SANO Liftkar SAL Uni Operator's Manual

SANO Liftkar SAL Uni Fitness Equipment, Lifting Systems Manual (24 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: SANO
  • Category of Device: Fitness Equipment, Lifting Systems
  • Document: Liftkar SAL Uni Operator's Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 24-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 24
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SANO Liftkar SAL Uni Fitness Equipment, Lifting Systems PDF Operator's Manual (Updated: Friday 24th of November 2023 10:36:00 PM)

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Compatible devices: Sissy Squat, Liftkar PT, ATHLETIC Series, LIFTKAR SAL, SELECTTECH, 21-0181, Selection, HMULTIBARv2.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the SANO Liftkar SAL Uni Document (Main Content), UPD: 24 November 2023)
  • 1, Operator Manual Liftkar SAL Uni Liftkar SAL Ergo Liftkar SAL Fold Liftkar SAL Fold-L Edition 12/2016 - changes without notice en …

  • 3, SANO Liftkar SAL Uni Page 3 Contents 1 INTRODUCTION AND FEATURES ....................................................... 4 1.1 General safety instructions ................................................................................................ 5 1.2 Technical data of the LIFTKAR SAL standard model........................................................ 5 1.3 Technical data of the snap on battery ................................................................................ 5 2 CONTROLS ............................................…

  • 4, Page 4 1 Introduction and features Congratulations ! With the new LIFTKAR SAL you have purchased a handy modular–designed sack truck with an unladen weight of only 16kg. Once you fit the snap-on battery, this simple sack truck becomes a versatile all- rounder: a normal sack truck for general use on level ground and a powered stair climber for use on steps and stairs. Additional features, such as the wide pneumatic tyres (also available in puncture proof…

  • 5, Page 5 1.1 General safety instructions  Always ensure that there is no one beneath the load  Always secure the load with the appropriate straps or other accessories  Always wear skid-proof shoes. Some stairs can be extremely slippery  Always wear shoes with steel caps  Never reach into the lifting mechanism with your hands if the battery is inserted  At first practice using Liftkar SAL either unladen or with a light load of 20 �…

  • 7, Page 7 2.2 Model FOLD / FOLD-L FOLD FOLD-L 2.2.1 The swivel joint The necessary friction for the rotary joint is obtained through multiple friction disks, which are compressed simultaneously on the left and right sides. The lock must be tightened sufficiently to avoid movement in use. As a rule: The lock will be sufficiently tightened if a single operator can tilt back the load from the upright position without any handle movement. Safety instruction: With heavy loads (over 100 kg…

  • 9, Page 9 2.4 Control box 2.4.1 Button (P) for ascending / descending  Briefly press the push button to switch the LIFTKAR SAL to ascent mode or descent mode. See section 4.1 Operation.  If the button is pressed for more than 3 seconds, the LIFTKAR SAL will switch off. 2.4.2 Indicator light  Shines green: The LIFTKAR SAL is in ascent mode. (In the ascent mode the push button Q in the hand…

  • 10, Page 10 2.4.3 Beep feature This is a people warning feature for transports in public areas. How to activate the Beep feature: Turn on the device and hold down the On-/Off- /Ascend-/Descend – button (P) for about 30 seconds until you can hear a beep signal. Now the recurring beep signal is available while you are driving with the SAL. How to disable the Beep feature: Turn on the device and hold down the On-/Off- /Ascend-/Desce…

  • 11, SANO Liftkar SAL Uni Page 11 2.6 Safety flap To start tilting a load, it may be necessary to use your foot to assist in tilting. The axle of the conventional sack truck is normally used for this purpose. With the LIFTKAR SAL, the swing arm with the support wheels, a wheel, or the drive unit may be used to support by foot. The safety flap is installed to prevent your foot getting jammed in by the swing arm. If you press onto the lower part of the flap with your foot all functions will be stopped. Safety instructions Yo…

  • 12, SANO Liftkar SAL Uni Page 12 3 Fitting and removing the battery 3.1 Fitting the battery (1) Locate corner "A" on both sides into hook "B" on frame (2) Snap battery forward to engage locking hooks 3.2 Removing the battery Battery must be lifted vertically to disengage locking hook. Do not hinge back. …

  • 13, Page 13 4 Operation 4.1 Ascending stairs Press button (P) briefly until the indicator light shines green continuously. The LIFTKAR is now in the UP MODE. Pressing button (Q) in the upper handle, will operate the support wheels and will lift the LIFTKAR over the step continuing until the button is released. Important: On each cycle, immediately the main wheels rest on the tread, pull the LIFTKAR back to touch the rise of the next step up. Ho…

  • 14, Page 14 With the support wheels in the descend position the LIFTKAR can be rolled over the step margin and the support wheels will, under controlled conditions, lower the machine onto the next step down. When the main wheels land on the lower step, the support wheels automatically rotate to the descend position for the descent onto the next step down, all within approx. half a second. During the descent movement the indicator light changes to constant red. After reaching the descend position the light chan…

  • 15, Page 15 4.3.2 Hooking in underneath the step Under normal operating conditions, with the load in a well-balanced position, the moving support arm is always clear of the underside of the upper step. If the LIFTKAR is laid back too far, the support arm will be tripped by touching the tread it is on, causing it to rotate under the upper tread. The electronics will go into overload mode and will n…

  • 16, SANO Liftkar SAL Uni Page 16 4.3.4 LIFTKAR is not a rubber pad In the beverage industry drums are sometimes directly thrown from the truck onto the hand truck instead of a rubber pad or old tyre. This is not possible with the LIFTKAR when the support wheels are in the descending position. The impact will be transmitted to the connecting bar via the drive unit, which may result in fracture. With the support wheels raised between the main wheels, throwing barrels on the unit is possible in p…

  • 17, Page 17 4.3.7 Driving on a winding staircase When you have to drive on a winding staircase please pay attention to the following: When ascending, the LIFTKAR (or any other handtruck) tends to move to the inside of the staircase (any step a few cm depending on the angle of the winding). Therefore start as far as possible at the outside when ascending. When descending, the LIFTKAR tends to move to the outside of the staircase. Therefore start as far as possible at the inside when descending. However if the winding stairc…

  • 18, SANO Liftkar SAL Uni Page 18 5 Charging the battery The battery-cells within the battery housing are maintenance-free, sealed and rechargeable. Their durability largely depends on the charge/discharge cycles. It is possible for instance to extract far more than 1,000 partial discharges from lead-acid batteries if total discharge is avoided.  For this reason avoid total discharge. Recharge as often as possible.  Lead-acid batteries are subjec…

  • 19, Page 19 5.1 Battery charger High performance is achieved by 2-step automatic und digital control engineering. This allows for quick charging in the first step, then compensation/trickle charging in the second step. It is possible to check the condition of the battery. With LCD display und revolving mains plug. 5.1.1 Testing Connect the battery charger with the battery (without plugging into the mains) After approximately 9 seconds the test result is displayed (off-load voltage of the battery) 100% - full Battery i…

  • 20, Page 20 Compensation/Trickle charging Once the battery is fully charged, the charging unit switches over to compensation/trickle charge. On the display, the battery symbol is shown with 4 bars and remains solid. If charging does not begin, there are two possible reasons: Display: and symbols blink alternately indicating polarity reversal Display: and symbols blink alternately indicating a break in connection to battery, contact-fault check charging clips, cables, contacts, battery-p…

  • 21, SANO Liftkar SAL Uni Page 21 Safety cut-out If the battery fails to reach a certain voltage value within a pre-determined time, the charger automatically cuts out What to do after a safety cut-out: 1. Unplug the charger from the mains 2. Disconnect the charger from the battery 3. Investigate the reason for the safety cut-out Technical data Mains voltage (50/60 Hz, +/-15 %) 100-230 V AC Open-circuit power consumption max. 1,5 W Rated power output 48 W Charging voltage 24 V DC Arithmeti…

  • 22, Page 22 6 Accessories and options A continuously growing list of accessories and options is available. For instance different toeplate sizes, securing straps, in-transit charger, different frame heights, fixed or hinged toeplate. 7 Warranty and liability 7.1 Warranty The warranty period for the LIFTKAR is 12 months (6 months for batteries) from the date of purchase and covers defective material and production faults Not included in the warranty are:  Normal…

  • 23, Page 23 8 CE declaration of conformity SANO Transportgeräte GmbH declares that the LIFTKAR stair trolley corresponds to the applicable basic safety and health requirements of the EC guidelines for machines 2006/42/EEC, appendix IIA. This declaration will loose its validity if changes are performed on the unit without our approval. Ing. Jochum Bierma, General Manager 9 Design protection by patents The lifting system of the SAL series is protected by international patent applications for Europe, USA a…

  • 24, SANO Liftkar SAL Uni Page 24 SANO Deutschland GmbH Bahnhofstraße 5 83080 Oberaudorf Deutschland Tel. +49 (0) 8033 / 308 96-0 Fax +49 (0) 8033 / 308 96-17 [email protected] SANO UK Powered Stairclimbers Ltd. Bristol Court, Betts Avenue Martlesham Heath Ipswich, Suffolk IP5 3RY, England Tel. +44 (0) 1473 / 333 889 Fax +44 (0) 1473 / 333 742 [email protected] …

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