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Litex AK52BNK4L Fan PDF Installation Manual (Updated: Thursday 14th of September 2023 07:55:10 AM)

Rating: 4.4 (rated by 29 users)

Compatible devices: WC42BNK5C3, ABH52BNK5C, E-GD52ABZ5C, COS52OSB5CR, ULT52AB5, CSU44HRB5C1, E-AVA52BNK5CR, UT56 3M Series.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Litex AK52BNK4L Document (Main Content), UPD: 14 September 2023)
  • 1, For models: AK52BNK4L AK52EB4L Table of Contents: Safety Tips. pg. 1 Unpacking Your Fan. pg. 2 Parts Inventory. pg. 2 Installation Preparation. pg. 3 Hanging Bracket Installation. pg. 3 Fan Assembly. pgs. 4 - 5 Wiring. pg. 5 Canopy Assembly. pg. 6 Blade Assembly. pg. 6 Light Kit Assembly. pg. 7 Testing Your Fan. pg. 7 Troubleshooting. pg. 8 Parts Replacement. pg. 8 Warranty. pg. 8 PRINTED IN CHINA READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND SAVE THEM FOR FUTURE USE net weight of fan: 16.31 lb (7.4 kg) …

  • 2, page 1 SAFETY TIPS. WARNING: To reduce the risk of electrical shock, turn off the electricity to the fan at the main fuse box or circuit panel before you begin the fan installation or before servicing the fan or installing accessories. 1. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND SAFETY INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING YOUR FAN AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. CAUTION: To avoid personal injury, the use of gloves may be necessary whi…

  • 3, a. hanging bracket. 1 piece b. canopy. 1 piece c. downrod and hanging ball (with pin & clip). 1 piece d. motor housing. 1 piece e. yoke cover. 1 piece f. glass shade. 1 piece g. blade arm. 4 pieces h. blade. 4 pieces i. hardware packs page 2 2. Parts Inventory. i 1. Unpacking Your Fan. Carefully open the packaging. Remove items from Styrofoam inserts. Remove motor housing and place on carpet or Styr…

  • 4, Litex AK52BNK4L page 3 ON OFF ON OFF 4. Hanging Bracket Installation. 3. Installation Preparation. blade edge (76cm) 30 inches 7 feet (2.13m) This fan can be mounted with a downrod on a regular (no-slope) or vaulted ceiling. The hanging length can be extended by purchasing a longer downrod (0.5in./1.27cm diameter). Other installation, such as flushmount, is not available for this fan. Installation requires these tools: Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, adjus…

  • 5, page 4 set screw hole set screw hanging ball stop pin A B pin clip NOTE: The important safety precautions and instructions appearing in the manual are not meant to cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur. It must be understood that common sense and caution are necessary factors in the installation and operation of this fan. 5. Fan Assembly. If you wish to extend the hanging length of your fan, y…

  • 6, page 5 5. Fan Assembly. (cont.) With the hanging bracket secured to the outlet box and able to support the fan, you are now ready to hang your fan. Grab the fan firmly with two hands. Slide downrod through opening in hanging bracket and let hanging ball rest on the hanging bracket. Turn the hanging ball slot until it lines up with the hanging bracket tab. WARNING: Failure to align slot in hanging b…

  • 7, page 6 7. Canopy Assembly. Temporarily raise canopy to hanging bracket to determine which 2 screws in hanging bracket align with slotted holes in canopy, and then lower canopy and partially loosen these 2 screws. Remove the other 2 screws and lock washers and set aside. Now, lift canopy to hanging bracket again, aligning slotted holes in the canopy with loosened screws in hanging bracket. Twist canopy to lock. Re-insert the other 2 sc…

  • 8, Litex AK52BNK4L page 7 9. Light Kit Assembly. Install 2 medium base 6.5 watt LED bulbs, (included). IMPORTANT: When replacing bulbs, please allow bulbs and glass shade to cool down before touching. Align grooves on glass shade with nodules on inside edge of motor housing and push up gently on glass shade. Twist glass shade to the RIGHT (clockwise) until glass shade locks into place. Pull down VERY GENTLY on glass …

  • 9, page 8 Troubleshooting. Problem: Fan fails to operate. Solutions: 1. Check wall switch to fan. 2. Verify that reverse switch is set completely in either direction. 3. Check to be sure fan is wired properly. Problem: Light kit not lighting. Solutions: 1. Check wall switch to fan. 2. Check that bulbs are installed correctly. 3. Check to be sure wires in canopy are wired properly. Problem: Fan operates but light fails.…

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