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  • Manufacturer: Niigata seiki
  • Category of Device: Measuring Instruments
  • Document: VHS-30D Instruction Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 07-08-2023
  • Count of Pages: 3
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Niigata seiki VHS-30D Measuring Instruments PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Monday 7th of August 2023 12:53:51 PM)

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Compatible devices: N-5AS, GDCS Series, SCDI S Series, EOM133 Series, GDCS-100WR, GDCP-200AA, MCD3385-0608HTN, BEVEL BOX.

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  • 1, Niigata seiki VHS-30D mm OFF ON/ZERO HOLD ADD SUB DIGITAL HEIGHT GAUGE Model No. : VHS - 30D/VHS - 60D <combined> INSTRUCTION MANUAL Thank you for purchasing the Digital Height Gauge. Please read this manual thoroughly before use for proper operation. Scribe Fine Adjust Carriage Post Fine Adjust Lock Screw Clamp Lever Base Base Reference Surface Crank Wheel [ OFF ] Button Battery Cover LCD Display [ HOLD ] Button [ ON/ZERO ] Button [ ADD+ ] Button [ SUB− ] Button Scribe Clamp Jaw Scribe Clamp Screw PART IDENTIFICATION Measuring Surface …

  • 2, OFF ON/ZERO HOLD ADD SUB OFF ON/ZERO HOLD ADD SUB OFF ON/ZERO HOLD ADD SUB OFF ON/ZERO HOLD ADD SUB 90° 90° Example using dial indicator with measurement read off the Height Gauge LCD display. Scribe Scribe Clamp Screw Scribe Clamp Screw Scribe Scribe Clamp Jaw Jaw Scribe Clamp Scribe Clamp Screw Indicator Mounting Arm 1 Example with measurement read off the Dial Indicator and LCD display of the Height Gauge. 2 INSTRUMENT ERROR WHEN USING ACCESSORY DIAL INDICATOR ( WTI-8038S ) To measure the height …

  • 3, mm OFF ON/ZERO HOLD ADD SUB mm OFF ON/ZERO ADD SUB HOLD [ ON/ZERO ] Button Surface Plate Scribe ( Figure : 1 ) ( Figure : 2 ) Clamp Lever Crank Wheel ※When using the Crank  Wheel, please hold the  Base firmly with hand. Crank Wheel Clamp Lever View from alongside display Lock Release Lock Base Fine Adjust Carriage Fine Adjust Lock Screw Clamp Lever Crank Wheel Niigata seiki Co., Ltd. 6-15-22, Tsukanome, Sanjo, Niigata, Japan, 955-0055 Tel. : +81-256-31-5670 Fax. : +81-256-39-7730 MAIL:intl.sales@…

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