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Installation Manual for CrimeStopper SP-102 Security System (14 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: CrimeStopper
  • Category of Device: Security System
  • Document: SP-102, File Type: PDF Installation Manual
  • Updated: 27-10-2023
  • Count of Pages: 14
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CrimeStopper SP-102 Security System PDF Installation Manual (Updated: Friday 27th of October 2023 05:11:22 PM)

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Compatible devices: CS-872, RS-901, SP-100, RS901 RS900ER, CS-2004DC, RS800ER, CS-865RKE, CS-2000DPII.

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  • 1, CONGRATULATIONS on your choice of a CrimeStopper Remote Security System. This booklet contains all the necessary information for using, and installing your security system. If any questions should arise, contact CrimeStopper technical support at 1-800-998-6880 or check out the Knowledge Base at www.crimestopper. com. INSTALLATION MANUAL …

  • 2, CrimeStopper SP-102 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Pre-Installation We suggest that you read the entire manual prior to starting your installation. This manual is a general guideline as our product is universal and your installation may differ from vehicle to vehicle. Check all of the vehicle’s manufacture warnings and cautions regarding electrical service (a…

  • 3, CrimeStopper SP-102 3 CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS Cautions and Warnings • Damage resulting from improper installation is not covered under warranty. • Do not start the vehicle in an enclosed area without proper ventilation. • Do not route any wiring where it may become entangled. • Remove the main fuse to the system prior to jump starting the vehicl…

  • 4, 4 WIRING BLACK WIRE: CHASSIS GROUND - The BLACK wire MUST be attached to a paint-free surface of solid metal. YELLOW WIRE: SWITCHED IGNITION - Connect this wire to an IGNITION wire. The IGNITION wire will show 12 Volts when the IGNTION switch is in the ON position as well as in the START position. This wire can be found at the IGNTION switch …

  • 5, 5 WIRING BROWN/WHITE WIRE: (-) HORN PULSE OUTPUT - Output for the Negative HORN trigger. This wire will trigger the vehicles horn on alerts and conrmations. BLUE WIRE: (-) HOOD TRIGGER - Input wire for the hood pin. This wire is used to tell the alarm if the hood is open (ground on hood pin wire). If the vehicle does not hav…

  • 6, 6 DOOR LOCK WIRING Door Lock Wiring – 3 Pin Harness Blue/White - Pulse for unlock- negative output Green/White - Pulse for lock- negative output How to determine which door locks the vehicle has- It is recommended to learn which style of door locks the vehicle has prior to connecting any wires. Failure to do so could result i…

  • 7, CrimeStopper SP-102 7 SHOCK SENSOR Shock Sensor 4 Pin Harness The shock sensor is what tells the alarm that something has struck the vehicle or is trying to break in. The system has 2 leds and 2 adjustment dials on it. The I LED is for pre-warn while the II LED is for full alarm trigger. For a more sensitive alarm turn the dials to the right. For less s…

  • 8, 8 PROGRAMMING OPTIONS Option # Option Description LOCK, Button #1 UNLOCK, Button #2 Silent, Button #3 1 Factory Horn Pulse Pulse w/trigger only Arm/Disarm, Warn & Pulse w/trigger 2 Passive Arming ON OFF 3 Ignition Controlled Locks ON OFF LOCK only (NO UNLOCK) 4 Door Open Warning 60 Seconds 60 Seconds 5 Active Re-Arm Enabled Di…

  • 9, CrimeStopper SP-102 9 HORN CHIRP PULSES - This option controls the system’s Horn-honk output. There are 3 selections: Button 1 (LOCK) Horn pulse only when alarm is triggered. Button 2 (UNLOCK) Horn chirps for Arm, Disarm, Single Pre-warn protection and full trigger alarm. Button 3 (SILENT) Horn chirps for Arm, Disarm, Multiple Pre-warn protection and full trigger alarm…

  • 10, CrimeStopper SP-102 10 ACTIVE CARJACK This feature provides Active Carjack protection and MUST be enabled before use through the alarm programming. To activate, with the ignition ON, press button 2 (UNLOCK). The parking lights will ash twice to conrm Carjack countdown has begun. After 90 seconds the unit will begin the Carjack cycle consisting of pre-warning chir…

  • 11, CrimeStopper SP-102 11 Control module – The main control module (aka “The BRAIN”) should be mounted under the dash and secured to a metal brace using either zip ties or screws. Ensure that the main control module and the wiring will not be in the way of any moving parts that it may be caught on such as the steering wheel, pedals o…

  • 12, 12 Pairing a Remote to the System A quick note before you begin. Once you enter programming mode it will erase all of the other remotes paired to the system, therefore we recommend having all remotes for the system ready to pair prior to entering pairing mode. The SP-102 can pair up to 4 remotes. • Turn the ignition to the ON position • Press th…

  • 13, CrimeStopper SP-102 13 Security Trigger Diagnostics Alarm Trigger Diagnostics (This feature is only available w/Active Rearm Enabled) If the system was triggered when you were away from your vehicle, the system will give 4 chirps and ashes from the parking lights when you disarm the system. After you Disarm the system the LED will as…

  • 14, CrimeStopper SP-102 14 Rockford Corporation offers a limited warranty on all CrimeStopper products as detailed below and on the following terms: ALL SAFETY PRODUCTS Length Of Warranty - 1 Year SECURITY and REMOTE START PRODUCTS Length Of Warranty Limited Lifetime, CrimeStopper will repair or replace defective modules with a comparable new or refurbished module…

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