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  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
  • Category of Device: Controller, Control Unit
  • Document: QD75M1 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 05-09-2023
  • Count of Pages: 882
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  • 692, 15 - 45 MELSEC-Q 15 TROUBLESHOOTING Related buffer memory address Axis 1 Axis 2 Axis 3 Axis 4 Check point Corrective action Torque limit value 26 176 326 476 OPR torque limit value 86 236 386 536 Torque output setting value 1552 1652 1752 1852 • When torque is limited, increase the limit value. • Reduce load. • Use servomotor that provides larger output. Input signal logic…

  • 448, 9 - 95 MELSEC-Q 9 MAJOR POSITIONING CONTROL Speed-position switching signal setting The following table shows the items that must be set to use the external command signals (CHG) as speed-position switching signals. Buffer memory address Setting item Setting value Setting details Axis 1 Axis 2 Axis 3 Axis 4 Pr.42 External command function selection 2 Set the "2: speed-position and position-speed switching requ…

  • 526, 11 - 33 MELSEC-Q 11 MANUAL CONTROL 11.4.4 Creating a program to enable/disable the manual pulse generator operation A sequence program must be created to execute a manual pulse generator operation. Consider the "required control data setting", "start conditions" and "start time chart" when creating the program. The following shows an example when a manual pulse generator operation is started for axis 1. Required control data setting The control data shown below must be set t…

  • 761, Mitsubishi QD75M1 Appendix - 8 MELSEC-Q APPENDICES Setting value Item mm inch degree PLS b0 Lower limit b4 External command/ switching signal b2, b5, b7, b9 to b15 Not used b1 Upper limit b6 Near-point dog signal Pr.22 Input signal logic selection b3 Stop signal b8 Manual pulse generator input Setting of each bit value 0: Negative logic 1: Positive logic ("0" is set for "Not used" bit.) Pr.24 Manual pulse generator input selection 0: A phase/B phase m…

  • 326, 7 - 5 MELSEC-Q 7 MEMORY CONFIGURATION AND DATA PROCESS 7.1.2 Buffer memory area configuration The QD75 buffer memory is configured of the following types of areas. Buffer memory address Buffer memory area configuration Axis 1 Axis 2 Axis 3 Axis 4 Writing possibility Basic parameter area 0 to 15 150 to 165 300 to 315 450 to 465 Detailed parameter area 17 to 69 167 to 219 317 to 369 46…

  • 470, Mitsubishi QD75M1 10 - 3 MELSEC-Q 10 HIGH-LEVEL POSITIONING CONTROL 10.1.1 Data required for high-level positioning control "High-level positioning control" is executed by setting the required items in the "block start data" and "condition data", then starting that "block start data". Judgment about whether execution is possible, etc., is carried out at execution using the "condition data" designated in the "block start data". "Block start …

  • 348, Mitsubishi QD75M1 8 - 9 MELSEC-Q 8 OPR CONTROL Precautions during operation (1) An error "Count method movement amount fault (error code: 206)" will occur and the operation will not start if the " Pr.50 Setting for the movement amount after near-point dog ON" is smaller than the deceleration distance from the " Pr.46 OPR speed" to " Pr.47 Creep speed". A deceleration stop will be carried out if the speed is changed during the operation and an error occurs. (2) The following shows the operation when a m…

  • 334, 7 - 13 MELSEC-Q 7 MEMORY CONFIGURATION AND DATA PROCESS (6) Writing the flash ROM by a PLC CPU request ( ) The following transmission process is carried out by setting "1" in Cd.1 Flash ROM write request (buffer memory [1900]). 1) The "parameters", "positioning data (No. 1 to 600)", "block start data (No. 7000 to 7004)" and "servo parameter" in the buff…

  • 20, 1 - 3 MELSEC-Q 1 PRODUCT OUTLINE (c) Continuous positioning control using multiple positioning data can be executed in accordance with the operation patterns the user assigned to the positioning data. (Refer to section 5.3 and 9.1.2.) Continuous positioning control can be executed over multiple blocks, where each block consists of multiple positioning data. (Refer to section 10.3.2.) (d) OPR con…

  • 382, 9 - 29 MELSEC-Q 9 MAJOR POSITIONING CONTROL 9.2.3 2-axis linear interpolation control In "2-axis linear interpolation control" (" Da.2 Control system" = ABS linear 2, INC linear 2), two motors are used to carry out position control in a linear path while carrying out interpolation for the axis directions set in each axis. (Refer to section "9.1.6 Interpolation control" for details on interpolation control.) [1] 2-axis linear interpolation co…

  • 417, Mitsubishi QD75M1 9 - 64 MELSEC-Q 9 MAJOR POSITIONING CONTROL [2] 2-axis circular interpolation control with center point designation (INC circular right, INC circular left) Operation chart In the incremental system, 2-axis circular interpolation control with center point designation, addresses established by a machine OPR on a 2-axis coordinate plane are used. Positioning is carried out from the current stop position (start point address) to a position at the end o…

  • 592, Mitsubishi QD75M1 12 - 63 MELSEC-Q 12 CONTROL SUB FUNCTIONS [4] Setting the skip function using an external command signal The skip function can also be executed using an "external command signal". The following shows the settings and sequence program example for skipping the control being executed in axis 1 using an "external command signal". (1) Set the following data to execute the skip function using an external command signal. (The setting is carried out using the sequence program shown below in section (2)). Bu…

  • 429, 9 - 76 MELSEC-Q 9 MAJOR POSITIONING CONTROL Positioning data setting examples The following table shows the setting examples when "3-axis speed control (forward run: speed 3)" is set in the positioning data No. 1 of axis 1 (reference axis). Axis Setting item Axis 1 (reference axis) setting example Axis 2 (interpolation axis) setting example Axis 3 (interpolation axis) setting example Setting details Da.1 Operation pattern Termination – – Setting other than "terminat…

  • 230, 5 - 143 MELSEC-Q 5 DATA USED FOR POSITIONING CONTROL Storage buffer memory address Setting value Default value Axis 1 Axis 2 Axis 3 Axis 4 Set with a decimal. Setting value External command valid 0: Invalidates an external command. 1: Validates an external command. K 0 1505 1605 1705 1805 Set with a decimal. Actual value Conversion into an i…

  • 590, 12 - 61 MELSEC-Q 12 CONTROL SUB FUNCTIONS 12.7.2 Skip function The "skip function" is used to stop (deceleration stop) the control of the positioning data being executed at the time of the skip signal input, and execute the next positioning data. A skip is executed by a skip command ( Cd.37 Skip command) or external command signal. The "skip function" can be used during control in which positioning data is used. The details shown below explain about the "skip fun…

  • 668, 15 - 21 MELSEC-Q 15 TROUBLESHOOTING Related buffer memory address Axis 1 Axis 2 Axis 3 Axis 4 Set range (Setting with sequence program) Remedy — Normalize the block start data. Refer to section 5.4 "Block start data" <Special start instruction> 00 H to 06 H Correct the instruction code of the special start data. (Refer to section 5.4 " Da.13 ") Refer to …

  • 515, 11 - 22 MELSEC-Q 11 MANUAL CONTROL 11.3.4 Creating a program to enable/disable the inching operation A sequence program must be created to execute an inching operation. Consider the "required control data setting", "start conditions", and "start time chart" when creating the program. The following shows an example when an inching operation is started for axis 1. (The example shows the inching operat…

  • 633, 14 - 4 MELSEC-Q 14 DEDICATED INSTRUCTIONS [Control data] Device Item Setting data Setting range Setting side ( 1) (S)+0 System area – – – (S)+1 Complete status The state at the time of completion is stored. • 0 : Normal completion • Other than 0: Abnormal completion (error code)( 2) – System (S)+2 Start No. The following data Nos. to be started by the PSTRT instruction are designated. • Positioning data No. : 1 to 600 • Block start …

  • 28, 1 - 11 MELSEC-Q 1 PRODUCT OUTLINE (3) Fixed-feed control This performs positioning for the specified increment of travel. The fixed-feed control includes 1-axis control and 2-axis control through linear interpolation using the specified two axes. Stop position [1-axis fixed-feed control] Positioning direction V Start t ON OFF Start command Operation timing Travel along axis 2 Reverse direction Stop position Movement di…

  • 217, 5 - 130 MELSEC-Q 5 DATA USED FOR POSITIONING CONTROL Storage item Storage details Md.36 Special start data instruction code setting value • The " instruction code" used with special start and indicated by the start data pointer currently being executed is stored. Md.37 Special start data instruction parameter setting value The " instruction parameter" used with special start and indicated by the start data pointer cur…

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