Graef MASTER M 80 Operating Instructions Manual

Operating Instructions Manual for Graef MASTER M 80 Kitchen Appliances (9 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Graef
  • Category of Device: Kitchen Appliances
  • Document: MASTER M 80, File Type: PDF Operating Instructions Manual
  • Updated: 19-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 9
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Data: UPD 19th November 2023

Graef MASTER M 80 Kitchen Appliances PDF Operating Instructions Manual (Updated: Sunday 19th of November 2023 10:16:27 AM)

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Compatible devices: UNA 9, EVO, F1 FUTURA, TENDENZA T5, HE80, EURO 2200, M6, 130 ECONOMIC.

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Text Version of Graef MASTER M 80 Operating Instructions Manual (Summary of Contents)

(Ocr-Read of the Graef MASTER M 80 Document (Main Content), UPD: 19 November 2023)
  • 2, Graef MASTER M 80 2 Table of content Safety instructions 3 Unpacking 5 Requirements on the installation location 5 Safety hazards 5 Cutting material 5 Cutting operation 5 Holder for remainders 6 Tilting by 30 deg. 6 Cleaning 6 Preservation of value - blade 7 Removing the blade 7 Slide 7 After-sales service 8…

  • 3, Graef MASTER M 80 3 Safety instructions This unit is in conformity with the safety instructions mentioned hereinbefore. However, incorrect handling may lead to injury and damage. For safe handling of this unit, please observe the following safety instructions: ● Before using the unit check for any external visi…

  • 4, Graef MASTER M 80 4 similar use, such as: Staff kitchens in shops and ofce; in agricultural estates; by guests in hotels, motels and other living quarters; in bed and breadfast boarding houses. ● Always disconnect the connection cable by using plug; do not pull the connecting cable. ● Before connecting the unit compare the …

  • 5, 5 water. ● The unit must not be used without the food holder for remainders unless the size and shape of the food permits use without. Unpacking Proceed as follows to unpack the unit: ● Remove the unit from the box. ● Remove the packaging parts. ● Remove any stickers on the unit (do not remove t…

  • 6, 6 be sliced best when cooled. Soft food can be cut better when pushed slowly. When slicing cucumbers or carrots, it is advantagous if they are cut to equal lengths rst which are then fed using the holder for remainders. Holder for remainders The unit must not be used without the food holder f…

  • 7, 7 surfaces of the unit. Use a mild detergent in case of heavy soiling. Preservation of value - blade For a long-lasting sharpness and for a preservation of the value of your Graef blade we recommend that the blade be cleaned in regular intervals, especially after cutting cured meat or ham. They contai…

  • 8, 8 removed from the unit. ● To remove the carriage, simply fold it to the side. ● Use a moist cloth or running water to clean all parts. Important: Do not clean the slide in a dishwasher! ● Once a month, add some drops of resin-free oil or petroleum jelly to the slideway. Use a soft cottonwoo…

  • 9, Graef MASTER M 80 9 Troubleshooting Problem Cause Solution Slide moves sluggishly. Slide slide is dirty. Clean and grease the slide slide. Blade moves slugglishly. Cogwheels of the blade are not greased or are dirty. Undo and clean the blade; use petroleum jelly to grease the inside of the blade (cogwheel of blade)…


DPP-EX50, SMW610, as50r, Valencia 2 Drawer Sideboard

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