HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2 Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual for HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2 Toy (18 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: HobbyZone
  • Category of Device: Toy
  • Document: Firebird Commander 2, File Type: PDF Instruction Manual
  • Updated: 02-02-2024
  • Count of Pages: 18
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Data: UPD 2nd February 2024

HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2 Toy PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Friday 2nd of February 2024 12:01:54 AM)

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Compatible devices: AeroScout S RTF, Zig Zag Racer ZZ3, FIGHTBIRD, Super Cub S, Sportsman S Plus, Super Cub Z1, Firebird Phantom, Firebird DeltaRay.

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Text Version of HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2 Toy Manual (Summary of Contents)

(Ocr-Read of the HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2 Document (Main Content), UPD: 02 February 2024)
  • 14, HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2 26 If a Crash Occurs If you happen to crash and part of the foam wing or tail breaks, it can be repaired using packing tape to cover missing pieces. If damage is severe or if the wing or tail is bent, replace damaged parts immediately. See page 30 for a complete replacement parts list. IMPORTANT…

  • 6, HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2 You want to fly! If you wait until the condi- tions are right, you will have successful flight. On your first flights, do not fly if the wind is more than 5 mph! 1. Tie the included red ribbon to the end of your transmitter antenna. 2. Hold the transmitter flat so the antenna is parallel to the gr…

  • 13, Step 16 24 Adjusting the Climb Rate If the airplane, with a fully charged battery, does not climb fast enough with full throttle, you can adjust the climb rate by: 1. Tightening the front tail screw by one full turn and loosening the rear tail screw by one full turn. 2. Test fly. 3. Repeat the abov…

  • 8, HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2 Step 11 15 Step 10 14 Runway Takeoff (ROG) Not recommended for inexperienced pilots. 1. Make sure your landing gear is properly installed and is securely in the slot on the fuselage before you attempt takeoff. 2. Stand behind the Firebird Commander ® 2 and point it directly into the wind on …

  • 12, HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2 Step 14 22 Leveling the Tail Control Flaps Before making your first flight, if tail control flaps are not level with rest of tail surface, adjust them so they are level by doing the following: 1. Turn the transmitter on, plug in aircraft battery and center the right control stick and trim lever. 2. Use you…

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