left to the position shown as item 11 in Fig. 3. Press and hold down the knob and at the same time push the ignition button (item 2 in Fig. 1). After lighting the pilot flame, hold the knob down for 15-20 seconds to allow the thermo- couple to heat. If the pilot flame goes out, repeat the lighting process. Proper pil…

  • 17, Olis 72/02FRG 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Operating instructions 13 4.3 After-use care 4.3.1 Cleaning Before cleaning, turn off the appliance and shut off gas supply upstream of it. Wait until the deep fat fryer has cooled down before you start cleaning it. Drain all oil from the tank, see chapter "Emptying the tank" further above. General information The main causes for stainless steel wear or corrosion are: • using abrasive or acid detergents , especially chlorine-based products such as hy- drochloric acid or sodium hypochlorite…

  • 49, 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Technical specifications 45 9. Technical specifications Installation and connection drawings......................... 47 Technical specifications table...................................... 50 …

  • 21, 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Installation 17 5.8 Connecting gas supply This appliance is designed to burn natural and liquid gas. To find out the category to which this appliance belongs in the country where it is installed, please refer to the table below. Table 1: gas categories and pressure values COUNTRY APPLIANCE CATEGORY GAS RATED PRESSURE (mbar) MINIMUM PRESSURE (mbar) MAXIMUM PRESSURE (mbar) Belgium France II2E+3+ G20201725 G25251730 G30282535 G31372545 Spain Great Britain Ireland…

  • 18, Olis 72/02FRG 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Operating instructions 14 Rust If you need to remove rust stains, contact manufacturers of industrial detergents to find a suitable product. Industrial descaling products can also be used to that end. After using the descaler and rinsing off the appliance with clean water, an alkaline detergent may be required to neutralize any acid compounds left on the surface. 4.3.2 Idle period If the appliance will remain idle for a certain period of time, clean it and wipe it dry first, and then apply…

  • 29, Olis 72/02FRG 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Adjustment instructions 25 6. Adjustment instructions 6.1 Converting the appliance to burn a different type of gas To convert (for example) from natural gas to liquid gas, you need to change the nozzles of main and pilot burners; the appropriate nozzles are shown in "Table 2: burner specifi- cations" further above. …

  • 26, 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Installation 22 G30/31 50 mbar Rated pressure (mbar) 50 Reduced pressure (mbar), minimum Nozzles (1/100 mm) Pilot flame 16·2 16·2 x 2 16·2 x 2 Max. 115 x 2 100 x 4 115 x 4 Min. Primary air distance (mm) 5 Table 2: burner specifications 72/02 FRG 73/02 FRG 74/02 FRG …

  • 33, 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Adjustment instructions 29 4. replace the pilot burner nozzle with a suitable one by unscrewing the nut shown as item 35 in Fig. 18 and using a fixed spanner (wrench) to counterbalance torsion; Fig. 18 35. Pilot burner nozzle When nozzle replacement is completed, check for proper operation of the appliance (see chapter "Checking operation" at the end of the previous section "Installation&…

  • 10, Olis 72/02FRG 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Functional description 6 3.3 Operating principle Oil is heated up to the desired temperature by means of tubular steel burners fitted outside the tank. Burners can withstand both mechanical and thermal stresses. The pilot flame and the burners are fitted with fixed nozzles. Oil temperature can be selected between 110°C (230°F) and 190°C (374°F) (item 1 in Fig. 1) and intermediate values. The easiest way to cook foodstuffs is to fry them in the frying baskets supplied with the appliance. The deep fat fryer is e…

  • 16, 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Operating instructions 12 4.2.7 Emptying the tank Empty the tank every day to clean it and to filter oil with the purpose of removing any frying residues. Give utmost attention to this operation, which should not be carried out before oil temperature has dropped to 100°C (212°F). Empty the tank as follows: 1. insert the drain pipe (item 15 in Fig. 5) into the drain valve and turn the pipe to lock it; 2. place either a container with a capacity of at least 20 litres or the oil d…

  • 53, 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Technical specifications 49 Installation drawing 74/02FRG A Gas inlet 1/2" ISO 7-1 C Distance between feet D Tank dimensions E Rating plate …

  • 6, 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 General information 2 1.3 Checking correspondence between the appliance and the manual The rating plate of the appliance shows its serial number. If the manuals are missing, it is possible to order new ones from the manufacturer or your local representative. When or- dering new manuals it is essential to quote the serial number shown on the rating plate. …

  • 30, 23.3.2005 Rev. 1.0 Adjustment instructions 26 6.1.1 Replacing main burner nozzles 1. Remove the screw shown as item 28 in Fig. 13 and then remove the air sleeve; Fig. 13 28. Primary air adjusting screw 29. Primary air sleeve 2. remove the nozzle (item 30 in Fig. 14) and replace it with the nozzle shown in "Ta- ble 2: burner specifications"; Fig. 14 30. Burner nozzle After replacing the nozzle, you should adjust primary air (see the following chapter "Ad- justing primary air"). There is no nee…

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