AEG Electrolux EFP6430 Operation & User’s Manual

Ventilation Hood


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  • Manufacturer: AEG Electrolux
  • Category of Device: Ventilation Hood
  • Document: EFP6430 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 25-04-2023
  • Count of Pages: 13
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AEG Electrolux EFP6430 Ventilation Hood PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Tuesday 25th of April 2023 08:04:47 AM)

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Compatible devices: Cooker hood, EFT 629, DI 8610, DD9691-M, EFP60033, DD 8793, DD8691, EFT 800.

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  • 1, AEG Electrolux EFP6430 Gebrauchsanweisung , Notice d'utilisation et d'installation EFP 6430 F ED Instrucciones de montaje y manejo , User manual UK …

  • 2, 29 Contents Safety warnings 30 for the installer 30 for the user 30 Introduction 31 Extractor version 31 Filter Version 31 Description of the Appliance 31 Control Panel 32 Correct ventilation 32 Maintenance and care 33 Cleaning 33 Metal grease filter 33 Open the metal grease filter 33 Charcoal filter 34 Changing the light bulb(s) 34 Technical Specifications 35 Special accessories 35 Installation 35 Unpacking 35 Placement 35 Electrical connection 35 Mounting accessories included 36 Installation 37 Before…

  • 3, 30 Safety warnings for the installer • When used as an extractor unit, the hood must be fitted with a 120mm diameter hose. • When installing the hood, make sure you respect the following minimum distance from the top edge of the cooking hob/ring surfaces: electric cookers 430 mm gas cookers 650 mm coal and oil cookers 700 mm min. • The national Standard on fuel-burning systems specifies a maximum depression of 0.04 bar in such rooms. • The air outlet must …

  • 4, 31 Introduction • The hood is supplied as an extractor unit and can also be used with a filtering function by fitting one charcoal filter (special accessory). • You will need original AEG charcoal filter KLF 60/80 for this function (see Special Accessories). Extractor version • In this version fumes are extracted to the outside via a hose. Filter Version • The air is filtered through a charcoal filter and returned to the kitchen. • You will need an original AEG KLF60/80 charcoal filter for the filtering function. (See Special Accesso…

  • 5, AEG Electrolux EFP6430 32 Control Panel • The switches are arranged on the upper right side of the vapour catcher. (Fig. 1 - E). The numbers and symbols have the following meanings (Fig. 2 - from left to right): = light = light OFF = light ON = blower set 4 = blower set 3 = blower set 2 = blower set 1 1 2 3 4 The blower is controlled by shifting the sliding switch. The extractor part (vapour catcher) of the hood is used to switch the blower on and off when the appli…

  • 6, 33 The hood must always be disconnected from the electricity supply before beginning any maintenance work. Cleaning • Warning: always disconnect the hood from the mains power supply before cleaning it. Never insert pointed objects in the motor’s protective grid. • Wash the outside surfaces using a delicate detergent solution. Never use caustic detergents or abrasive brushes or powders. • Only ever clean the switch panel and filter grille using a damp cloth and delicate detergents. …

  • 7, 34 Charcoal filter • The charcoal filter should only be used if you want to use the hood in its filtering function. • To do this you will need an original AEG charcoal filter (see special accessories). • Replacing the charcoal filter The charcoal filter must normally be replaced at least once every year. This filter cannot be washed or regenerated. To guarantee proper absorption of odours the working volume of the charcoal must be proportionate to the hood air flow. In this case the high quality of the charcoal will ensure …

  • 8, AEG Electrolux EFP6430 35 Installation Unpacking Check that the cooker hood has no damages. Transportation damages should immediately be reported to the one responsible for the transport Damages, faults and eventually missing details should immediately be reported to the seller. Take care of the packing material so that small children cannot play with it. Placement The hood is to be mounted on the wall. When installed, the hood must be not less tha…

  • 9, AEG Electrolux EFP6430 36 Installation Mounting accessories included 1 deflector 4 spacer discs 1 metal screws 2,9x13 2 metal screws 2,9x9,5 2 metal screws 3x9 4 wood-screws 4,5 x 16 mm 1 flange Ø 120 mm Preparing the wall unit - Extractor version • The hood is supplied as an extractor unit. Before installing the hood, drill a hole in the roof of the wall unit (see fig. 7). This hole is to allow passage of the outlet pipe and the power cable, and to facilitate servicing. • The wall unit must have a minimum body depth (without door) of 300 mm with recessed light scree…

  • 10, 37 Installation Fig. 9 Installing the fume extractor hood in the wall unit - extractor version (Filter version with charcoal filter) • Apply the drilling template to the inside wall of the wall unit on the right and left sides, and mark out and predrill Ø 2 mm mounting holes as well as 2 x Ø 6 mm - 5 mm depth holes for the mounting claws (installation aids). • Unscrew the ventilation grill mounted on the appliance (1 screw), apply the exhaust air union prepared to the required exhaust air diameter, and…

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