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  • Manufacturer: Behringer
  • Category of Device: Electronic Keyboard, Keyboard
  • Document: MOTÖR 49 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 07-09-2023
  • Count of Pages: 5
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  • 1, Page 1 HOW TO BEHRINGER MOTÖR61/49 Keyboards How to use “MC mode” in your DAW General Information: Your MOTÖR Keyboard’s MC mode supports concurrent use as a MIDI performance keyboard and remote controlling any MC-compatible (Mackie Control) DAW (digital audio workstation). MOTÖR achieves this by offering two separate USB MIDI devices to the computer’s OS. The following guide explains how this combined MC mode is typic…

  • 2, Behringer MOTÖR 49 Page 2 HOW TO It is important to understand 4 steps for using the MC mode: - first switch the Operation Mode on MOTÖR to “MC” (with USB connected to your PC) - your DAW will show two separate MIDI devices (ports) related to MOTÖR (depends on your DAW) - the MC communication will always use the 2 nd port, i.e. “MIDI In 2 (Motör Keyboard)” and “MIDI Out 2 (Motör Keyboard)” - when using the MOTÖR …

  • 3, Page 3 HOW TO 5. Select Live > Preferences… 6. Go to the MIDI tab > select as Control Surface MackieControl > select as Input MOTÖR49 Keyboard (Anschluss 2) (Port 2) …

  • 4, Page 4 HOW TO 7. Now select as Output MOTÖR49 Keyboard (Anschluss 2) (Port 2) > and switch all MOTÖR-related MIDI Ports On 8. Please note that MIDI tracks which have no instrument assigned will make no use of the faders in MC mode. If you move a fader up on your MOTÖR, it will fall down. If you insert an instrument, a virtual fader will appear on the screen which can get controlled from the MOTÖR hardware: …

  • 5, Behringer MOTÖR 49 Page 5 HOW TO Example above: MIDI track 1 has “MkI4 Simple Piano” assigned > virtual fader on the screen visible > motor fader will work in MC mode (same operation as for audio tracks) MIDI track 4 has no instrument assigned > only “MIDI meter” visible > motor fader will not work in MC mode (if moving up fader 4 on the MOTÖR, it will fall back to its initial position) Now you can con…

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