PURE Contour D1 Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual for PURE Contour D1 Docking Speakers, Docking Station (23 pages)


972/972694-contour_d1.pdf file (29 Jan 2024)
  • Manufacturer: PURE
  • Category of Device: Docking Speakers, Docking Station
  • Document: Contour D1, File Type: PDF Owner's Manual
  • Updated: 29-01-2024
  • Count of Pages: 23
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Data: UPD 29th January 2024

PURE Contour D1 Docking Speakers, Docking Station PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Monday 29th of January 2024 07:39:01 PM)

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Compatible devices: i-20, 201 DM, Photosmart M-series, Contour 100i, CHRONOS iDOCK SERIES II, ONE Flow, Contour i1 Air, Contour 100Di.

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  • 9, EN 7 Controls and connectors Bass port Remote control holder Storage recess for remote control. Telescopic Aerial Power adapter socket Connector for supplied mains power adapter. Headphone socket 3.5mm stereo headphone socket. Aux In socket Analogue stereo input …

  • 16, PURE Contour D1 14 Cancelling a sounding alarm To cancel a tone alarm press the Alarm, Select or Standby button. To cancel a radio alarm press any button except volume. Note: A sounding alarm will switch off after one hour unless you cancel it. Snoozing a sounding alarm To snooze a sounding alarm press the Favou…

  • 10, 8 On/Standby Source Press to change between Digital radio, FM, iPod, Auxiliary input and Bluetooth. Favourites Press to view your favourite stations list. Then press and hold to save the current station. Mute Volume down Volume up Snooze Press to view t…

  • 17, EN 15 Options and settings Press the Menu button to access the options menu, press or to scroll through and change the options and press Select to confirm. Current value of settings are indicated by an asterisk ( ). Digital radio options Autotune Scans …

  • 14, 12 Using the aux input Connecting an auxiliary device Connect the line out or headphone socket of your auxiliary device to the Aux-In socket on your Contour using a suitable cable. Selecting the auxiliary input Press the Source button to select AUX. Using Bluetooth You can stream audio to…

  • 19, EN 17 Help Secondary and inactive stations Secondary digital services Secondary services accompany some stations, providing extra information or alternative content and may only be broadcast at certain times. Secondary services will appear next to the primary station in the l…


J08-F, L72S, Synergix 8855, walkman WM-EX348
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