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  • Manufacturer: Opticon
  • Category of Device: Hearing Aid
  • Document: epoq cic User Manual Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 06-08-2023
  • Count of Pages: 27
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Opticon epoq cic Hearing Aid PDF User Manual Manual (Updated: Sunday 6th of August 2023 12:23:30 PM)

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Compatible devices: Apollon, TV Adapter 3.0, True Wireless Mini Microphone 2, miniRITE, Tego Pro, INO MINIBITE, Slim HP, InfiniEar ITE.

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  • 11, 20 21 Changing batteries The correct battery size appears in the instrument overview in the first section of this document. A worn out battery should be removed immediately. When the battery power is low, you will hear a series of short beeps. This indicates that it is time to change the battery. To replace the battery, follow these instructions: • Open the battery door with your fingernail and remove the old battery. • Remov…

  • 16, Opticon epoq cic 30 31 How to change NoWax 1. Remove the tool from the shell. The tool has two arms, one with the new filter and one with the removal tool. 2. Push the removal tool into the existing waxfilter and remove the used filter from the hearing aid. 3. Push the new filter into the hearing aid. 4. Throw out the used tool. 1 2 3 4 Avoiding heat, humidity and chemicals Your hearing instrument must never be exposed to extreme heat e.g. left inside a parked car in the sun. They must never be exposed to a lot of moisture …

  • 5, 8 9 IMPORTANT NOTICE Open the battery compartment fully to allow air to circulate whenever you are not using your hearing instrument, especially at night! Battery size: 312 Instrument View ITE Microphone openings Push-button (Optional) Volume Control Wheel (Optional) Battery door Ventilation opening Sound outlet + wax protection system …

  • 13, 24 25 Auto Phone (Optional) The hearing instrument may have a built-in Auto Phone func tionality. When the hearing instrument is close to a telephone receiver, the Auto Phone will activate a Phone Program. When the Phone Program is activiated you will hear a number of beeps. When you end your telephone conversation, the hearing instrument will automatically return to the previous program. Not all telephones can activate the Auto Phone. The telephone receiver m…

  • 18, 34 35 4. In group conversations Group situations are usually accompanied by a greater degree of background noise, and are, therefore, naturally more difficult to cope with. In such situations, therefore, focus your attention on the person you want to hear. If you miss a word, ask the speaker to repeat. 5. Telecoil use in church, theatre, or cinema An increasing number of churches, theatres and public buildings often have loop systems installed. These systems send out wirele…

  • 7, 12 13 Inserting your hearing instruments Place the tip of the hearing instrument in your ear canal. Gently pull down your earlobe and push the hearing instrument into the ear canal, twisting slightly if neces- sary, following the natural contour of the ear canal. DO NOT use the battery door as a handle to insert or remove your instruments. It is not designed for this purpose. Programs (Optional) Your hearing instruments may have a push-button for switching between di…

  • 10, Opticon epoq cic 18 19 The Volume Control allows you to adjust the volume in specific listening situations to the level you feel comfortable with. To increase volume, turn the wheel forward. To decrease volume, turn the wheel towards the back of your head. When the hearing instrument is turned on, it starts up at a preferred volume level. When adjusting the volume control to the preferred level, this is indicated by a beep. Using 2 instruments For ease of use, the volume control wheel can be programmed to adjust the volume in the other inst…

  • 22, 42 43 Warranty Certificate Name of Owner: Dispenser: Dispenser Address: Dispenser Phone: Purchase Date: Warranty Period: Month: Model Left: Serial no.: Model Right: Serial no.: Battery Size: Product approval, precautions and markings The hearing instrument contains a radio transmitter (not applicable to MIC and CIC instruments) using short range magnetic induction technology working at 3.84 MHz. The magnetic field strength of the transmitter is < -42 dBµA/m @ …

  • 9, Opticon epoq cic 16 17 Standby If your hearing instrument has a push-button, push the button for a minimum of 3 seconds to set the instrument in standby mode. To reactivate the instrument, push the button brieftly again. Use the standby function if you need to silence the instrument. Volume Control (Optional for ITE only) Your ITE instrument may have a Volume Control wheel. The Volume Control wheel can be turned with the tip of a finger and can be rotated infinitely both ways. PUSH 3 sec I…

  • 8, Opticon epoq cic 14 15 Your hearing instrument can have up to 4 different programs. When switching between the different programs, your hearing instrument will beep. The number of beeps will indicate which program you are using.  One beep, when you switch to programme 1  Two beeps, when you switch to programme 2  Three beeps, when you switch to programme 3  Four beeps, when you switch to programme 4 Below you can see a…

  • 17, 32 33 Using your hearing instrument It takes time to adjust to a new hearing instrument. How long this adjustment takes differs from person to person. It will depend on a number of factors, such as whether you have had a hearing instrument before and the degree of your hearing loss. Seven easy steps to better hearing 1. In the quiet of your home Try to accustom yourself to all the new sounds. Listen to the many background so…

  • 23, Opticon epoq cic 44 The hearing instrument contains a module with: ID: U28FUITE01 IC: 1350B-FUITE01 The device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules and RSS-210 of Industry Canada. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1. this device may not cause harmful interference. 2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesiredoperation. Changes or modifications made to the equipment…

  • 3, Opticon epoq cic 4 5 IMPORTANT NOTICE Please familiarise yourself with the entire contents of this booklet before using your hearing instru ments. It contains instructions and important informa tion about the use and handling of your hearing instru ments and batteries. Instrument View CIC/MIC Microphone opening Battery door Ventilation opening Sound outlet + wax protection system Ventilation opening Battery size: 10 …

  • 26, Wax protection system • Always visually inspect your hearing instrument to ensure that there is no gap between the MicroWaxBuster/WaxBuster flange and the tip of the instrument. • Never attempt to remove or replace the MicroWaxBuster/WaxBuster/WaxTrap yourself. Only a hearing care professional should replace it. • If the instrument is equipped with a different wax protection system (e.g. NoWax), follow the directions specified by your hearing care professional when replac…

  • 14, 26 27 Daily care of your hearing instruments Your ear canal produces ear wax (cerumen) which may clog up the sound outlet or the ventilation opening of your hearing instrument. Therefore your hearing instrument may contain a filter or another device to prevent wax accumulation. Consult your Hearing Care Professional for instructions about the specific wax protection system in your hearing instruments. When handling a hearing instrument, keep it over a s…

  • 24, • Batteries have occasionally been mistaken for pills. Therefore check carefully your medicine before swallowing any pills. • Never put your hearing instruments or batteries in your mouth for any reason, as they are slippery and could be swallowed by accident. • Most Oticon hearing instruments can be supplied with a tamper-resistant battery compartment upon request. This is strongly recommended for infants, small children, and people with learni…

  • 2, Thank you Thank you for choosing our product as your means to better hearing. To support your efforts, we have put great care and attention into making sure that your new hearing instruments are of the highest quality and that they are easy to use and maintain. We recommend that you read this manual carefully to achieve the maximum benefit of your new hearing instruments. Congratulations on your decision to actively improve your hearing with today’s most advanced hearing technology in the market. Contents Instrument View CIC/MIC 5 Instrum…

  • 20, 38 39 If none of the above solutions solves the problem, ask your Hearing Care Professional for assistance. Common problems and their solutions Symptom Possible causes Solutions No sound Worn-out battery Change battery pg. 20 Clogged sound outlet Clean sound outlet or change NoWax pg. 28 & 30 Intermittent or reduced sound Clogged sound outlet Clean sound outlet or change NoWax pg. 28 & 30 Moisture Wipe battery and instrument with dry cloth pg. 31 Worn-out battery Change battery pg. 20 Squealing noise Hearing instrument in…

  • 19, 36 7. Wireless and mobile phones Your hearing instrument is designed to comply with the most stringent Standards of International Electromagnetic Compatibility. However not all mobile phones are hearing instrument compatible. The varying degree of disturbance can be due to the nature of your particular mobile phone. If you find it difficult to obtain a good result while using your mobile telephone, your Hearing Care Professional should be able to give you advice on available accessories to enhance listening capabilities. Use your hearing ins…

  • 21, 40 41 International Warranty Oticon hearing instruments are covered by a limited warranty issued by the manufacturer for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery. This limited warranty covers manu- facturing and material defects in the hearing instrument itself, but not accessories such as batteries, tubing, earwax filters etc. Problems arising from improper handling or care, excessive use, accidents, repairs made by an unauthorized party, exposure to corrosive conditions, physical changes in your ear, damage due to foreign object…

  • 4, 6 7 Instrument View ITC Battery size: 312 Microphone openings Battery door Ventilation opening Ventilation opening Sound outlet + wax protection system Push-button (Optional) IMPORTANT NOTICE Open the battery compartment fully to allow air to circulate whenever you are not using your hearing instrument, especially at night! …

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