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  • Manufacturer: Lamona
  • Category of Device: Scrubber
  • Document: LAM2603 User's Installation Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 09-06-2023
  • Count of Pages: 20
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Lamona LAM2603 Scrubber PDF User's Installation Manual (Updated: Friday 9th of June 2023 09:06:38 AM)

Rating: 4.2 (rated by 48 users)

Compatible devices: HJA2180, AIR SCRUBBER 892, 336, MA72, Hurricane spin scrubber, LAM2601, LAM2403-1, FEC.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Lamona LAM2603 Document (Main Content), UPD: 09 June 2023)
  • 2, Lamona LAM2603 Page _ 2 LAMONA Appliances Dear Customer, Congratulations on your choice of a LAMONA domestic appliance which has been designed to give you excellent service. The user manual will help you use your product quickly and safely.  Please read this user manual before installing and using the product.  Always follow the safety instructions.  Keep this user manual within easy reach for future reference.  Please read any other documents supplied with the product. Explanatio…

  • 3, Exclusive to Howdens Page _ 3 User manual LAM2603 Index Before using the extractor 04 Safety 04 General 04 Safety for children 04 Safety when working with electricity 04 General information and operation 05 ([WUDFWRU 3DUWV ,GHQWLÀFDWLRQ  &RQWURO SDQHO OD\RXW  Care and maintenance 06 General Cleaning 06 Grease Filters 06 Carbon Filters 07 Replacing the Lamps 07 Installation …

  • 4, Page _ 4 LAMONA Appliances  Make sure that you have removed all packaging, wrappings, stickers and from the Extractor  It is recommended that you clean the extractor’s surface before using for the time. Before using the Extractor This appliance is for domestic extraction purposes only. It must not be used for other purposes. Commercial use will void the guarantee. The manufacturer shall not be …

  • 5, Lamona LAM2603 Exclusive to Howdens Page _ 5 User manual LAM2603 1. Upper Frame 2. Lower Frame 3. Upper Chimney Section 4. Lower Chimney Section 5. Extractor body (Glass Canopy Not Shown) 6. Recirculation Diverter 7. 2 x Grease 8. Vent Adapter General Information & Operation On opening your box you will the extractor body complete with glass canopy, a two-piece telescopic frame, a two-piece decorative chimney, a bag of and a ducting connec…

  • 6, Page _ 6 LAMONA Appliances Before cleaning or attempting any type of maintenance, always make sure that the electricity supply is disconnected. The manufacturer declines all liability in cases where the instructions for the appropriate installation, maintenance and use of the extractor hood are not observed. If the power cable is cut or damaged in any way, disconnect the extractor from the electricity supply and call the service number on the rear cover of this booklet or a suitably repairer. General Cleaning …

  • 7, Exclusive to Howdens Page _ 7 User manual LAM2603 Replacing the Lamps 7KH H[WUDFWRU KRRG LV ÀWWHG ZLWK IRXU * : halogen lamps that may need to be replaced periodically. To do this, ensure that the power is switched off and the lamps have had time to cool.  8VH D ÁDW EODGHG VFUHZGULYHU WR JHQWO\ SUL]H open the glass cover and trim that sits over the bulb.  The light bulb can then be pulled away from WKH OLJKW ÀWWLQJ DQG GLVSRVHG…

  • 8, Page _ 8 LAMONA Appliances Methods of Extraction The very best method of clearing the kitchen of unwanted odours is by connecting the appliance to an exhaust duct and venting to the outside atmosphere via the ceiling or an exterior wall. Suitable Ducting kits part ref: APL2807 may be purchased from the depot where you bought the extractor. You do not need FKDUFRDO ÀOWHUV ZKHQ XVLQJ WKH H[WHUQDO 'XFWLQJ PRGH Extraction Via Ducting Ducting mode (APL2807) ducting Kit …

  • 9, Exclusive to Howdens Page _ 9 User manual LAM2603 Installing Your Extractor This instruction must be strictly adhered to. Failure to comply could result in overheating and serious damage to your appliance. It is recommended that the installation is carried out by two people. Ensure the ceiling to whith this extractor it to be installed is strong enough to support the weight of the extractor. Do not secure to plasterboard alone. Before drilling or chiselling the ceiling or wall, check …

  • 10, Lamona LAM2603 Page _ 10 LAMONA Appliances Installing Your Extractor Position the hole template on the ceiling paying attention that the arrow is positioned on the same side as the appliance controls (Fig.3) Drill 4, Ø8 holes in the ceiling and drive in 3 screws without completely tightening them. Pay attention not to insert the screw into the hole marked with an X on the hole template (the À[LQJ PXVW EH LQWR D VXLWDEOH VWUXFWXUH WKDW ZLOO VXSSRUW WKH ZHLJKW RI WK…

  • 11, Exclusive to Howdens Page _ 11 User manual LAM2603 Installing Your Extractor Take the lower part of the telescopic structure C and insert it into the upper structure B (Fig.5a). Adjust the height of the frame assembly X by referring to the dimensions indicated in (Fig.6) and secure it using the 8 screws G that are supplied (Fig.5b). B C Fig.5a Fig.5b G C G B G X X = C - (90 + 40 + 650 + B) C 650 B 40 Fig.6 90 …

  • 12, Lamona LAM2603 Page _ 12 LAMONA Appliances Installing Your Extractor Ducting out installation: )L[ WKH ÁH[LEOH SLSH WR WKH SUHSDUHG DLU evacuation hole (Fig 7). Fig.7 ,I \RXU SURGXFW LV VXSSOLHG ZLWK D FRQQHFWRU ÁDQJH ) ÀW LW WR WKH XSSHU SDUW RI WKH FRRNHU KRRG suction assembly using the 2 screws E (Fig. 9) . E F Fig.9 Fig.8 M P Recirculation installation: )L[ WKH ÁH[LEOH SLSH WR WKH GHÁHFWRU 0 DQG VHFXUH GHÁHFWRU WR IUDPH DV LQGLFDWHG LQ (Fig.8), 7KH DFWLYH FDUERQ ÀOWHUV PX…

  • 13, Exclusive to Howdens Page _ 13 User manual LAM2603 Installing Your Extractor Fit the upper chimney piece to the frame using the 2 screws A (Fig.10). Fig.10 A $WWDFK WKH ORZHU FKLPQH\ SLHFH WR WKH XSSHU RQH DQG À[ LW FDUHIXOO\ XVLQJ DGKHVLYH WDSH / (Fig.11a). Partially unscrew the 2 screws O a maximum of 3 mm (Fig.11a). Insert the extractor body into the frame paying attention that the previously unscrewed screws O, hook into the slots in the lower part as indicated in (Fig.11b). Tighten in the 3 screws N and the 2 screws O (F…

  • 14, Page _ 14 LAMONA Appliances Installing Your Extractor Fix the air evacuation pipe H (not supplied RQWR WKH FRQQHFWLRQ ÁDQJH ) )LJ Fig.12 H F F Remove adhesive tape L and rest the lower chimney piece above the cooker hood (Fig.13). Fig.13 …

  • 15, Exclusive to Howdens 3DJH B  User manual LAM2603 Electrical Connections ,03257$17 (QVXUH WKDW WKH HOHFWULFLW\ VXSSO\ LV VZLWFKHG RII EHIRUH FRQQHFWLQJ <RXU DSSOLDQFH PXVW EH FRQQHFWHG WR À[HG ZLULQJ YLD WKH XVH RI D GRXEOH SROH VZLWFKHG IXVHG VSXU RXWOHW with at least 3mm contact separation, The isolation switch must be accessible after installation. (See technical data for fuse rating). :H VWURQJO\ UHFRPPHQG WKH DSSOLDQFH LV FRQQHFWHG E\ D TXDOLÀHG HOHFWULFLDQ The terminology DOUBLE POLE -/+ means that both t…

  • 16, Lamona LAM2603 Page _ 16 LAMONA Appliances TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Symptoms Possible Cause Solutions Lamps fail to operate?  A replacement lamp is probably necessary, but ÀUVW FKHFN WKDW WKH ODPS LV FRUUHFWO\ ÀWWHG LQWR LWV holder. (Remember that the lamps are not covered by the guarantee.) Disconnect the mains electricity supply before adjusting or replacing the lamps. The extractor lamps may become hot; therefore ensure the bulb has cooled VXIÀFLHQWO\ EHIRUH UHSODFLQJ  Power is cut. Check if there is pow…

  • 17, Lamona LAM2603 Exclusive to Howdens Page _ 17 User manual LAM2603 Your Guarantee Product Guarantee Details (UK only) breakdown repairs. (Details of which are shown on your Proof of Purchase Document).  Any claim during the period of the guarantee (MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE PROOF OF PURCHASE)  The product must be correctly installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and used for normal domestic purposes. …

  • 20, If supplied, please stick your self adhesive product rating plate here, or make a note of the product serial number below in the box below for future reference. Serial Number : ........................................................................................... Issue: 12/2014 …

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