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HydroQuip 8800 BP Series Heater, Water Pump PDF Installation & Operation Manual (Updated: Tuesday 6th of June 2023 12:58:50 PM)

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Compatible devices: Master XL 6, 6000/7, 84636, TCH 2000 E, LLR33559, BES6000-HC Series, Therm Products 27-V310-7T-K, CS Series.

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  • 34, Pumps Press the “Jets 1” button once to turn pump 1 on or off, and to shift between low- and high-speeds if equipped. If left running, the pump will turn off after a time-out period. The pump 1 low-speed will time out after 30 minutes. The high-speed will time out after 15 minutes. the low-speed of pump 1 runs when the blower or any other pump is on. If the spa is in Ready Mode (See page 7), Pump 1 low may also activate fo…

  • 42, System-Related Messages program) and requires a service call. one power-up, or if it appears after the system has been running normally for a period of time. Conguration Error – Spa will not Start Up Contact your dealer or service organization. Contact your dealer or service organization. * This message can be reset from the topside panel with any button press. Memory Failure - Checksum Error* – M022 At Power-Up, the system has failed the …

  • 14, BEFORE AFTER ...connued from previous page Step #11 New Incoming Power label provided must be applied to circuit board (illustraon below) Step #12 This instrucon sheet and new diagram must be inserted in the faceplate slip if one is not currently present GFCI BREAKER #1 (208v-240v 4-Wire only) Neutral Line 1 Line 2 Ground see page 8 for breaker sizing GROUND GROUNDGROUND H L C L …

  • 36, referred to as the heater pump or main pump as the “heater pump.” The heater pump can be either a 1 or 2 speed pump. READY Mode - If the heater pump is a 2-Speed Pump 1, will circulate water every 1/2 hour, using Pump 1 Low, in order to maintain a constant water temperature, heat as needed, and refresh the temperature display. This is known as “polling.” REST Mode - Will only allow heating during programmed lter …

  • 39, READ Y R ANGE FLTR 1 Priming Mode Each time the spa is powered up, it will enter Priming Mode. The purpose of Priming Mode is to allow the user to run each pump and manually verify that the pumps are primed (air is purged) and water is owing. This typically requires observing the output of each pump separately, and is generally not possible in normal operation. Priming Mode lasts 4 minutes, but you can exit it earlier by pressing any Temp button. The heater is …

  • 35, Adjusting the Set Temperature When using a panel with Up and Down buttons (Temperature buttons), pressing Up or Down will cause the temperature to ash. Pressing a temperature button again will adjust the set temperature in the direction indicated on the button. When the LCD stops ashing, the spa will heat to the new set temperature when required. If the panel has a single temperature button, pressing the butt…

  • 20, COMPONENT CONNECTION The system is set up to have components hardwired to a terminal strip inside the upper enclosure. Liquid tight conduit must be used on all externally added field connections exposed to the weather. Route and connect the conduit to the knock-outs in the back of the lower box. The wires will then enter the bottom of the upper box through another set of knock-outs. Connect the component(s) accordingly to the correspond…

  • 27, 22 Step 4 - Connect spaside to an empty connection marked MAIN. (Fig.4) *Must align Locking Clip on spaside plug with Locking Tab on circuit board for proper function. MAIN MAIN J22 TEMP SENSORS J16 J17 J28 AUX FRZ J23 SERIAL J108 EXPANDER HTR DISBL J29 VAC Locking Clip*Locking Tab* Spaside Plug Fig.4 Circuit Board When utilizing a spaside extension cord, the clip and tab must also be aligned at all connections. Fig.5 Fig.5 Cord plugs are labeled to insure proper …

  • 32, HydroQuip 8800 BP Series Main Screen P SET R ANGE SET While the Temperature is still ashing, press Light. SE T R ANGE READY RANGE F LTR 1 Main Screen READY RANGE F LT R 1 SET READY SET 1 2 Power-up Screens Each time the System powers up, a series of numbers is displayed. After the startup sequence of numbers, the system will enter Priming Mode (See Page 4). Waiting Several Seconds in the Main Menu will allow the display to revert to the Main Screen. Most changes are not saved unless Light is press…

  • 7, The Hydro-Quip 8000 series incorporates the most advanced controls in the industry, and are designed for years of trouble free operation. However, for year round success, review these design recommendations for extreme weather areas. *For best results, review this manual completely before starting your project. Hot weather conditions Water temperatures can be elevated from high outside “ambient” temperatures. If this occurs, remove the insulating cover and add …

  • 15, 10 208V ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS CONSIDERATIONS GROUND GROUNDGROUND H L C L C L L L C L C PUMP 1 PUMP 2 BLOWER H L C OZONE 12V LIGHT L C PUMP 3 L L 120V LIGHT FIREMANS SWITCH FUSE 30A FUSE 30A J35 MAINMAIN J34 J58J53 J45 J79 J54 J77 J75 J78 J36 J12 J88 J62 J37 J4 J1 J47 J72 J42 J3 J61 J51 J52 J98 J56 J57 J55 J59 J41J60 J49 J48 Ground Line 1 Line 2 GFCI BREAKER #1 (208v-240v 4-…

  • 24, SPA LIGHT INSTALLATION 120-Volt Light Connection To offer the most flexibility, Hydro-Quip configures each 8000 Series system so that it can accept a 120-Volt light and/or 12-Volt light. A terminal block has been provided for connection Connect your light using the purposes. illustration below. GR-L1-N 12-Volt Light Connection L1-N 19 …

  • 22, PUMP CORD INSTALLATION The equipment system has been provided with a pump power cord and liquid-tight conduit assembly. This is to be used on the main 2-speed pump supplied with the system. Any other components or accessories attached to the equipment system should be attached in a similar manner. Follow the simple instructions below to quickly attach the cord assy to the pump: Cord Assy included for Pump 1…

  • 40, HydroQuip 8800 BP Series Heater-Related Messages will begin again after about 1 min. See “Flow Related Checks” below. been disabled. See “Flow Related Checks” below. After the problem has been resolved, you must press any button to reset and begin heater start up. reset the heater start-up. See “Flow Related Checks” below. Heater Flow is Reduced (LF)* – M017 There is not enough water ow through the heater to ca…

  • 16, 11KW ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS FOR SYSTEM MODEL CODES (Label located on outside of box) ES8848A ES8848B ES8848C CS8800A ES8850A ES8850B ES8850C GROUND GROUNDGROUND H L C L C L L L C L C PUMP 1 PUMP 2 BLOWER H L C OZONE 12V LIGHT L C PUMP 3 L L 120V LIGHT FIREMANS SWITCH FUSE 30A FUSE 30A J35 MAINMAIN J34 Neutral Line 1 Line 2 Ground HEATER MAIN WIRES GFCI BREAKER #1 (240v 4-Wire only) see page…

  • 46, Water chemistry maintenance information will be provided by your installer. Care should be taken to properly sanitize the water and balance the ph. Poor water conditions can cause permanent damage to heaters and pumps, that may void your warranty. Consult a local pool and spa professional for water treatment. Filters and strainer baskets should be inspected and cleaned frequ…

  • 44, HydroQuip 8800 BP Series TROUBLESHOOTING PUMP STOPS DURING TIMED CYCLE Motor overheat protection has tripped, allow motor to cool before reactivating If motor continues to overheat, have an electrician check voltage and connections. PUMP SURGES OR LOSES PRIME Check for low water level, loose lid on pump, pipe leaks on suction plumbing, debris in lter or suction ttings PUMP MAKES CAVITATION OR “GRAVEL” SOUNDS Check lter and baskets for debris overload Check gate valves for ful…

  • 26, Plus Ozone Option ▲ IMPORTANT! Plus Ozone™ generators operate at high voltage and must never come in contact with water at any time. The #42-0200 kit includes a one-way check valve that must be installed correctly to prevent the backow of water into the ozone generator. Failure to install the valve or installing the valve backwards may cause permanent damage and will void the product w…

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