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Operation & User’s Manual for HP ac300w Lawn Mower Accessories (69 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: HP
  • Category of Device: Lawn Mower Accessories
  • Document: ac300w, File Type: PDF Operation & User’s Manual
  • Updated: 16-10-2023
  • Count of Pages: 69
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Data: UPD 16th October 2023

HP ac300w Lawn Mower Accessories PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Monday 16th of October 2023 05:54:27 AM)

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Compatible devices: W9, Race, Sports HD BulletCam, DSJ-A7, PPBCM9, 04134, Action Cam ac200w, ac100.

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  • 48, 36 8. Press the Mode button to select √ to confirm deletion. 9. Press the Shutter button to confirm. 10. To exit the menu, press the Mode button repeatedly until the EXIT screen appears. 11. Press the Shutter button to exit SET mode. …

  • 50, 38 4.9 LED This menu allows you to turn the LED on or off. Do the following to turn the LED on or off. 1. Press the Mode button repeatedly to change to SET mode. 2. Press the Shutter button to enter SET mode. 3. Press the Mode button to highlight MORE. 4. Press the Shutter button to enter the MORE menu. 5. Pres…

  • 49, 37 4.8 OSD Up/Down This menu allows you to display the OLED screen upside down. Do the following to enable this feature. 1. Press the Mode button repeatedly to change to SET mode. 2. Press the Shutter button to enter SET mode. 3. Press the Mode button to highlight MORE. 4. Press the Shutter button to enter the MORE menu.…

  • 29, 17 3.2.1 WiFi This menu allows you to connect your camera to a smartphone using WiFi connection and view or record the videos and photos from your camera on the smartphone.  Note: Before using this feature, download the HP Xcam app from AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android OS) on your smartphone.. 1. Pres…

  • 57, HP ac300w 45 8. To exit the menu, press the Mode button repeatedly until the EXIT screen appears. 9. Press the Shutter button to exit SET mode. …

  • 26, HP ac300w 14 2.6 Changing Modes Press the Mode button repeatedly to switch modes. Video Mode Photo Mode WiFi Mode Setting Mode Self-Timer Mode Time Lapse Mode Burst Mode …

  • 62, HP ac300w 50 5.1.3 Changing the Housing Back Door Depending on the accessories that you want to use with the case, you may need to change the housing back door. Two back doors are included in the standard package: the waterproof housing back door, and the vented housing back door. Do the following to change the housing back door: 1. Open the back door …

  • 60, HP ac300w 48 3. Secure the waterproof case lock. The waterproof case can be used with other accessories such as the swivel T tip, bike mount, chest mount, head mount, etc. How to avoid fogging 1. Put 4 Anti-fog Inserts in waterproof case. Be sure to wait two hours at least before using underwater. After using the anti-fog inserts, th…

  • 58, HP ac300w 46 4.15 Factory Default This menu allows you to restore the default factory settings of your camera. Do the following to restore the factory default settings. 1. Press the Mode button repeatedly to change to SET mode. 2. Press the Shutter button to enter SET mode. 3. Press the Mode button to highlight MORE. 4. Press the Shutt…

  • 30, 18 3.2.3 Time Lapse Shooting This feature allows you to continuously capture photos with one press of the Shutter button at the preset interval time (1/3/5/10/30/60 seconds). Shooting only stops when the Shutter button is pressed again. You can use this feature to record videos such as evolution of a construction project, …

  • 33, HP ac300w 21 4 Adjusting the Settings To adjust the camera settings, press the Mode button repeatedly to switch to Set mode and then press the Shutter button to confirm. The screen below is displayed: 1 2 4 3 1 SETUP Menu Select SETUP to adjust capture settings. Video Select to adjust the video resolution. Photo Select to …

  • 22, HP ac300w 10 2.3 Charging the Battery You can charge the battery using the micro USB cable that came with the camera. Follow the steps below to charge the battery. 1. Install the battery into the battery compartment. 2. Plug the micro-USB connector to the USB port of your device. 3. Plug the other end of the USB cable to a com…

  • 63, 51 5.3 Assembling the Camera Accessories Lock the T tip adapter to the T tip of the adjoining accessories to install them to your camera. Tips on attaching adhesive mounts • Apply to clean surfaces - wax, dust, and oily essence free. • Attach the mount at room temperature. • Mount only on smooth surfaces…

  • 20, HP ac300w 8 2.1.1 Removing the Micro SD card 1. Turn off the camera. 2. With a fingertip, push the micro SD card to eject it from the slot. 3. Remove the micro SD card. 2.2 Installing the Battery  Warning: Use only the supplied battery or a similar battery recommended by the manufacturer or the dealer. 1. Push down the battery compartment cover …

  • 27, HP ac300w 15 2.7 Connecting to TV (HDMI Cable) You can also connect the camera to a TV using a standard mini to standard HDMI cable (not included).. 2.8 Connecting to PC (Micro USB Cable) Connect the camera to a computer with the micro USB cable provided as shown. …

  • 13, HP ac300w 1 1 Introducing the Camera Read this section to learn about the features and functions of the camera. This chapter also covers system requirements, package contents, and descriptions of the hardware components. 1.1 System Requirements The camera requires a PC with the following specifications for full HD 1080p 30fps and 720p 60fps playback: …

  • 15, HP ac300w 3 Standard Accessories Waterproof Case Vented Housing Backdoor Waterproof Housing Backdoor T Tip Adapter Flat Adhesive Socket Curved Adhesive Socket Secure Tether Velcro Strap Swivel T Tip Anti-fog Inserts Safety Lock bike mount …

  • 7, vii Precautions General precautions • Do not store the product in dusty, dirty, or sandy areas, as its components may be damaged. • Do not store the product in a hot environment. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries and warp or melt certain plastics. • Do not store the product in cold are…

  • 55, HP ac300w 43 8. When done, press the Mode button to go to the month field. Year Hour Minute Month Day 9. Press the Shutter button repeatedly to adjust the month value, and then press the Mode button to go to the day field. 10. Press the Shutter button repeatedly to adjust the day value, and then…

  • 1, HP ac300w i ac300w Action Cam User Manual …

  • 39, 27 Note: The FOV of every resolution is different. Resolution 4:3 Resolution Field of view Still image 16M 4632 x 3488, 16M 142 Still image 12M 4000 x 3000, 12M 118 Still image 8M 3264 x 2446, 8M 93 Still image 5M 2592 x 1944, 5M 73 …

  • 10, x Notes for general use: • Avoid opening or closing the waterproof case near the water’s edge (sea, lake, beach, lake, etc.). Do not open or close the waterproof case lock with wet hands, or hands with sand or dust. • The accessories (batteries, etc.) used with the camera are not water resistant, be carefu…

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