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  • Manufacturer: Edwards
  • Category of Device: Water Pump
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  • Updated: 11-07-2023
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Edwards STP-301 Series Water Pump PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Tuesday 11th of July 2023 09:23:15 PM)

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Compatible devices: XDS46i, 900-607-MH05, nXR60i, ES65, E-LAB 2, E2M175S, RV Series, STP-451 Series.

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  • 61, Edwards STP-301 Series STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 7-4 Operation 7.4.4 Starting the STP Pump after Stopping Press the "START" switch on the front panel to reaccelerate the STP pump. The STP pump can be reaccelerated even while it is stopping. ◇ The STP pump can be reaccelerated only when the LCD displays "LEVITATION" or "BRAKE: ***00rpm". 7.4.5 Powering OFF Switch "OFF" the breaker on the rear pane…

  • 51, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 6-10 Installation 6.4 Cable Connection 6.4.1 Name and Dimensions of Each Cable STP Control unit Side STP Pump Side Ground Terminal( ) Crimp-Type Terminal Lug(M4 ) *1 Yellow / Green Wire L≦20m: 4mm^2 L>20m: 10mm^2 φ4.3(L≦20m) φ6.5(L>20m) Ground Terminal( ) Crimp-Type Terminal Lug(M4 ) *1 Unit:mm Figure 6.7 External Dimensions of Ground Cable 76.5 24.5 STP-301/451 Series 40 69.9 44.7 φ16 45pin (Pin) 41pin (Spcket) Unit:mm STP Control Unit Side STP Pump Side L-type Connect…

  • 8, Edwards STP-301 Series STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 7 LIMITED WARRANTY This WARRANTY applies to the customer to whom Edwards has delivered this product. 1. WARRANTY PERIOD: Edwards warrants this product against defects for a period of two (2) years from the date of delivery or during the period specified in the agreement made by and between the customer and Edwards. 2. ITEM WARRANTED: 1) This warranty applies only to the product delivered from Edwards to the customer. 2) If any defect is foun…

  • 118, Edwards STP-301 Series STP シリーズ・グローバル・サービスネットワーク 2007/12/1 Ver.5 ■国内サービス拠点・ Domestic Service Office エドワーズ株式会社 八千代サービスセンター 〒276-8523 千葉県八千代市吉橋 1078-1 TEL: 047-458-8854 FAX: 047-458-8835 http://www.edwardsvacuum.co.jp EDWARDS JAPAN LIMITED Yachiyo Service Center 1078-1, Yoshihashi, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba, 276-8523, Japan TEL: +81-47-458-8854 FAX: +81-47-458-8835 http:…

  • 29, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 4-8 Installation 4.3.3 How to Secure the STP Pump ◇ The STP pump is provided with a high-speed rotor. The worst-case failure may result in a jump in rotational torque leading to personal injury or peripheral equipment damage. The method of securing the STP pump will depend on the installation requirements. Secure the STP pump to the vacuum equipment as follows: ◇ Design and secure the mounting for the STP pump so…

  • 98, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 11-7 Troubleshooting 11.2.3 Abnormalities When Powering ON Table 11.2 Troubleshooting after Powering ON Symptom Probable cause Countermeasures Refer to The "POWER" lamp does not illuminate, when powering ON. Incorrect connection of the power cable Connect the power cable correctly. 6.4.2 Abnormal power voltage Set the voltage to 100 to 120V +/-10% (100V spec.) or 200 to 240V +/-10% …

  • 30, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 4-9 Installation 1) When securing the inlet port with bolts Refer to Table 4.2 for torque in pump abnormality and recommended securing bolts. Secure the inlet port flange with all of the boltholes of the size specified in the Inlet Port Flange Standard. Secure the base with all 8 screw-holes for legs or all 8 attached legs. Follow "CAUTION" on page 4-8 about legs and bolts for securing the base. Make sure that the recommended securing bolt may be different depending on the me…

  • 31, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 4-10 Installation 2) When securing the inlet port flange with claw clamps Refer to Table 4.2 for rotational torque. When securing the inlet port flange with only the claw clamp, the vacuum equipment cannot withstand the maximum rotational torque generated by the worst-case failure. To make the vacuum equipment withstand abnormal torque, secure the base with all 8 screw-holes for legs or all 8 attached legs. Follow "CAUTION" on page 4-8 about legs…

  • 97, Edwards STP-301 Series STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 11-6 Troubleshooting <How to check the version> The version of the STP pump is displayed on the LCD immediately after the main breaker is switched "ON". < LCD Message> Main breaker “ON” SELFTEST ***** ver.*.** LEVITATION TEST COMPLETE Version …

  • 77, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 8-10 Operation (5) (17) Remote selection state signal output pins (6) (18) Rotational state signal output pins (7) (19) EMERGENCY OPERATION state signal output pins (8) (20) FAILURE state signal output pins CR10 (9) (21) OVER TEMPERATURE state signal output pins CR9 (11) (23) ACCELERATION state signal output pins CR8 (24) NORMAL OPERATION state signal output pins CR7 (10) (22) Not used (12) Frame ground FG STP Control Unit CR4 CR5 CR6 Figure 8.4 CON4 Remote …

  • 40, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 5-5 Installation Figure 5.1 Attaching Positions of the Cooling Unit and Baking Heater …

  • 68, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 8-1 Operation 8 Remote Input/Output Signal Terminal Blocks 8.1 I/O TB1 Terminal Block This is a terminal block for remote output signals. Use it in accordance with Table 8.1 and Figure 8.1. This terminal block functions in both the MANUAL and REMOTE operations. The screw for the terminal is M3.5 *1 . Five abbreviations are used in the following table: N.O: Normal Open N.C: Normal Close COM: Common IN: Input Terminal OUT: Output Terminal ◇ When connecting …

  • 107, Edwards STP-301 Series STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 12-2 Troubleshooting 12.3 Disposal Dispose of the STP pump and the STP control unit as industrial waste according to the guidelines given by each national and/or local government. ◇ When disposing of the STP pump, exhaust gases inside the STP pump thoroughly. Residual gases may result in an accident when disposing of the STP pump. If the STP pump has been used with reactive or corrosiv…

  • 32, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 4-11 Installation 3) When installing the damper in the inlet port flange Refer to Table 4.2 for rotational torque. In case of using a damper, secure the base with all 8 screw-holes for legs or all 8 attached legs. Follow "CAUTION" on page 4-8 about legs and bolts for securing the base. When the base cannot be secured because of the equipment design, install the pu…

  • 93, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 11-2 Troubleshooting 11.2 When Error Message is displayed 11.2.1 Error Messages When an abnormality occurs, the "FAILURE" lamp illuminates and the LCD displays an error message. If an ampersand "&" is shown at the right of the error message, it indicates that more than one error occurs. In this case, press the "SELECT" switch to display another error message. (The "SELECT" switch can also be used during remote operatio…

  • 23, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 4-2 Installation Figure 4.1 Configuration of the STP Pump …

  • 103, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 11-12 Troubleshooting 11.3.5 Overhaul The recommended maintenance intervals for different process applications are tabulated below: Process Period Remarks Metal Etch 1 year Ensure that TMS (Temperature Management System) is fitted and operational to prevent accumulation of by-product deposition in the pump. Other Etch Processes 2 years Etching *1 It is recommended to change the pump rotor after 5 years due to accumulated wear of the protective plat…

  • 88, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 10-3 Troubleshooting 10.2 Abnormal State of Magnetic Bearing When the magnetic bearing does not function normally due to a breakage of the STP connection cable, disconnection of connectors or any abnormality/error of the STP control circuit, the rotor falls on the touch down bearing and stops. Simultaneously, the "FAILURE" lamp illuminates and the LCD displays error…

  • 78, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 8-11 Operation Table 8.8 shows rated contacts for relays CR4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. (see Figure 8.4) Table 8.8 Rated Contacts for Relays CR4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Resistance Load (cos φ=1) Induction Load (cos φ=0.4) (L/R=7 ms) 125 VAC 0.4 A 125 VAC 0.2 A Rated Load 30 VDC 2 A 30 VDC 1 A Rated Current 3 A Maximum Contact Point Voltage 250 VAC 220 VDC Maximum Contact Point Current 3 A Maximum Open/Close Capacity AC: 50 VA DC: 60 W AC: 25 VA DC: 30 W Minimum Applicab…

  • 111, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 13-4 turbomolecular pump SERIAL NO: MANUFACTURING DATE : WEIGHT: kg RATED SPEED : rpm MANUFACTURED BY:Edwards Japan Limited. 1078-1,Yoshihashi,Yachiyo-shi,Chiba,Japan STP- CE Figure 13.3 Label Affixing Position for the STP Pump …

  • 18, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 2-1 Installation 2 Operation Principle of the STP Pump The STP-301/451 is a series of magnetically-levitated turbomolecular pumps, featuring the following: • Oil free • Low vibration • High reliability The STP pump is configured so that rotor blade (1) and stator blade (2) are aligned alternately in the axial direction. Gas molecules are pumped from the inlet port to the outlet port by the high speed rotation of the rotor. Rotor blade (1) is s…

  • 43, STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 6-2 Installation (7) "ACCEL." Lamp (green LED) z Illuminates during acceleration (ACCELERATION state). (8) "NORMAL" Lamp (green LED) z Illuminates during rated speed operation (NORMAL OPERATION state). (9) "BRAKE" Lamp (yellow LED) z Illuminates during deceleration (BRAKE state). (10) "POWER" Lamp (green LED) z Illuminates while the power is ON. z Disti…

  • 3, Edwards STP-301 Series STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 2 ◇ The STP pump is provided with a high-speed rotor. Secure the STP pump according to the specified method. Failure to do so may lead to serious personal injury, product and/or peripheral equipment damage if any abnormality/error occurs in the rotor. ◇ The STP pump operates at high temperatures while the baking heater is in operation. NEVER touch the STP pump and its peripheral equipment while the baking heater is in …

  • 49, Edwards STP-301 Series STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 6-8 Installation 6.2.3 Installation Area Leave enough spaces for the following in addition to the space for the STP control unit. • Space for maintenance and inspection • Space for inlet and outlet of air for cooling - Top and side: 50 mm or more - Bottom: 18 mm or more (height of the rubber foot) • Space for connecting the cables - Rear: 150 mm or more ◇ The minimum bending radius of the STP connection cable is 150 mm (see F…

  • 35, Edwards STP-301 Series STP-301/451 Series Instruction Manual 4-14 Installation 4.3.6 Connecting the Purge Port (For the Chemical Specific Pump, Type C) When pumping reactive or corrosive gases, introduce a dry N 2 gas or other gas into the STP pump in order to protect the inside of the STP pump. As shown in Figure4.8, introduce a dry N 2 gas through the electromagnetic vent valve, needle valve or similar valve (must be prepared by the customer) from the purge port. For instructions on how to introduce the purge gas, …

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