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Dirty Hand Tools 103350 Tiller PDF Operation Manual (Updated: Monday 27th of March 2023 05:26:32 AM)

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Compatible devices: TX601B, 247.23000, 215-390A, MB5000, 101571, Thatcher 1690819, 917.294260, T 50RH.

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  • 1, 10” Mini-Cultivator is safety alert symbol identies important safety messages in this manual. Failure to follow this important safety information may result in serious injury or death. MODEL # 103350 Operation Manual ! Part # 104503 Rev B …

  • 2, 1100 W 120th Ave, Suite 600 Westminster, CO 80234 • 720-287-5182 For Service or Questions Call 1-877-487-8275 720-287-5182 www.dirtyhandtools.com Dirty Hand Tools® is a brand of …

  • 3, Table of Contents Important Safety Information Intended Use ..............................................................................4 Personal Protective Equipment ..................................................4 General Safety ............................................................................5 Safety Decals ......................................................…

  • 4, Important Safety Information WARNING: Read and thoroughly understand all instructions and safety information before assembling or operating this cultivator. Failure to do so may cause serious injury or death. Do not allow anyone to operate this cultivator who has not read this manual. As with all power equipment, a cultivator can be dangerous if assembled or used improperly. Do not operate this cultivator if you have doubts or…

  • 5, 5 Important Safety Information General Safety Failure to follow warnings, cautions, assembly and operation instructions in the Operation Manual may result in serious injury or death. READ THE OPERATION MANUAL BEFORE OPERATION. • Do not permit children to operate this equipment at any time. • Do not permit others that have not read and understood the complete Operation Manual to operate this equipment. • Keep …

  • 6, Important Safety Information Safety Decals Safety labels on the cultivator are to remind you of important information while you are operating the unit. Make sure all safety warning decals are attached and in readable condition. Replace missing or defaced decals. Contact Dirty Hand Tools at 1-877-487-8275 for replacement decals. 6 AVOID INJURY FROM ROTATING TINES! DANGER AVOID INJURY WARNING Read the Operator’s Manua…

  • 7, Unpacking Adjusting the Handlebars Open top of carton and remove the cultivator and the upper and lower handlebars which are packed separately. Attach the lower handle bars to the handlebar support on the cultivator with two adjustment knobs. en attach the upper to the lower handlebars with two adjustment knobs. Note that the knobs attach on the inside with carriage bolts threaded through the square holes on the outside of the handlebars (see Figure 1). …


  • 9, 9 Operating Precautions READ, UNDERSTAND AND FOLLOW ALL OF THE PRECAUTIONS BELOW. • Never operate the cultivator without safety shields in place. • Keep hands, feet, and clothing away from rotating parts. Keep clear of cultivator tines at all times. • Tines rotate when the engine is running and drive lever is depressed (pulled towards handlebars). Releasing the drive lever stops the tines. • After striking an obstacle, stop the engine, rem…

  • 10, 10 Preparation for Operation Pre-Start Inspection 1. Make sure safety shields are in place and nuts & bolts are secure. 2. Check fuel supply. Fill the fuel tank no closer than 1 inch from top of tank to provide space for expansion. 3. Inspect air lter. Clean or replace as needed. 4. Be sure spark plug wire is attached and is tightened securely. 5. Examine underneath and around engine for oil or fuel leaks. 6. Inspect fuel …

  • 11, 11 Operating Instructions Adjusting the Depth Regulator Remove the locking pin and reverse the depth regulator and wheels, slide up or down to position at desired tilling depth and reinstall the locking pin (see Figure 4). Starting the Engine Make sure that the cultivator is on a level, stable position before starting the engine. Do not start the engine if there is spilled fuel. 1. Turn the engine’s ON/OFF …

  • 12, 12 Operating Instructions PRACTICE OPERATING THE CONTROLS AND USING THE CULTIVATOR WITH TINES OUT OF GROUND BEFORE BEGINNING TO TILL. It is important that you know how to use the cultivator properly, keep control at all times, stop the tines and wheels from turning, and stop the engine if necessary. Read the entire Operation Manual before using the equipment! Cultivating Start the cultivator (rotating the tines) by pulling up on the drive lever - this …

  • 13, Dirty Hand Tools 103350 13 Maintenance • Keep cultivator, safety shields and covers, attachments, and accessories in safe working condition. • Check locking pins, engine mounting bolts, and other bolts at frequent intervals for proper tightness. • To prevent accidental starting, always disconnect and secure the spark plug wire from the spark plug before maintenance. • Never run the engine indoors. Exhaust fumes are toxic. • Always allow …

  • 14, Dirty Hand Tools 103350 14 Storage DO NOT STORE THE CULTIVATOR IN UNVENTILATED AREA where fuel fumes may reach ame, sparks, pilot lights or other ignition source. Drain fuel outdoors away from any ignition sources. Use only approved fuel containers. Never store equipment with gasoline in the tank inside of a closed building where fumes may reach an open flame or spark. Allow the engine to cool before storing in any building. Add a fuel stabilizer to gas tank and run for 10-…

  • 15, 15 Troubleshooting PROBLEM SOLUTION Engine will not start • Add fuel to fuel tank. • Connect spark plug wire to spark plug • Choke should be at start position for a cold start Engine runs rough, oods during operation • Clean or replace air cleaner Engine is hard to start • Drain old fuel and replace with fresh. Make sure the 2-cycle oil to gas mixture is correct. • Make sure spark plug wire is securely attached to spark plug • …

  • 16, Dirty Hand Tools 103350 Warranty & Specications IMPORTANT NOTICE We, the manufacturer, reserve the right to change the product and/ or specifications in this manual without notification. e manual is for information usage only and the pictures and drawings depicted herein are for reference only. Warranty Repair and Service Do not return this product to the store for warranty issues or repair. Call our customer service depa…

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