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Instruction Manual for Peak PP-110A Laminator (4 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Peak
  • Category of Device: Laminator
  • Document: PP-110A, File Type: PDF Instruction Manual
  • Updated: 31-01-2024
  • Count of Pages: 4
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Data: UPD 31st January 2024

Peak PP-110A Laminator PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Wednesday 31st of January 2024 04:32:49 PM)

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Compatible devices: PN230, PL-220, PeakPro PP-450, Instant PI-320, PE-452, Peak Performance PS320, Peak lite - PL320, PHS-330.

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  • Page 1:

    Product instruction manual

    ID Pouch Laminating System

    Peak ID - PP-110A

    Peak laminators have been designed to be user friendly,

    however we strongly recommend you take a few minutes

    to read through this manual to ensure correct operation.

    Keep this manual safe for future reference.

  • Page 2:

    How to use your laminator

    1) Carefully remove the laminator from all of its packaging and place it on a at, level surface. Make sure

    you keep the original packaging somewhere safe (in case this is needed in the future).

    2) Unpack the power cable and insert it into the power outlet at the back of the laminator. Plug it in to a

    power socket. Press the POWER switch to turn the laminator on. The light will illuminate.

    3) Check that the FWD/REV (Forward and Reverse) switch is set to FWD (See diagram 1).

    5) Set the HEATER switch to ON.

    6) The laminator will now begin to heat. Once it has reached the set temperature, the READY light will


    7) Place the document you are laminating inside the pouch, making sure that it is centrally positioned

    and that a small border (approx 3-5mm) is left around the edge.

    8) Once the document is positioned in the pouch. Insert the prepared document into the laminator. Make

    sure you insert the SEALED EDGE FIRST and do not insert at an angle. The item will automatically feed

    through and appear the other end.


    Pay attention as you laminate and watch for your document appearing out of the exit at the back of the

    laminator. If you do not see the document appearing after several seconds, press the REVERSE switch to

    avoid a potential jam and the document wrapping around the rollers.


    When you see your document appear at the exit, wait until it becomes free and do not tug or pull it.

    9) To turn the laminator OFF after use, set the HEATER switch to OFF and allow the laminator to still run for

    5 minutes (you will hear the rollers turning). This allows the laminator to cool down and it is then safe to

    turn OFF.

    Thank you for purchasing the Peak ID PP-110A. Peak laminators are designed to give you professional,

    high quality results, quickly and easily. Please take a few minutes to read through this important document

    as any damage caused to your laminator by user error is not covered under warranty.

    Don’t overlap

    Leave a 5mm border Don’t laminate open

    end rst



  • Page 3:

    Technical Specications

    Laminating speed: 450mm/minute

    Laminating width: 110mm

    Maximum pouch thickness: 360 micron

    Laminating temperature: 100-160



    Power supply: AC 100, 110, 220, 240V/50Hz, 60Hz

    Power consumption: 250W

    Dimensions: 210 x 170 x 90mm

    Weight: 4kgs

    Warranty: 1 year

    Upper Cover

    Rear guide plate

    Front guide plate

    Ready light

    Power light

    Temperature set

    Forward / Reverse Switch

    Heater / Cold Switch

    Power Switch

    Parts and Features

    Diagram 1

  • Page 4:

    Warranty & Incorrect Use


    Your laminator should reach you in perfect condition, however please retain all original packaging once you have

    unpacked your laminator in case you need to return it. If your laminator arrives damaged or faulty in anyway, this must

    be reported to your supplier immediately. If you send your laminator back for repair under warranty at any time, then

    the warranty may be void if the laminator is not packaged correctly and as a result is damaged in transit.

    Unauthorised repair or attempts to service the unit will invalidate the warranty.

    Your Peak Pouch Laminator includes a 1 year warranty on defective parts under normal operating conditions.

    THIS DOES NOT COVER any jams, misfeeds or wrap arounds caused by operator error and you will be liable for the

    repair costs (including delivery charges). The warranty does not cover the heated rollers. The warranty is for a period

    of one year from the date of purchase by the original consumer.

    Please note that attempting to laminate any type of unsuitable documents (for example multiple cutouts, textiles,

    food matter, documents exceeding the maximum thickness or documents too large or small for the pouch) may result

    in jamming. Damage caused by incorrect use or failing to follow the instructions are not covered within the warranty.


    My document has come out cloudy - what does this mean?

    This means that the temperature setting is not quite hot enough. Try increasing the temperature by 5


    and try again as applying

    more heat should x the problem.

    My document has come out wavy - what does this mean?

    If the document comes out with a wavy nish the temperature is set too high. Decrease the temperature by 5


    and try again. If you

    have an important document to laminate such as a photograph, it is always good to try a test document rst to ensure you have the

    laminator at the perfect temperature.



    Always remember to switch your pouch laminator o after use. Leaving it on for long periods can cause damage to the

    laminator and is a health and safety hazard


    NEVER laminate metal objects such as keys or coins


    NEVER use the laminator near water and do not leave the laminator next to a hot area such as a radiator


    Always wrap the power cord around safely after use and do not leave it dangling where it could cause an accident


    Do not allow children to use the laminator, unless supervised


    If your laminator stops working, do not try to x it yourself by disassembling the machine. Contact your supplier for advice


    Do not operate the laminator if the power cable is damaged in any way


    Do not use this appliance for anything other than it’s intended purpose


    During use please take care that no clothes, neckties, hair, necklaces etc are near the machine otherwise injuries could occur


    Do not use this appliance with the cover open


    Do not use this appliance for anything other than it’s intended purpose



MDU, DDLS 508, TC-9015VP, ITE, Trunk Side Mount C-TSM-CHGR-X, SHB7102, XGS-600
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