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  • Manufacturer: Pulsar
  • Category of Device: Snow Blower
  • Document: PTG3418 Owner's Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 04-05-2023
  • Count of Pages: 13
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Pulsar PTG3418 Snow Blower PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Thursday 4th of May 2023 07:46:34 AM)

Rating: 4.2 (rated by 63 users)

Compatible devices: 1080C, SnowBlade SB3000 Series, Snow Fox 769-02495, 10530-polar blast, 10.5-30SW, AS 5148 Li, 5201E, 060-0582-0.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Pulsar PTG3418 Document (Main Content), UPD: 04 May 2023)
  • 1, Safety Information 5 3 stnetnoC egakcaP 2 4 19 24 Hardware Contents Preparation 8 9 Assembly Instructions Operating Instructions 41 Care and Maintenance Parts Listing Limited Warranty 81 Manufactured By: Pulsar Products, Inc. TM …

  • 2, PACKAGE CONTENTS PART DESCRIPTION QUANTITY A B C D E F G H I 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 Lower frame (preassembled) Middle frame Upper frame Cable clip Upper chute crank Lower chute crank (preassembled) Chute deflector Discharge chute Main cover (preassembled) PART DESCRIPTION QUANTITY J K L M N O P Q 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 Auger (preassembled) Rubber plate (preassembled) Scraper (preassembled) Pivot wheel (preassembled) Switch housing (preassembled) Polarized plug (preassembled) Handle bar (preassembled) Ey…

  • 3, SAFETY INFORMATION Please read and understand this entire manual before attempting to assemble, operate or install the product. Work Area Keep work area clean and well-lit. Cluttered, dark areas invite accidents. Do not operate snow thrower in an explosive atmosphere, such as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases, or dust. Electrical appliances create sparks that may ignite the dust or fumes. Keep children, pets, and bystanders away from work area. Be aware that the normal noise of the mach…

  • 4, Pulsar PTG3418 The supply cord or switch of this equipment cannot be replaced, and the equipment shall be disposed of. Do not use on graveled surface unless the snow mover is adjusted for such a surface in accordance with the operator’s manual. Keep Children Away– All visitors should be kept a safe distance from work area. Dress Properly – Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. They can be caught in moving parts. Wear rubber boots when operating the snow mover. Operation of the snow mover in the hand-held position is unsafe, except in accordance with the…

  • 5, CC BB AA ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Hold the middle frame (B) so that the screw holes align with the holes on the lower frame (A). Note: Make sure the middle frame is held upright, following the UP mark attached to the middle frame. Holding the middle frame in the reverse direction will prevent proper assembly. B A 1 U P UP 2 2. Insert the joint fixing bolt (AA) with the metal washer (BB) into the aligned holes on e…

  • 6, ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 7. Locate the three cable clips (D) in the parts bag. Secure the power cord to the frame of the unit by clipping them onto the frame at evenly spaced intervals. 7 8 9 D 8. Loosen the two knobs on the chute deflector (G). Lift the chute deflector (G) so that it snaps and locks securely onto the discharge chute (H). Note: You should hear a loud click when the chute deflector (G) locks into place. G H 9. Raise or lower the chute deflector (G) to…

  • 7, ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 13. Remove the washer (HH) and nut (II) from the eye bolt with rubber grommet (Q) found on the upper chute crank (E). 13 E B Q II HH 14. Position the chute crank (E) so that the eye bolt with rubber grommet (Q) inserts into the center hole of the middle frame (B). Secure with washer (HH) and nut (II). Note: Do not overtighten the nut. 14 E B HH II Q GG Hardware Used HH x 1Ф6 × Ф13 × 1 Wash…

  • 8, POWERING ON AND OFF Damaged electrical cords present risk of fire, electric shock, and serious bodily injury. Before operating the snow thrower, carefully examine the electrical cord. If the cord is damaged, do not use the snow thrower. Replace or repair the damaged cord immediately. If you need assistance, contact our customer service department at 1-866-591-8921. 1. To power on, first press the switch button found alongside the switch housing (N). 2. Pull the handle bar (P) toward you an…

  • 9, CHANGING THROW DIRECTION AND THROW HEIGHT 2. The chute deflector (G) on the top of the discharge chute (H) controls the height of the snow stream. Loosen both chute deflector knobs to raise or lower the deflector to the desired height you wish to throw the snow. Tighten the knobs to secure the deflector. Note: Do not overtighten the chute deflector knobs. 2 Never direct the snow discharge chute at the operator, at bystanders, at vehicles or at nearby windows. Discharged snow and foreig…

  • 10, Pulsar PTG3418 PARTS LISTING 19 PARTS LISTING PTG3418MC-01 Nylon Locknut M6 29 PTG3418MC-02 Flat Washer Ø6 25 PTG3418MC-03 2Fixing Plate R Parts No. Description Qty. PTG3418MC-04 4TPU/Rubber Plate PTG3418MC-05 Flat Washer Ø6 28 PTG3418MC-06 Hex Washer Screw M6x16 16 PTG3418MC-07 2Fixing Plate L PTG3418MC-08 8Hex Washer Screw M6x16 PTG3418MC-09 Ball Bearing 6202-2Z 2 PTG3418MC-10 2Keep Plate PTG3418MC-11 Shaft Assembly 1 PTG3418MC-12 Small TPU/Rubber Plate 2 PTG3418MC-13 36Tapping Screw ST4.2x13 PTG3418MC-14 1Cov…

  • 11, Pulsar PTG3418 PARTS LISTING PTG3418MC-43 Snap Ring Ø10 1 PTG3418MC-44 Oil Seal 1 PTG3418MC-45 1Hex Nut M8 Parts No. Description Qty. PTG3418MC-46 1Small Gear PTG3418MC-47 Flat Key 3x12 1 PTG3418MC-48 Ball Bearing 608-2Z 2 PTG3418MC-49 1Gear Box PTG3418MC-50 1Ball Bearing 6001-2Z PTG3418MC-51 Tapping Screw ST4.2-65 2 PTG3418MC-52 1Lower Motor End Housing PTG3418MC-53 Impeller 1 PTG3418MC-54 Stator 100 PTG3418MC-55 1Rotor PTG3418MC-56 1Upper Motor End Housing PTG3418MC-5…

  • 12, PARTS LISTING Parts No. Description Qty. 23 PTG3418MC-97 4Saddle Washer PTG3418MC-98 1Middle Handle PTG3418MC-99 4T-screw PTG3418MC-100 2Cable Clip PTG3418MC-101 1Lower Handle PTG3418MC-102 Tapping Screw ST6.3x38 4 PTG3418MC-103 1Cable Jacket 7P-2 PTG3418MC-104 1droCrewoP PTG3418MC-105 1repeeK elbaC giB PTG3418MC-106 1Overcurrent Protector 15A PTG3418MC-107 1Switch PTG3418MC-108 1LgnisuoHhctiwS PTG3418MC-109 1Switch Button PTG3418…

  • 13, Pulsar PTG3418 Limited Warranty (cont’d) THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: a r y o a d a N N 25 DO NOT RETURN TO STORE For Technical Assistance Please Call 1-866-591-8921 STOP …

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  • InstallationInstructionsSnowthrower Decal Conversion KitPart No. 1687396INSTALLATION1. Remove the push nuts (B, Figure 1) securing thechute wireform (A).2. Remove and discard the wireform (A).3. Replace the icon-based CE decals on the unit withthe text and icon ANSI decals from this kit as shownin Figure 2.4. Remove and replace the electric starter with Brigg ...

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  • Safety • Set-Up • Operation • Adjustments • Maintenance • Troubleshooting • Parts Lists • WarrantyPRINTED IN U.S.A.OPERATOR’S MANUALIMPORTANT: READ SAFETY RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE OPERATING EQUIPMENT.Two-Stage Snow Thrower60 Ottawa Street South, KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2G 4J1 769-0252907/13/06Models:12-32LSW13-45LDSW10.5-28LSW11-30LSW ...

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  • Questions? 800-689-6612agricover.com FOR YOUR RECORDSDATE PURCHASED:WHERE PURCHASED:SERIAL NUMBER:(Located on switch box)Thank you for purchasing SNOWSPORTTM Electric Plow Winch for your SNOWSPORT® HD or LT Utility Plow. Agri-Cover, Inc. proudly manufactured this winch using superior quality materials and workmanship. With proper care, your winch will provide years ...

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  • R WS2690BSE  Safety  Setup Instructions  Product Overview  Controls  Operation  Maintenance  Storage  Troubleshooting Snow thrower Operator's Manual Worldlawn Power Equipment, Inc. Industrial Park 2415 Ashland Ave. Beatrice NE 68310 Toll Free Number: 1-800-267-4255 ...

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  • THIS INSTRUCTION BOOKLET CONTAINS IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. PLEASE READ AND KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.Follow CostwayPlease give us a chance to make it right and do better!Contact our friendly customer service department for help first. Replacements for missing or damaged parts will be shipped ASAP!USER’S MANUALSNOW BLOWERGT3700US-BL ...

    GT3700US-BL 22

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