3Bays GSA PRO Operation & User’s Manual

Operation & User’s Manual for 3Bays GSA PRO Kitchen Appliances (19 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: 3Bays
  • Category of Device: Kitchen Appliances
  • Document: GSA PRO, File Type: PDF Operation & User’s Manual
  • Updated: 27-08-2023
  • Count of Pages: 19
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Data: UPD 27th August 2023

3Bays GSA PRO Kitchen Appliances PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Sunday 27th of August 2023 08:48:04 AM)

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Compatible devices: SM 520S, Ombra 4 1418 100106, MK100, 4260012712148, WDS, WBSn-2400, 7 Series, HBLS.

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  • 1, 10,000 DATA POINTS CAPTURED PER SWING User Manual 3BaysGSA PRO - Golf Swing Analyzer [For iPod, iPhone and iPad User] …

  • 2, PREFACE Congratulations on purchasing the 3BaysGSA PRO( MX-G102i ). The unique combination of features and ease of use of your new swing analysis device will allow you to record your swing motions and parameters. Through GSA PRO app, you are able to review your swing information and playback your s…

  • 3, 3Bays GSA PRO 9. Do not disassemble or modify the device yourself. 10. Use only Perception Digital authorized parts and accessories. Parts and accessories not approved for use with the device may damage the unit. 11. Data can be damaged because of physical impact, lightning and power failure. 12. Risk of expl…

  • 4, 3Bays GSA PRO 3 Table of Contents Introduction Device and Accessories Charging you device How to installation 1. Install GSA PRO mobile app 2. Pair your device with GSA PRO app 3. Install the device on your golf club How to record your swing motions 1. Record your swing 2. Swing records transmission How to use GSA…

  • 5, 4 Introduction 3BaysGSA PRO is a patent pending innovation in golf swing technology. It records your swing motion and sends the information straight to your mobile phone through its unique GSA PRO app, which compares each swing against your own or your instructor’s best swing for greater accuracy. The…

  • 6, 5 Device and Accessories Charging your device How to installation 3BaysGSA Quick Start Guide Charger Charger USB Cable USB Cable Leather Bag Please charge your 3BaysGSA PRO via the USB adaptor as following before use.          1. Install GSA PRO mobile app 1.1 Access App Store and search fo…

  • 7, 2.3 Select Settings and then General in your mobile 2.4 Select Bluetooth to enter the Bluetooth setup 2.5 Turn the Bluetooth on and select the serial no of your 3BaysGSA Device from the list of Devices (serial no can be found on your device and packaging) 2.6 Enter password “8888” and pres…

  • 8, 7 How to record your swing motions How to use GSA PRO app 1. Start your swing 1.1 Keep your GSA PRO app running 1.2 Set up and stand still, Blue LED lights up when your club in a squared position. 1.3 When the Blue light is on, start your swing 1. Function keys on main screen 1) Connect Wizard 2) G…

  • 9, 3Bays GSA PRO 8 2.2 Make sure the device is on, short press the power button once to activate Blue LED will flash 2.3 Wait for Auto scanning until it is connected with the device 2.4 You can start swinging the device and see if the movement can be detected 2. Connect Wizard You can check the connec…

  • 10, 9 4. View selection of your swing arc 5. Playback of your swing arc 6. Review all your golf parameters You can select front view and side view to review your swing arc by pressing the icon below. You can review your swing in normal speed or slow motion (1/4 speed or 1/8 speed ). Slide up at the…

  • 11, 3Bays GSA PRO 10 7. Check your statistical records 8. Best swing setup You can see your performance of your swing histories. 9. Compare your current swing with the best swing e.g.,the green color swing arc is “best swing” which we have selected. The orange color swing arc is “current swing” or the swing from you…

  • 12, 11 11 Settings 10 . Sharing You can customize the following items to select your favorite screen.by clicking the below icon Swing records can be uploaded to different channels for sharing with friends about your every swing 1) Press the below button to share your swing info 2) You may share via different channels…

  • 13, 3Bays GSA PRO 12 12. Help You can check for quick instruction of different aspect in the Help Selection 1) Clicking the below icons to activities the Help menu 1) Unit of ball distance (yard or meter) 2) Unit of speed (mph or km/h) – Club Head Speed and Attainable Ball Speed 3) Unit of impact force (lbs or…

  • 14, 13 Trouble Shooting Q1: I can't pair my 3BaysGSA PRO to iOS devices. A: If Bluetooth is disabled, please follow the procedures as below: Steps 1) Search and download “ GSA PRO ” from App Store. 2) When the 3BaysGSA PRO device is in OFF mode, press & hold the po…

  • 15, 3Bays GSA PRO 14 Q3: After I swing, the Blue LED of the device doesn't flash quickly and transmit data. A: You may have some practice swing movements at the setup position before you actually swing. Please keep your club still at the setup position for 2 seconds before swing. (Blue LED is on and ready to swing …

  • 16, 3Bays GSA PRO 15 Q10: My Club Head Speed is unreasonably high or low. A: Please choose the golf club you are using on the top right corner of GSA PRO app before you swing, in order to have an accurate reading Q11: How to share my swing information to Facebook friends? A: You can share your swing info…

  • 17, 16 Product Specification Customer Service LIABILITY EXEMPTION STATEMENT Size (W x H): 29.3 x 43 mm (with pin) 29.3 x 18 mm (without pin) Weight: 9.8g Operation time: up to 5 hours Standby time: 7 days Connectivity: …

  • 18, 17 TRADEMARKS REGULATORY INFORMATION For customers in USA or Canada FCC Notice: 4. Perception Digital Limited reserves the right to modify software, hardware and user manual of this device without prior notice. 5. To make copies, publish, transfer, store in a traceable system, or translate t…

  • 19, 3Bays GSA PRO 18 For customers in Europe DISPOSAL OF YOUR OLD PRODUCT - Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna, - Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver, - Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. - Consult the dealer or an experie…


LB-100, WDSS 5305, 2368, X-C35B

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