JVC DLA-HD10KU/E Instructions Manual

Instructions Manual for JVC DLA-HD10KU/E Projector (50 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: JVC
  • Category of Device: Projector
  • Document: DLA-HD10KU/E, File Type: PDF Instructions Manual
  • Updated: 27-07-2023
  • Count of Pages: 50
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JVC DLA-HD10KU/E Projector PDF Instructions Manual (Updated: Thursday 27th of July 2023 06:31:15 PM)

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Compatible devices: DLA-X55R, DLA-X990R, DLA-M15, DLA-M5000LE, DLA-HD750, DLA-G20U - D-ila Projector, DLA-HD250PRO - D-ila Home Theater Projector, LX-N68BC.

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(Ocr-Read: Summary of Contents JVC DLA-HD10KU/E Document (Main Content), UPD: 27 July 2023)
  • 15, JVC DLA-HD10KU/E 15 This unit displays operational states using different combination of indicators. ● Please refer to page 35 for explanations on warning indication for *2 . ● Please refer to page 41 for indications when an abnormality occurs in this unit. Indicator Display on the Top S…

  • 16, JVC DLA-HD10KU/E Controls and Features (continued) 16 A Remote Control’s Signal Transmitter (A Page 23) B [OPERATE ON] Button When this unit is in the standby mode, pressing this button for more than 1 second will turn the unit on and cause the [OPERATE] indicator to light up. (A Page 2…

  • 49, 49 Memo ENGLISH DLA-HD10_EN-FR.book Page 49 Thursday, November 10, 2005 12:54 PM Downloaded from ProjectorsManual.com Manuals …

  • 20, JVC DLA-HD10KU/E Installing the Projector (continued) 20 The optimum image can be obtained when the center of this projector’s lens and the screen are placed perpendicular to each other. Take note of the projection angle when placing them. Failing to do so may give rise to trapezoid…

  • 42, 42 Troubleshooting Before sending the unit for repair, check the following points. Symptom Probable Cause Corrective Action Reference Page Power is not supplied Is the power cord disconnected? Insert the power cord (plug) properly. Page 25 Is the lamp cover properly shu…

  • 37, JVC DLA-HD10KU/E 37 e Insert the lamp unit until it is fully in f Tighten the screws of the lamp unit and close the handle ● Fasten the 2 screws with a F screwdriver. g Attach the lamp cover and fasten the screw ● Fasten the 1 screw with a F screwdriver. h Attach the control panel cov…

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