Schleuniger CCM 1200 Operating Instructions Manual

Operating Instructions Manual for Schleuniger CCM 1200 Cutter (51 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Schleuniger
  • Category of Device: Cutter
  • Document: CCM 1200, File Type: PDF Operating Instructions Manual
  • Updated: 14-09-2023
  • Count of Pages: 51
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Schleuniger CCM 1200 Cutter PDF Operating Instructions Manual (Updated: Thursday 14th of September 2023 05:05:00 PM)

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Compatible devices: JII-61, 13 in. Tile Cutter, Klauke ES 32CL, TC 180B, EcoCut 3300, 29605, FBT-8800, CK0230.

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  • 17, Schleuniger CCM 1200 Schleuniger CCM 1200 17 Sikkerhedsforskrifter dansk 1. Symboler Overhold nøje de arbejder og forløb, som er markeret med dette symbol. Manglende overholdelse kan medføre døden eller alvorlige kvæstelser. Overhold nøje de arbejder og forløb, som er markeret med dette symbol. Manglende overholdelse kan medføre lette kvæstelser…

  • 2, 2 Schleuniger CCM 1200 L + H Kabeltechnik GmbH Hesselbachstrasse 13 D-75242 Neuhausen Deutschland Tel. 0049 7234 95 40-0 Fax 0049 7234 95 40-95 [email protected] Schleuniger, Inc. 87, Colin Drive Manchester, NH 03 103 USA Phone (603) 668-8117 Fax (603) 668-8119 [email protected] Schleuniger Japan, Co.,Ltd. Grand Palace Tamac…

  • 20, 20 Schleuniger CCM 1200 4. Personalens kvalifikationer För att alla instruktioner skall förstås, måste skolningen ske på användarpersonalens språk Därmed krävs att personalen har följande kvalifikationer: Montering, ibruktagning instruktion Teknisk fackpersonal, som behärkar engelska och/eller tyska samt betjäningspers…

  • 32, Schleuniger CCM 1200 32 Schleuniger CCM 1200 Operation The CCM 1200 processes cables, hoses, wires and all kinds of flat material. For the purposes of simplification however all the operating procedures in these Operating Instructions are described using a cable. The quickest way to learn how to operate the CCM 1200 is by way of a practical example. Let …

  • 42, Schleuniger CCM 1200 42 Schleuniger CCM 1200 • Tighten the nuts. • Move the upper blade up and down. The blades should just touch but not jam. • Now carry out a manual cut on thin strips of paper across the whole width of the blade. The cut should always be even and sharp. If necessary, repeat the alignment procedure until the required cutting quality is achieved.…

  • 37, Schleuniger CCM 1200 Schleuniger CCM 1200 37 Replacing the feed roll V-belts Switch the master switch off. Remove the mains plug from the power supply. The following work should only be carried out by specially trained personnel (Schleuniger representatives, the user’s trained specialist personnel). • Remove the cover for the feed roll drive.…

  • 48, Schleuniger CCM 1200 48 Schleuniger CCM 1200 Replacement Parts List Quantity Description Article number 1 Bottom blade (Fig. 15, page 39) 302.1041 1 Upper blade (Fig. 15, page 39) 302.1042 1 Bottom feed roll 302.1026 1 Upper feed roll 302.1025 1 Cable guide right (Fig. 2, page 23) 302.1047 1 Cable guide left (fig. 2, page 23 302.1048 1 Drive belt …

  • 31, Schleuniger CCM 1200 31 Replacing the mains fuse Switch the master switch off and disconnect the mains plug from the power supply. • Lever out the fuseholder with a screwdriver (Figure 9, Page 30). • Always replace both fuses: 100 VAC, 115 VAC = 2 x 3,15 A/T 230 VAC, 240 VAC = 2 x 1,6 A/T • Insert the fuseh…

  • 16, 16 Schleuniger CCM 1200 4. Kwalificaties van het personeel Om te kunnen garanderen dat alle instructies worden begrepen, dient het bedienend personeel in zijn moedertaal te worden geschoold. Daarnaast dient u zich beslist te houden aan onderstaand schema over de kwalificaties van het personeel: Montage, inbedrijfstelling, instructie Techni…

  • 33, Schleuniger CCM 1200 Schleuniger CCM 1200 33 + To restart the same programme you must first press [quantity] and [enter]. In our example we have described how you can insert the cable into the CCM 1200 . There are two other alternatives for this process which will save you time particularly in everyday use: • Insert the cable between the c…

  • 29, Schleuniger CCM 1200 Schleuniger CCM 1200 29 [enter] Each entry must be confirmed by pressing [enter]. [speed + ] [speed - ] The selected feed speed is shown in the display with a line. If you increase the feed speed the line moves to the right; if you reduce the feed speed the line moves to the left. It is not possible to alter the feed speed durin…

  • 11, Schleuniger CCM 1200 11 Norme di sicurezza italiano 1. Simboli Vogliate osservare molto attentamente lavori e decorsi, che sono contrassegnati con questo pittogramma. La non osservanza può provocare la morte o gravissime lesioni personali. Vogliate osservare molto attentamente lavori e decorsi, che sono contrassegnati con questo pittogra…

  • 44, Schleuniger CCM 1200 44 Schleuniger CCM 1200 Switching off the cable limit switch monitoring Prior to and during processing a cable limit switch checks to see whether a cable has been inserted. If there is no cable in the automatic unit, or if all the cable has been processed, then the message NO CABLE appears in the display. The monitoring c…

  • 21, Schleuniger CCM 1200 21 Machine Description The CCM 1200 automatic cutter cuts round cables, wires, hoses to any length required. The automatic unit can be programmed and operated via a user-friendly control panel. Once the CCM 1200 has been programmed it processes the material on a fully automatic basis. No settings or adjustments are required right …

  • 26, 26 Schleuniger CCM 1200 Single piece function This enables you to process single pieces via a connected pedal without pressing [run]. In addition to the control input assignment, the function is activated as follows: • Hold down both [speed] keys when switching on the automatic unit. (Or press [5], if the machine has already been s…

  • 36, 36 Schleuniger CCM 1200 Maintenance Cleaning, general The CCM 1200 is very maintenance-friendly. Because the material is only cut and not stripped virtually no dirt and dust etc. is produced. The best way to clean the casing is to use a damp cloth and a standard general purpose cleaner. Do not use any corrosive solvents. Cleaning the cutting zone Swi…

  • 43, Schleuniger CCM 1200 Schleuniger CCM 1200 43 Special Settings Unit of measure, changing the standard setting Switch the master switch off. Remove the mains plug from the power supply. The following work must only be carried out by specially trained personnel (Schleuniger representatives, the user’s trained specialist personnel). • Remove the control panel (4 or…

  • 10, Schleuniger CCM 1200 10 Schleuniger CCM 1200 4. Qualifications du personnel Afin que toutes les instructions soient comprises, la formation doit se faire dans la langue des opérateurs. Les qualifications suivantes sont donc nécessaires pour le personnel: Montage, mise en service, instruction Techniciens qualifiés qui maîtrisent l'anglais et/ou l'allemand ainsi qu…

  • 8, Schleuniger CCM 1200 8 Schleuniger CCM 1200 4. Personalqualifikationen Damit alle Instruktionen verstanden werden, muss die Schulung in der Sprache des Bedienpersonals erfolgen. Somit sind folgende Personalqualifikationen erforderlich: Montage, Inbetrieb- nahme, Instruktion Technische Fachkräfte, welche englisch und/oder deutsch sowie die Sprache des Bedienpersonals be…

  • 23, Schleuniger CCM 1200 Schleuniger CCM 1200 23 Roll gap T grip (raise, lower) Feed roll compression pressure adjustment screw Control panel Figure 1. Front view Cable guides Fuseholder Main switch Mains connection Prefeeder Input Wire Marker Figure 2. Rear view Emergency-Off switch Roll lever Thumb screw Cover with ejector shaft and plexiglass sl…

  • 7, Schleuniger CCM 1200 Schleuniger CCM 1200 7 Sicherheitsvorschriften deutsch 1. Symbole Bitte befolgen Sie Arbeiten und Abläufe, die mit diesem Piktogramm markiert sind genau. Nichtbefolgen kann zum Tod oder schweren Körperverletzungen führen. Bitte befolgen Sie Arbeiten und Abläufe, die mit diesem Piktogramm markiert sind genau. Nichtbefolgen kann zu le…

  • 14, Schleuniger CCM 1200 14 Schleuniger CCM 1200 4. Cualificación del personal La formación se deberá llevar a cabo en el idioma del personal operario para que puedan comprender todas las instrucciones. Por ello será necesario contar con el siguiente personal cualificado: Montaje, puesta en servicio, instrucción Personal técnico especializad…

  • 47, Schleuniger CCM 1200 47 Technical Data Power supply 230 / 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz 100 / 115 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz 80 VA Dimensions 67 x 26 x 33 cm (L x B x H) 26.37 x 10.23 x 12.99" (L x W x H) Weight 28 kg (61.81 lbs) Adjustable batch size 1 to 999 999 nos. Adjustable cutting length 1 to 999 999 mm (1 to 9999.99") Unit of measure mm or inch Feed spee…

  • 25, Schleuniger CCM 1200 Schleuniger CCM 1200 25 Wire Marker The Wire Marker connection enables the CCM 1200 to also receive and process control signals from an up or downline machine. This control input can be used for example for the following purposes: • Connecting a wire marker in order to receive return messages from it • Connection of a…

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