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  • Manufacturer: Bauer
  • Category of Device: Farm Equipment, Irrigation System
  • Document: RAINSTAR A3 Operating Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 12-06-2023
  • Count of Pages: 36
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Bauer RAINSTAR A3 Farm Equipment, Irrigation System PDF Operating Manual (Updated: Monday 12th of June 2023 07:36:10 PM)

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Compatible devices: RAINSTAR T32 Series, XR Series, PolyMax H2-24, MR 32, RAINSTAR A1, SmartRAIN Series, Ecostar 6000, SWC.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Bauer RAINSTAR A3 Document (Main Content), UPD: 12 June 2023)
  • 34, Bauer RAINSTAR A3 Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 30 P Q K L H I M R A PE-pipe diameter x length B Max. strip length C Flow D Connecting pressure E Nozzle range F Weight incl. PE-pipe with water G Weight incl. empty PE-pipe H Overall length incl. cart I Max. width of largest track K Overall height L Length of machine without cart M Track width of undercarriage N Tires of undercarriage O Tire pressure of undercarriage P Ground clearance Q Hitch height - st…

  • 6, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 2 General instructions for safety and accident prevention Check the operational safety of the machine before every start-up. 1. In addition to the instructions contained in this manual, all specifications generally valid for safety and accident prevention must be observed! 2. The warning and instruction signs affixed to the machine give very important instructions for safe oper…

  • 17, Bauer RAINSTAR A3 Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 13 The reel starts to rewind the PE-pipe. 3.1.4 SPEED ADJUSTMENT with mechanical regulation Adjust the speed only when the PE-pipe already has been rewound by half a winding and/or when it is stretched. Slower Faster Loosen the knurled nuts (for fixation of the adjusting lever). Set the retraction speed which can be read on the speedometer (optional) by means of the adjusting lever. Then lock the adjusting lever aga…

  • 22, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 18 4 Mechanical Regulation The retraction speed is steplessly adjustable and it is set by means of the adjusting lever which is fixed with the knurled nuts after adjustment. The speed is nearly constant from the first to the last layer as well as within one layer. This is achieved by means of the laye r compensating lever resting against the PE-pipe in any position …. ... It actuates via control rods the regulating flap mounted on …

  • 18, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 14 At the end of irrigation, the ca rt is lifted automatically and the drive is shut off by means of rods. The water supply is stopped by the optional "overpressure shut-off valve". Once the PE-pipe retraction has been finished, withdraw the supports by means of the winch. Move in the reel brake before the transport. …

  • 4, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 IV General Safety Instructions Symbols and terms The CE symbol that has to be affixed on the machine by the manufacturer outwardly demonstrates compliance of the machine with the directives for machines and other relevant EU directives. This “Warning” symbol refers to important safety instructions in this manual. Whenever you see this sym bol be aware of possible injury hazards. Read the note following the symbol very carefully and inform the other operators acco…

  • 26, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 22 11 WINDING MECHANISM – STARTING POSITION Step 1: Pull off the PE-pipe and adjust the connecting bend (7) in a vertical position pointing down. Step 2: Loosen the winding chain (1) between the reel and the helically grooved spindle (2). Step 3: By turning the helically grooved spindle (2), the winding carriage (3) is moved to the right outer reversing point of the groove  value: 13 mm. …

  • 24, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 20 8 CART The high construction of the cart provides maximum crop protection. With infinitely vari able track width, the cart adapts to any crop row s pacing. For eas ier PE-pipe pull-off, the c art is equipped with a draw-out hook. You pick up this hook with the tractor's toolbar and pull-off the PE-pipe. To turn the pipe reel and to reposition the RAINSTAR A3 to a new set-up position, the cart must be pulled back to its end position. For…

  • 13, Bauer RAINSTAR A3 Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 9 Mechanical regulation: To keep the retraction speed constant on all layers independent of the pipe length still lying on the field, the RAINSTAR A3 is equipped with a layer compensating device. It is actuated by the shut-off frame that is always re sting against the PE-pipe and acts on the regulating flap of the turbine via control rods. At the end of the irrigation strip, t he cart is lifted automatically to transport position. Thereby the drive is shut-off automatical…

  • 25, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 21 10 WINTERIZATION – DRAINING In areas where frost is likely in winter after the irrigation season, the machine must be drained in time. A compressor with a minimum air capacity of 500 l/min. at 1 bar overpressure is best suited for this purpose. The small amount of water remaining in the PE-pipe after the draining will not do any harm. Turn out the drain plug on the bottom of the Ti 7 turbine. We recommend to turn it in again o…

  • 9, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 5 The safety distances indicated in the above chart are valid for a nozzle diameter of 26 mm and/or 36 mm at an operating pressure of 5 bar. For higher operating pressures the safety distances have to be increased by 2 m. The safety distances are not valid when standardized jet pipes like those of fire brigades are being used. When applying polluted water or slurry, note that a conductive layer can build up on the insulators. Th…

  • 33, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 29 15 TROUBLE-SHOOTING FAULT CAUSE REMEDY The PE-pipe cannot be pulled off. Incorrect gear shift lever position. Put it into the pull-off position. Brake shoe sticks to the reel. Loosen the brake shoe. Brake shoe has been applied Loosen the brake shoe. PE-pipe retraction stops before the final shut-off is actuated Turbine blocked by a foreign body. Remove the foreign body. Pressure drop in supply line. Check pumping station …

  • 19, Bauer RAINSTAR A3 Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 15 3.2 OPERATING MODE II: Laying down the PE-pipe In addition to the pull-off method, the PE-pipe also can be laid down on the ground. This method is mostly used in situations where heavy soil makes it im possible to pull the cart across the field or where the field is longer than once the PE-pipe length. Moreover, the laying down method allows to use smaller tractors because no pulling forces are applied on the pipe. Drive into the field with the RAINSTAR A3 taking into considerati…

  • 7, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 3 6. Liquids emerging under high pressure (hydraulic oil) may penetrate the skin and cause serious injuries! An injured person must see a doctor immediately! Danger of infection! 7. Before working on the hydraulic system t he machine must be lowered, the system depressurised and the engine turned off! Electric-driven implements 1. All work beyond normal maintenance of the implement should be performed only by a professional electrician! …

  • 31, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 27 PROGRAMMING THE RADIUS FACTOR After selecting the unit – m or km – and pressing t he SET key for confirmation, the computer changes automatically to the setting mode for the radius factor. Factory setting is 2155 mm and/or 84.8 inches. STEP 1 Set the blinking figure by means of the MODE key. Radius factor with kilometers „ 728 „ STEP 2 Confirm the setting by means of the SET key. ==…

  • 20, Bauer RAINSTAR A3 Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 16 The change-speed gearbox consists of toothed wheels that reduce the turbine speed. Reel drive stop at the end of the irrigation strip is ensured by disengagement of the toothed clutch. The gearbox in connection with the belt steps adapt perfectly to existing operating conditions. As a result the following retraction speeds (m/h) can be reached: 834 9277 12 m/h 8 - 25 m/h 18 m/h Removal of the drive cover for …

  • 11, Bauer RAINSTAR A3 Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 7 1 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS FOR THE RAINSTAR A3 1. Read this manual before putting the system into operation for the first time. 2. Never handle the PE-pipe near the machine or the machine itself during pull-off or pull-in. 3. During PE-pipe rewind with the trac tor's PTO or during pipe pull-off, always make sure that the shifting lever is in the proper position. Mor eover, the maximum permissible speed must not be …

  • 5, Bauer RAINSTAR A3 Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 1 Index GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SAFETY AND ACCIDENT PREVENTION ......................... 2 GENERAL .................................................................................................................................. 6 1 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS FOR THE RAINSTAR A3 .......................................................... 7 2 DESCRIPTION ..................................................................................................................…

  • 12, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 8 2 DESCRIPTION The RAINSTAR A3 is a universal irrigation machine for varying lengths and widths of fields and it is best suited for sprinkling seed crops and horticultures, par ks, vegetable plantations as well as any kind of grassland. The main components are a two-wheel undercarriage, the swiveling turntable and the reel with the special PE-pipe, the compact gearbox and the Ti 7-A turb ine as well as the high-rise cart that is ide…

  • 27, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 23 Step 4: By turning the helically grooved spindle, move the right guide bar to the value of "0" towards the inner reel side wall. Thereby the spindle must be turned in the direction of winding (counter- clockwise, see sketch). At this point, the winding carriage moves from the reversing point to the left (direction A). Step 5: Mount the winding chain (1), the reel remains unchanged with …

  • 35, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 31 Type RAINSTAR A3 55 - 170 63 - 125 63 - 150 A mm x m 55 x 170 63 x 125 63 x 150 B m 195 150 175 C m³ 4,8 - 20 D bar 3,2 - 8 E mm 8 - 16 F kg 792 778 855 G kg 515 512 537 H mm 3550 I mm 1730 K mm 1690 L mm 2890 M mm 1250 N 18x9.50-8 4PR O bar 1,6 P mm 180 Q mm 290 R mm 1000 - 1500 S 13x5.00/6 T bar 1,3 …

  • 29, Manual for BAUER RAINSTAR A3 25 The shut-off frame (13) is set at X mm off the reel (17) ( see below table ). The hex nut (15) on the shifting rod (16) is approached to the lever (14) of the shut-off frame. Secure the nut. Machine X mm Y mm RAINSTAR A3 45 75 X Y Set the adjusting screw (18) to the shut-off frame (13) at the value of "Y" and secure it. 12.1 TESTING THE SHUT-OFF DEVICE Put the shut-off frame (13) against the PE-pipe (last layer). Move the s…

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