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Installation And Maintenance Instructions Manual for Flavel Raglan Indoor Fireplace (22 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Flavel
  • Category of Device: Indoor Fireplace
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  • Updated: 20-10-2023
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Compatible devices: Emberglow Classic FEMC00MN, FSCC12MN, Orchestra, FWERN0MN, Enchant FSCP**MN, Sophia Simline BF, REGENT L.F.E. RC, "Waverley" Inset Tray FITC00MN.

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  • 1, Raglan COAL EFFECT BALANCED FLUE GAS FIRE Installation and Maintenance Instructions Hand these instructions to the user Model No. KBFC**MN for use on Natural Gas (G20) at a supply pressure of 20 mbar in G.B. / I.E. NB : ** denotes trim / fret variant …

  • 2, CONTENTS PAGE Section 1 Information and Requirements 1.0 Appliance Information 3 1.1 Conditions of Installation 4 1.2 Fireplace surround & suitability 4 1.3 Flue Terminal Position 5 1.4 Shelf position 6 1.5 Hearths 6 Section 2 Installation of Fire 2.1 Unpacking the fire 6 2.2 Fireplace opening 6-7 2.3 Pr…

  • 3, Flavel Raglan SECTION 1 INFORMATION AND REQUIREMENTS 1.0 APPLIANCE INFORMATION Main injector : (1 off) Stereomatic Injector Elbow – size 60 (NG) Pilot Type : S.I.T.140 Series NG – size 27 Max. Gross Heat Input : 3.8 kW Min. Gross Heat Input : 2.5 kW Gas Rate : 0.345 m 3 /hr Cold Pressure : 20.0+/-1.0 mbar (8.0 +/- 0.4 in w.g.…

  • 4, Flavel Raglan INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS Efficiency Declaration The efficiency of this appliance has been measured as specified in BS EN 613 : 2001 and the result is 74%. The gross calorific value of the fuel has been used for this efficiency calculation. The test data from which it has been calculated has been certified…

  • 5, 1.3 FLUE TERMINAL POSITION The minimum acceptable dimensions from the flue terminal to obstructions and ventilation openings are shown below and listed in the table It is important that the position of the flue allows the free passage of air across it at all times. The minimum acceptable space from the flue terminal …

  • 6, 1.4 SHELF POSITION The fire may be fitted below a combustible shelf providing there is a minimum dis- tance of 200mm above the top of the fire and the shelf does not project more than 150mm. If the shelf overhangs more than 150mm the distance between the fire and the shelf must be increased by 15mm for every 25m…

  • 7, Flavel Raglan 2.2 FIRE PLACE OPENING The front opening of the fire place must be between 410 and 420mm wide, and between 550 and 560mm high. If the opening exceeds these dimensions then a surround must be constructed from suitable non-combustible material to produce a suitable sized opening. Any surround must be suit…


  • 9, Fig. 6 2.4 PREPARATION OF THE FLUE HOLE a) Mark the position of the centre of the flue on the inner wall. b) Cut hole for outer flue pipe. There are two possible methods to achieve this, either core drill or via hammer and chisel. c) To core drill, proceed as follows :- Drill a pilot hole through the wall, i…

  • 10, 2.5 PREPARATION OF THE FLUE PIPES a) Place the firebox into the fire opening with the spacer (if required) fitted and the fire surround correctly secured in the final position. From the outside of the house measure from the face of the outside wall to the rear panel of the firebox through the flue hole. This…

  • 11, Fig. 8 2.6 INSTALLATION OF THE GAS SUPPLY Before installing the firebox, decide from which side or if a rear connection to the gas supply is required. For R/H entry a purpose shaped gas supply pipe is supplied. Plan the pipe run to enter the firebox from the left, right or rear and connect to the inl…

  • 12, Fig 9. (without optional 3” black spacer). Note : Before breaking into the gas supply a pressure drop test should be carried out to establish that the existing pipework is sound. Always block the unused entry points into the firebox with the section of foil tape as sup- plied. 2.7 SECURING OF FIREBOX TO…

  • 13, To secure the fire using the preferred cable method, proceed as follows :- a) Mark out and drill 3 off No 14 6mm holes in the rear face of the fire opening in the positions as shown on fig. 10 below. Fig. 10 b) Fit the wall plugs provided and screw the fixing eyes securely into the rear of the fire opening. c) Unco…

  • 14, Fig. 11 h) Before making the final gas connection, thoroughly purge the gas supply pipework to remove all foreign matter, otherwise serious damage may be caused to the gas control valve on the fire. Failure to purge the gas supply will invalidate the guarantee. i) The gas connection should be made to the app…

  • 15, 2.8 PREPARATION FOR MOUNTING THE FLUE TERMINAL a) Position the flue terminal over the inner and outer flue pipes as shown on fig. 12 below, checking that the outer pipe has the seam flange at the bottom and the inner pipe has the seam flange at the top. Fig. 12 b) Having positioned the terminal so tha…

  • 16, Flavel Raglan 2.9 FITTING THE TERMINAL GUARD With the flue terminal in position, place the terminal guard over the top of the flue terminal and mark the position of the holes on the outer wall. Remove the terminal guard and drill the 4 off 6 mm holes. Insert the raw plugs into the drilled holes, replace the terminal guard over t…

  • 17, 2.10 REMOVING & REFITTING OF THE GLASS FRAME (Continued) a) Remove the 2 screws which hold the pilot shield in place. (see fig. 15) b) Remove the top infill panel by sliding it upwards out of the clips. c) With the allen key provided remove the 4 allen bolts, loosening each one a small amount at …

  • 18, Flavel Raglan b) Fit the heat deflector plate onto the stainless steel fibre support trims, as shown below (fig. 17 & 18) Fig. 17 Fig. 18 To ensure that the release of fibres from these R.C.F (Refractory Ceramic Fibre) articles is kept to a minimum, during installation and servicing we recommend that you use a HEPA fil…

  • 19, Flavel Raglan Refit the glass frame as detailed in section 2.10, then light the appliance as detailed in section 3.2. 3.2 LIGHTING THE APPLIANCE IMPORTANT : IF THE BURNER IS EXTINGUISHED FOR ANY REASON YOU MUST ENSURE THAT YOU WAIT A FULL FIVE MINUTES BEFORE ATTEMPT- ING TO RE-LIGHT THE FIRE. a) Turn on the gas restricto…

  • 20, SECTION 4 MAINTENANCE Servicing Notes Servicing should be carried out annually by a competent person such as a CORGI registered engineer. It is a condition of Flavel Fires guarantee schemes that this is carried out by a competent person i.e a CORGI registered Engineer in accordance with these servicing no…

  • 21, Flavel Raglan 4.2.4 Loosen the pilot pipe, disconnect the ignition lead from the electrode and disconnect the thermocouple from the pilot assembly. 4.2.5 Remove the 4 off fixing screws from the control panel. 4.2.6 Slide the control panel and gas train forwards, to the left. 4.2.7 Disconnect the ignition lead from the piezo and un…

  • 22, Flavel Raglan 4.4.3 Loosen the pilot pipe, disconnect the ignition lead from the electrode, and remove the thermocouple from the pilot body. 4.4.4 Remove the two fixing screws which secure the pilot assembly to the pilot panel. 4.4.5 Remove the pilot assembly. 4.4.6 Re-assemble with an new pilot assembly, and gasket, ensu…


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