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AMD 790GX Computer Hardware, Motherboard Manual (63 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: AMD
  • Category of Device: Computer Hardware, Motherboard
  • Document: 790GX Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 14-05-2023
  • Count of Pages: 63
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AMD 790GX Computer Hardware, Motherboard PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Sunday 14th of May 2023 07:53:30 AM)

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Compatible devices: PCM-5862, SBX-5363, K3780E, MulTView ALL-IN-WONDER 9700 PRO, Geode SC1200, B59, 880G, ATI Radeon HD 4850.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the AMD 790GX Document (Main Content), UPD: 14 May 2023)
  • 60, 55 94 Final Init Final init for last micro details before boot 95 Special KBC patch Set system speed for boot Setup NumLock status according to Setup 96 Boot Attempt Set low stack Boot via INT 19h. FF Boot Quick POST Codes Code(hex) Name Description 65 Init onboard device Early Initialized the super I…

  • 24, 19 2-7 Starting Up Your Computer 1. After all connection are made, close your computer case cover. 2. Be sure all the switch are off, and check that the power supply input voltage is set to proper position, usually in-put voltage is 220V∼240V or 110V∼120V depending on your country’s voltage used. 3. Connect the power supply cord into the power s…

  • 36, 31 month), hour, minute and second to turn on your system. When set to 0 (zero) for the day of the month, the alarm will power on your system every day at the specified time . Date (of month) You can choose which month the system will boot up. Set to 0, to boot e…

  • 19, AMD 790GX 14 (7) Audio Line-In, Lin -Out, MIC, RS-Out, CS-Out,SS-Out connector : J1 These Connectors are 6 Phone-Jack for LINE-OUT, LINE-IN, MIC, RS-Out, CS-Out  SS-Out audio connections. Line-in : (BLUE) Audio input …

  • 23, 18 IR infrared module Headers IR Pin 1 GND IRRX NC VCC5 IRTX 2 5 6 (11) Serial COM Port header: COM1 COM1 is the 9-pin block pin-header. The On-board serial port can be disabl…

  • 55, 50  Minimum of 500MB free/usable space or above  Support for SCSI & SATA Hard disk Pro Magic Plus only supports SCSI hard disk with Windows 2000 or OS above Notice Before Installation 1. Before install Pro Magic Plus, turn off all anti-virus software. (Include BIOS anti-virus function) 2. …

  • 22, 1 7 System Case Connections HDLED RESET VCC5 GND VCC5 PWR LED PWRBTN PWRBTN PWRLED HDDLE RSTSW NC GND JW FP Pin 1 SPEAK SPKR GND NC VCC5 Pin 1 PWRLED Pin 1 (8) FAN Power Headers: SYSFAN1, SYSFAN2, CHAFAN (3-pin), CPUFAN (4-pin) These connectors support cooling fans of 350mA (4.2 Watts) or less, depending on…

  • 25, AMD 790GX 20 Chapter 3 Introducing BIOS The BIOS is a program located on a Flash Memory on the motherboard. This program is a bridge between motherboard and operating system. When you start the computer, the BIOS program will gain control. The BIOS first operates an auto-diagnostic…

  • 37, 32 3-10 PC Health Status This section shows the Status of you CPU, Fan, and Warning for overall system status. This is only available if there is Hardware Monitor onboard. Phoenix – AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility PC Health S…

  • 9, 4 1-3 Performance List The following performance data list is the testing result of some popular benchmark testing programs. These data are just referred by users, and there is no responsibility for different testing data values gotten by users (the different Hardware & S…

  • 35, AMD 790GX 30 3-8 Power Management Setup The Power Management Setup allows you to configure your system to most effectively save energy saving while operating in a manner consistent with your own style of computer use. Phoenix – AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility Power Management Setup Item Help ACPI function …

  • 32, 2 7 3-7 Integrated Peripherals Phoenix – AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility Integrated Peripherals Item Help CMIX-SB750 Revision 2.5.0 Superio Function Setup Press Enter South onchip PCI Device Press Enter South Onchip IDE Device …

  • 17, 12 2-5-4 PCI Express Slot Two PCI-Express2.0 x16@8 lane graphic slot offer 4Gbyte/sec data transfer rate at each relative direction and up to 8Gbyte/sec concurrent bandwidth at full speed. Two x1 PCI Express Slot offer 1024Mbyte/sec concurr…

  • 47, 42 4-3 LAN Install LAN 1 Click LAN when MAGIC INSTALL MENU appears 2. Click Next . 3 Click Install 2. Finish. 4-4 RAID Install ATI SATA Driver and Utility 1 Click…

  • 7, 2 Embedded USB controllers as well as capability of expanding to 12 of USB2.0 functional ports delivering 480Mb/s bandwidth of rich connectivity, these motherboards meet the future USB demands which are also equipped with hardware monitor function on system to monitor and protect your system and ma…

  • 2, ii Environmental Protection Announcement Do not dispose this electronic device into the trash while discarding. To minimize pollution and ensure environment protection of mother earth, please recycle. …

  • 41, AMD 790GX 36 3-11-1 CPU Feature Phoenix – AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility CPU Feature Item Help Virtualization Enabled AMD K8 Cool & Quiet control Disabled TLB Check En…

  • 57, 52 B Onboard Audio init Onboard audio controller initialize if exist C Reserved D Reserved E CheckSum Check Check the intergraty of the ROM,BIOS and message F Reserved 10 Auto detec EEPROM Check Flash type and copy flash write/erase routines to 0F000h segme…

  • 46, 41 3. Click FINISH and restart your computer 4. Manual Sound Effect Setting 5. Devices and mixer setting 6. Audio input and output setting. 7. Microphone effect setting. 8. 3D demo setting. NOTE: Please upgrade your Windows XP to Service Pack 1 / Windows 2000 to Serv…

  • 6, 1 Chapter 1 Introduction of AMD790GX Motherboards 1-1 Features of motherboard The AMD790GX chipset motherboard series are based on the latest AMD790GX Chipset and the SB750 chipset which supports the innovative 64-bit AMD Socket AM2+ dual core and quad core AMD Phenom™…

  • 28, AMD 790GX 23 If the controller of HDD interface is SCSI, the selection shall be “None”. If the controller of HDD interface is CD-ROM, the selection shall be “None” Access Mode The settings are Auto Normal, Large, and LBA. Cylinder number of cylinders Head number of heads Precomp w…

  • 62, AMD 790GX 5 7 Reset Video controller Keyboard controller init Test the Keyboard Initilized the mouse 5B Cmos Check Check Cmos Circuitry and reset CMOS 5C Chipset default Prog Program the chipset registers with CMOS values. Init onboard clock gener…

  • 53, AMD 790GX 48 Making RAID driver diskette before Install WindowsXP/2000 Before you install the Windows XP or Windows 2000, you will need to make a RAID driver diskette before you start to install the Operating System. How to make a RAID driver dis…

  • 54, AMD 790GX 49 What functions does Pro Magic Plus have? 1. Instant System Restoration – Regardless of mis-operation or system crash, install Pro Magic Plus beforehand would allow you to instantly restore your system back by simply reboot your computer. …

  • 31, 2 6 3-6-2 IGX Configuration Phoenix – AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility IGX Configuration Item Help Iternal Graphics Mode UMA+Side port UMA frame Buffer Size Auto Frame Buffer Location Above 4G IGX Engine Clock OVERRIDE Enabled IGX Engin…

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