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  • Manufacturer: Analytik Jena
  • Category of Device: Measuring Instruments
  • Document: SPECORD S600 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 08-05-2023
  • Count of Pages: 35
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Analytik Jena SPECORD S600 Measuring Instruments PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Monday 8th of May 2023 10:35:35 PM)

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Compatible devices: compEAct N, SPEKOL 1500, Nexus 1250, KH 3229, SPECORD 200, multi EA 4000, compEAct S, SPECORD 200 PC.

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  • 29, Care, maintenance, lamp change Changing lamps 1 2 3 4 56 1 Deuterium lamp 2 Knurled screws for fastening the deuterium lamp 3 Plug-and socket connection 4 Operating hour meter of deuterium lamp 5 Screws for fastening the halogen lamp 6 Halogen lamp Fig. 13 Open lamp compartment 8.3.4 Changing the deuterium lamp Danger! Risk of electric shock! Before changing the deuterium lamp, make sure to switch off the SPECORD ® at the power switch! …

  • 11, Analytik Jena SPECORD S600 Technical Data of SPECORD S600 Physical-optical data 3 Technical Data of SPECORD S600 3.1 Physical-optical data Technical Data SPECORD ® S 600 Optical principle High-performance diode array for UV NIR range Optics Polychromator with concave holographic grating and photodiode array (1024 pixels) Wavelength range 190-1100 nm ± 2 nm Photometric measuring range -3 to 3 A Photometric display range -4 to 4 A Wavelength accuracy (with holmium oxide filter…

  • 32, Care, maintenance, lamp change Changing fuses 30 Issue 02/2008 SPECORD ® S600 Analytik Jena AG …

  • 23, Accessories Standard cell holders 7 Accessories 7.1 Standard cell holders The standard scope of supply of the SPECORD ® includes a universal holder and a cell holder for cells of up to 50 mm pathlength. 7.1.1 Universal holder 1 Mount for cell holders or solid sample holders 2 Clamping lever Fig. 7 Universal holder Inserting the universal holder in the sample compartment Fig. 8 Installing and clamping the universal holde…

  • 3, Contents Contents 1 Introduction .....................................................................3 1.1 Intended use of the SPECORD S600 ...................................................3 1.2 Notes on the User's Manual..................................................................3 2 Safety notes .....................................................................5 2.1 Warning labels on SPECORD S600 ..........................................…

  • 31, Care, maintenance, lamp change Changing fuses 8.4 Changing fuses If the line fuses are defective, you can change them yourself. Risk of electric shock! Before changing the fuses, make sure to switch the SPECORD ® off with the power switch and disconnect the power cable from the power input connector of the device. 1. Remove the power cable from the SPECORD ® S600. 2. Open the fuse holder (→ Fig. 4 p.17)) by pulling on its lid. 3. Replace the defective line fuses. Make sure to use only the following fuse types: • T 2 AH. …

  • 6, Introduction Notes on the User's Manual 4 Issue 02/2008 SPECORD ® S600 Analytik Jena AG …

  • 13, Analytik Jena SPECORD S600 Device description and operating principle Mechanical design 4 Device description and operating principle 4.1 Mechanical design The appearance of the SPECORD ® S600 is marked by the lamp compartment on the right side, the central sample compartment that is open to three sides, and the polychromator section on the left side. 1 Lamp compartment 2 Sample compartment with carrier rails for holding accessories 3 Polychromator Fig. 1 Mechanical design of SPECORD…

  • 28, Analytik Jena SPECORD S600 Care, maintenance, lamp change Changing lamps 8.3 Changing lamps 8.3.1 Part numbers of lamps Order spare lamps from Analytik Jena AG specifying the following Part Numbers: Lamp Part No. D 2 E lamp (deuterium lamp) 820-60021-0 Halogen lamp 820-60013-0 8.3.2 Note on the service life of lamps The service life of lamps is: • Halogen lamp: > 500 h (at 5.0 V operating voltage) • Deuterium lamp: > 1000 h The service life of the lamps is reduced, if the SPECORD ® is frequently switched on and off. This particularly applies …

  • 25, Accessories Further accessories Correct Fig. 11 Correct position of the cell in the cell holder 7.2 Further accessories Optionally the following accessories are available for the SPECORD ® : • Thermostatted cell holder, water cooled • Adjustable cell holder for micro, submicro or HPLC cells • Peltier-controlled cell holder • 6-cell changer, water-cooled • 6-cell changer, Peltier-controlled �…

  • 10, Safety notes General safety regulations 8 Issue 02/2008 SPECORD ® S600 Analytik Jena AG …

  • 22, Analytik Jena SPECORD S600 Installation and start-up Switching off the SPECORD S600 6.4 Switching off the SPECORD S600 1. Exit the WinASPECT ® session using the File / Exit menu command. 2. The shut down the computer. 3. Finally switch off the SPECORD ® S600 at the power switch. Note If you have finished the measurements on the SPECORD ® S600, and you want to analyze the results on the PC, you may also switch off the SPECORD ® S600 without shutting down the comput…

  • 14, Analytik Jena SPECORD S600 Device description and operating principle Operating principle Light sources The light sources used are a halogen lamp for the VIS and infrared region and a deuterium lamp for the UV region. The lamp-selector slider serves to couple the light of either the halogen or the deuterium lamp, or the light of both lamps simultaneously into the optical path. In measurement breaks, lamp radiation is shut off by shutters. That way, it is possible to …

  • 18, Analytik Jena SPECORD S600 Transport and installation requirements Installation conditions 16 Issue 02/2008 SPECORD ® S600 Analytik Jena AG …

  • 20, Installation and start-up Connecting the SPECORD S600 6.2 Connecting the SPECORD S600 Observe correct position of device! Move the SPECORD ® only in upright position (observe label on transport case). Do not turn the device upside down. Electric shock Before connecting the SPECORD ® and the PC to line power, make sure the available line voltage agrees with the operating voltage specified on the type labels. Operation…

  • 21, Installation and start-up Start-up 2. Switch on the SPECORD ® at the power switch on the back panel of the device (→ Fig. 4 p. 17). The green "Power ON" LED on the front panel of the device starts lighting (→ see Fig. 3, Display elements on front panel, p.17). 3. In WinASPECT ® software, select the SPECORD ® – PC port: used. • Activate the Measurement / Set Parameters menu function to open the window of the SPECORD ® S600 device driver. Fig. 6 Dialog box of SPECORD ® S600 device driver …

  • 27, Care, maintenance, lamp change Care and maintenance 8 Care, maintenance, lamp change 8.1 Care and maintenance The SPECORD ® is largely free of maintenance. To ensure your laboratory certification with device validation, Analytik Jena AG offers you a service/maintenance agreement. User care and maintenance is limited to the following operations: • Cleaning of sample compartment and device casing • Lamp change • Change of line fuses You should only use spares from Analytik Jena AG. You can order consumables and wear parts by ph…

  • 2, Analytik Jena AG Kundendienst Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1 07745 Jena Phone: Hotline: + 49 (3641) 77-7407 Fax: + 49 (3641) 77-7449 E-Mail: [email protected] General information about Analytik Jena AG on the internet: Copyrights and Trademarks Microsoft, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, MS Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Publication No.: 211:502.23 Edition – February 2008 …

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