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Compatible devices: Scion tC 2005, SIENNA OM, AVALON - 2011, Sienna 2003, 4RUNNER 2013, Avalon 2007, RAV4 2019, CAMRY HYBRID 2021.

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  • 215, Toyota 2009 Avalon 218 3-2. Using the audio system AVALON_U_OM41430U NOTICE n Discs and adapters that cannot be used Do not use the following types of discs, 3 in. (8 cm) disc adapters or Dual Disc. Doing so may damage the player and render the disc insert/eject function unusable. l Discs that have a diameter that is not 4.7 in. (12 cm). l Low-quality and deformed discs. l Discs with a transparent or translucent recording area. l Discs that have tape, stickers or CD-R labels attached to t…

  • 285, 288 3-6. Other interior features AVALON_U_OM41430U n Operating the rear sunshade after turning the “ENGINE START STOP” switch or the engine switch off The rear sunshade can be raised and lowered for approximately 1 minute. n Customization that can be configured at Toyota dealer Contact your Toyota dealer for further details. CAUTION n When the rear sunshade is being raised or lowered Do not place fingers or other objects in the fastener section or in the o…

  • 436, 442 6-1. Specifications AVALON_U_OM41430U Tire related term Meaning Overall width The linear distance between the exteriors of the sidewalls of an inflated tire, including eleva- tions due to labeling, decorations, or protective bands or ribs Passenger car tire A tire intended for use on passenger cars, mul- tipurpose passenger vehicles, and trucks, that have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,000 lb. or less Ply A laye…

  • 202, Toyota 2009 Avalon 205 3-2. Using the audio system 3 Interior features AVALON_U_OM41430U Using the radio Setting station presets (excluding XM ® Satellite Radio) Search for desired stations by turning or pressing “∧” or “∨” on . Press and hold one of the preset stations (1 - 6) until you hear a beep. Press , or to choose an AM or FM band. Power Volume Scan for receivable stations Seek frequency Station se…

  • 158, 160 2-4. Using other driving systems AVALON_U_OM41430U n Automatic cruise control cancelation The set speed is automatically canceled in any of the following situations. l Actual vehicle speed falls more than 10 mph (16 km/h) below the preset vehicle speed At this time, the memorized set speed is not retained. l Actual vehicle speed is below 25 mph (40 km/h) l VSC is activated n If the cruise control indicator light flashes Turn the “ON-OFF” button off once, and then reactivate th…

  • 420, Toyota 2009 Avalon 426 6-1. Specifications AVALON_U_OM41430U Cooling system Ignition system Electrical system Capacity 8.8 qt. (8.3 L, 7.3 lmp.qt.) Coolant type Use either of the following: •“Toyota Super Long Life Coolant” •Similar high-quality ethylene glycol-based non- silicate, non-amine, non-nitrite, and non-borate coolant with long-life hybrid organic acid technol- ogy Do not use plain water alone. Spark plug Make DENSO FK20HR11 …

  • 306, 310 4-2. Maintenance AVALON_U_OM41430U General maintenance Engine compartment Items Check points Battery • Maintenance-free (→P. 3 3 2 ) Brake fluid • At the correct level? (→P. 32 9) Engine coolant • At the correct level? (→P. 3 27 ) Engine oil • At the correct level? (→P. 3 22 ) Exhaust system • No fumes or strange sounds? Power steering fluid • At the correct level? (→P. 3 30 ) Radiator/condenser/hoses •Not blocked with foreign matter? (�…

  • 253, 256 3-3. Using the hands-free system (for cellular phone) AVALON_U_OM41430U n Changing the PIN Select “Set PIN” by using a voice command or . Enter the registered PIN by using a voice command or . Enter a new PIN by using a voice command or . When using , input the code one digit at a time. Locking or unlocking the phone book Select “Phonebook Lock (Phbk Lock)” or “Phonebook Unlock (Phbk Unlock)” by using a voice command or . Input…

  • 159, 161 2-4. Using other driving systems 2 When driving AVALON_U_OM41430U Dynamic laser cruise control (if equipped) Dynamic laser cruise control supplements conventional cruise con- trol with a vehicle-to-vehicle distance control. In the vehicle-to-vehi- cle distance control mode, the vehicle automatically accelerates or decelerates in order to maintain a set following distance from vehi- cles ahead. Indicator Display Cruise control switch Distance switch …

  • 351, 4 Maintenance and care 355 4-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance AVALON_U_OM41430U Remove the depleted battery. Insert a new battery with the “+” terminal facing up. n Replacing the battery (vehicles without smart key system) Remove the cover. Remove the module. STEP 3 STEP 1 STEP 2 …

  • 276, 279 3-6. Other interior features 3 Interior features AVALON_U_OM41430U Clock n The clock is displayed when Vehicles with smart key system The “ENGINE START STOP” switch is in ACCESSORY or IGNITION ON mode. Vehicles without smart key system The engine switch is in the “ACC” or “ON” position. n When the battery is disconnected The time display will automatically be set to 1:00. Without navigation system Adjust the hour Adjust the minutes Rounds to the nearest h…

  • 277, 280 3-6. Other interior features AVALON_U_OM41430U Outside temperature display n Operating conditions Vehicles with smart key system The “ENGINE START STOP” switch is in IGNITION ON mode. Vehicles without smart key system The engine switch is in the “ON” position. n When “--”, “F” or “E” is displayed The system may be malfunctioning. Take your vehicle to your Toyota dealer. n Display In the following situations, the correc…

  • 331, 4 Maintenance and care 335 4-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance AVALON_U_OM41430U Washer fluid If any washer does not work or the low washer fluid warning light comes on, the washer tank may be empty. Add washer fluid. NOTICE n When recharging the battery Never recharge the battery while the engine is running. Also, be sure all accessories are turned off. CAUTION n When refilling the washer fluid Do not refill the washer fluid when the engine is hot or runnin…

  • 193, 196 3-1. Using the air conditioning system and defogger AVALON_U_OM41430U n Using the automatic mode Fan speed is adjusted automatically in accordance with the temperature set- ting and ambient conditions. As a result, the following may occur. l The system may switch automatically to recirculated mode when the coolest temperature setting is selected in summer. l Immediately after the switch is pressed, the fan may stop for a while until warm or cool air is rea…

  • 428, Toyota 2009 Avalon 434 6-1. Specifications AVALON_U_OM41430U Typical DOT and tire identification number (TIN) DOT symbol* Tire Identification Number (TIN) Tire manufacturer’s identifica- tion mark Tire size code Manufacturer’s optional tire type code (3 or 4 letters) Manufacturing week Manufacturing year *:The DOT symbol certifies that the tire conforms to applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Summer tire or all season tire (→P. 3 40 ) An all se…

  • 122, 124 2-1. Driving procedures AVALON_U_OM41430U CAUTION n When taking a nap in the vehicle Always turn the engine off. Otherwise, you may accidentally move the shift lever or press the accelera- tor pedal, which could cause an accident or fire due to abnormal engine overheating. Additionally, if the vehicle is parked in a poorly ventilated area, exhaust gases may collect and enter the vehicle, leading to death or a seri- ous health hazard. n When braking the veh…

  • 323, 4 Maintenance and care 327 4-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance AVALON_U_OM41430U Engine coolant The coolant level is satisfactory if it is between the “F” and “L” lines on the reservoir when the engine is cold. Reservoir cap Full Low If the level is on or below the “L” line, add coolant up to the “F” line. n If the coolant level drops within a short time after replenishing Visually check the radiator, hoses, coolant reservoir cap, radiator cap, drain cock and water pu…

  • 198, 201 3-1. Using the air conditioning system and defogger 3 Interior features AVALON_U_OM41430U CAUTION n When the outside rear view mirror defoggers are on (if equipped) Do not touch the rear view mirror surfaces, as they can become very hot and burn you. NOTICE n To prevent battery discharge Turn the defoggers off when the engine is not running. …

  • 238, 241 3-3. Using the hands-free system (for cellular phone) 3 Interior features AVALON_U_OM41430U Menu list of the hands-free system n Normal operation First menu Second menu Third menu Operation detail Callback ⎯⎯ Dialing a number stored in the incoming history memory Redial ⎯⎯ Dialing a number stored in the outgoing history memory Dial by number ⎯⎯Dialing by inputting a number Dial by name ⎯⎯ Dialing by inputting a name registered in the phone …

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