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Operation Manual for Dirty Hand Tools 101105 Inverter (20 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Dirty Hand Tools
  • Category of Device: Inverter
  • Document: 101105, File Type: PDF Operation Manual
  • Updated: 25-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 20
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Compatible devices: KUE-24HRF32, L100 300, FREQROL-E700, HF-320 a Series, DG2020A, HDI 7000RWB, Flex 1500, SG125HV-30.

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  • 1, 2800W POWER GENERATOR 3000 RATED WATTS/3300 MAXIMUM WATTS PORTABLE POWER GENERATOR is safety alert symbol identies important safety messages in this manual. Failure to follow this important safety information may result in serious injury or death. MODEL # 101105 Operation Manual ! Part # 101371 Rev A …

  • 2, Dirty Hand Tools 101105 1100 W 120th Ave, Suite 600 Westminster, CO 80234 • 720-287-5182 For Service or Questions Call 1-877-487-8275 720-287-5182 www.dirtyhandtools.com Dirty Hand Tools® is a brand of …

  • 3, Table of Contents Important Safety Information .....................................................4 Unpacking and Setup .....................................................................7 Filling with Gasoline and Oil .........................................................8 Operation Precautions .....…

  • 4, Dirty Hand Tools 101105 Important Safety Information WARNING: Read and thoroughly understand all instructions and safety information before operating this portable power generator. Failure to do so may cause serious injury or death. Do not allow anyone to operate this portable power generator who has not read this man…

  • 5, 5 Important Safety Information General Safety Failure to follow warnings, cautions, assembly and operation instructions in the Operation Manual may result in serious injury or death. READ THE OPERATION MANUAL BEFORE OPERATION. • Do not permit children to operate this equipment at any time. Do not p…

  • 6, 6 USING A GENERATOR INDOORS CAN KILL YOU IN MINUTES Exhaust contains carbon monoxide which is a poison that you cannot see or smell. 101119 DANGER Never use inside a house or garage even with doors and windows open! Use only outside away from windows, doors and vents! 101131 To prevent serious injury…

  • 7, 7 2800 W POWE R GE NERATOR AC120V/20A Receptacle (4 plcs) RECOIL STARTER FUEL FILL CAP POWER SWITCH AIR FILTER COVER FUEL VALVE VOLTMETER ENGINE OIL FILL PLUG AC RESET (2 plcs) GROUND TERMINAL Unpacking and Setup Your portable power generator is completely assembled at the factory. Save the packing materials and …

  • 8, Dirty Hand Tools 101105 8 Filling with Gasoline and Oil FUEL IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE AND POISONOUS ALWAYS FILL THE TANK WITH ENGINE OFF AND COOL. ALWAYS CHECK THE FUEL LEVEL BEFORE OPERATING. Allow the engine to cool for at least two minutes before removing the fuel cap. 1. Place the portable power generator on a level surface. Set up the g…

  • 9, 9 Operation Precautions CARBON MONOXIDE HAZARD USING A GENERATOR INDOORS CAN KILL YOU IN MINUTES. Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide. is is a poison you cannot see or smell. 1. Keep all safety guards in place and in proper working order at all times. 2. NEVER place fingers, hands, or body near th…

  • 10, Dirty Hand Tools 101105 10 Operation Precautions is generator is not intended to power sensitive electronic equipment* without the addition of an appropriate line conditioner and surge protector (both not included). Sensitive electronic equipment, including but not limited to audio/video equipment, television sets, computers, and …

  • 11, 11 Calculating Total Wattage Before using the generator, calculate the total wattage of all the devices that you want to power at the same time. e total must not exceed the Running Wattage of the generator (2400 watts). 1. Add up the Running Watts for all appliances/tools that you want to use at the sam…

  • 12, ON OFF MOVE CHOKE TO START 12 Operation ONLY AFTER THE GENERATOR IS RUNNING SMOOTHLY SHOULD AN APPLIANCE OR TOOL BE PLUGGED INTO THE AC OUTLET OF THE GENERATOR. 1. Prior to each use, connect a #6 AWG grounding wire (not included) from the ground terminal on the control panel to a grounding rod (not inclu…

  • 13, 13 Operation 7. Load And Circuit Breaker: e total combined load through the outlet on the generator must not exceed the rated maximum power (2800 watts) of the unit. Always reduce the load if the AC circuit breaker turns off. Once the load is reduced, press the breaker to reset the generator and continue o…

  • 14, 14 Maintenance BEFORE PERFORMING ANY MAINTENANCE PROCEDURE STOP THE ENGINE, WAIT FIVE 5 MINUTES TO ALLOW ALL PARTS TO COOL. Disconnect the spark plug wire, keeping it away from the spark plug. Regular maintenance is the way to ensure the best performance and long life of your machine. Please refer to …

  • 15, 15 Maintenance TO PREVENT SERIOUS INJURY FROM ACCIDENTAL STARTING TURN THE POWER SWITCH OF THE ENGINE TO ITS “OFF” POSITION. Wait for the engine to cool, and remove the spark plug wire before performing any inspection, maintenance, or cleaning procedures. Changing /Cleaning the Air Filter 1. Wipe off the ai…

  • 16, Dirty Hand Tools 101105 16 Maintenance OIL IS VERY HOT DURING OPERATION AND CAN CAUSE BURNS. WAIT FOR ENGINE TO COOL BEFORE CHANGING OIL. Wait for the engine to cool, and remove the spark plug wire before performing any inspection, maintenance, or cleaning procedures. Changing the engine oil 1. Make sure the engine is stopped and is …

  • 17, 17 Engine Troubleshooting PROBLEM SOLUTION e engine will not start. • No fuel in tank or fuel valve closed. • Add fuel and open fuel valve. • Choke not in start position. • Place choke in START position and pull recoil starter. • Low quality or deteriorated, old gasoline. • Drain f…

  • 18, Dirty Hand Tools 101105 Generator Troubleshooting 18 PROBLEM SOLUTION No output from generator’s AC receptacle. • Engine speed too slow. • Adjust engine speed. Requires qualified technician. • Open or shorted wiring. • Clean and reconnect all wiring. • Faulty capacitor. • Replace capacitor. •…

  • 19, Dirty Hand Tools 101105 Storage 1. Wait for the engine to cool, then clean the engine with a clean cloth. 2. When the generator is to be stored for longer than 20 days, prepare the engine for storage by emptying the fuel tank and draining all fuel lines (see Figure 8). Clean out area around spark plug and remove. Pour one t…

  • 20, Dirty Hand Tools 101105 Warranty & Specications IMPORTANT NOTICE We, the manufacturer, reserve the right to change the product and/ or specifications in this manual without notification. e manual is for information usage only and the pictures and drawings depicted herein are for reference only. Warranty Repair and Service Do no…



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