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Operation & User’s Manual for Porter NITRONOX Medical Equipment (23 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Porter
  • Category of Device: Medical Equipment
  • Document: NITRONOX, File Type: PDF Operation & User’s Manual
  • Updated: 25-01-2024
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  • 1, 10115900 Rev. N 04/2018 www.porterinstrument.com/nitronox NITRONOX USER’S MANUAL / INSTRUCTIONS …

  • 2, Manufacturer: Parker Hannifin Corporation Precision Fluidics Division Porter Instrument 245 Township Line Road Hatfield, PA 19440 USA Office 215 723 4000 Fax 215 723 5106 This product complies with the Medical Device Directive (93 / 42 / EEC). A �…

  • 3, Porter NITRONOX Nitronox ® Inhalation Analgesia System - Serial Number: Table of Contents Examination ............................................................................................................. 1 Warnings and Precautions ...........................................................…

  • 4, Porter NITRONOX IMPORTANT: READ MANUAL COMPLETELY BEFORE OPERATING THIS DEVICE Basic delivery technique is described. Also, this manual contains instructions on periodically required checks to be performed by the user. These checks are necessary to insure the proper performance of this device and its safety features. …

  • 5, WARNING: NEW OR MODIFIED INSTALLATIONS ALWAYS ASSURE THAT LINES ARE NOT CROSSED! WARNING: New or modified central supply installations - properly connected gas pipelines are absolutely essential to patient safety. The authorized distributor or contractor should provide writ…

  • 6, Porter NITRONOX SIDE EFFECTS & CONTRAINDICATIONS Note: This is not an exhaustive list. The list was prepared from published articles. Possible Side Effects of Nitrous Oxide – Oxygen Conscious Sedation: May experience nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating, euphoria, excitement, deep sedation, drowsiness, sleep, dizzines…

  • 7, Development of Nitronox Delivery Protocols It is the responsibility of the medical establishment and the medical professional to develop and establish specific delivery protocols. The Nitronox® Inhalation Analgesia System is designed to deliver a fixed concentration of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen …

  • 8, SELF-ADMINISTRATION VS. ASSIST TO SELF-ADMINISTRATION WARNING: Encourage patient to self-administer. Self-administration is a safety feature of the demand flow Nitronox in that, if for any reason the patient becomes over sedated, the patient will be unable to successfully hold the mask in a tight…

  • 9, DEMAND VALVE INSTRUCTIONS Description: The demand valve of the Nitronox Inhalation Analgesia System is designed to be used with a full face mask (Porter recommends a standard, single use, disposable mask, not supplied sterile, DEHP-free, Latex-free, with materials chosen by the manufacturer for biocompat…

  • 10, Cold Disinfecting 1. Remove the outlet adapter and the exhalation valve assembly from the demand valve assembly as described above. Clean the outlet adapter and the exhalation valve assembly using a disinfecting solution approved by your facility. (Refer to Manufacturer’s Recommendations). …

  • 11, Porter NITRONOX Installations Nitronox Main Housing, Mobile E-Stand (Fig. 1.1), Mobile Stand, Wall Mount (Fig. 1.2), Demand Valve, Corrugated Hose, Scavenger Interface Preparation of Mobile E-Stand Fig. 1.1 Also see FM-916 E-Stand User’s Instructions 1. Slide Center Column with Cylinder Restraint and Cylinder Yoke …

  • 12, Preparation of Mobile E-Stand (continued) 5. Attach the Handle (Fig. 6.1) to the Mounting Post – just under the Retaining Ring / O- ring (Fig. 6.2). Firmly tighten both screws so that the Handle cannot be twisted. The back of the Handle should be positioned over the back two cylinders (Fig.…

  • 13, Preparation of Nitronox Scavenger Parts For further details, refer to Nitronox Scavenger System User’s Manual 10152100 8. Connect the Demand Valve (Fig. 9.1) to the black Gas Delivery Hose (connected through underside of Nitronox Main Housing Fig. 9.2). This is a quick connect attachment. Pus…

  • 14, Attachment of Cylinders 12. Loosen the Tee Handle (Fig. 14.1) until point is even with the inside of the Swivel Arm. Push Tee Handle inwards to flip to open position. Align Tee Handle vertically (Fig. 14.2). 13. Undo the Hook & Loop straps on the Cylinder Re…

  • 15, Description of Unit The Nitronox ® is an inhalation analgesia system designed to deliver a fixed concentration of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen on the demand flow principle. Nitronox operates either on pipeline gas supply using a Mobile Stand or Wall Mount, or medical “E” or “D” size…

  • 17, Porter NITRONOX Specifications / Functional Features Gas Supply Duration Flow Capability Mixture Concentration “E” Size Cylinders At Normal Breathing Rates: N 2 O Approximately 6 – 6.5 Hrs. O 2 Approximately 2 – 2.5 Hrs. 114 LPM, Maximum Mixture Concentration (Factory Adjusted) 50% N 2 O and 50% O 2 …

  • 18, Porter NITRONOX Operation / Maintenance Cylinder Pressure Readings: Oxygen is a true compressed gas, while in the cylinder, thus the cylinder pressure gauge can be used to determine the amount of gas remaining in the cylinder. For example, 2000 psi indicates full, 1000 psi indicates half full, etc. Nitro…

  • 19, Porter NITRONOX Models With “E” Cylinder Yoke (Simple Operation Procedure) 1. Open one each O 2 and N 2 O Cylinder Valves with wrench provided. 2. Observe cylinder pressures. Replace cylinder when less than 300 psi (20 bar), at room temperature (21.1 ºC, 70ºF). During replacement, close all Cylinder Valves.…

  • 20, Maintenance 1. Line Pressure Adjustment: (Green Band for Model Using Mobile “E” Stand): Locate appropriate PRESSURE REGULATOR (blue lettering – nitrous oxide; green lettering – oxygen); remove 9/16” acorn nut; insert 5/32” hex socket key and adjust pressure to within green band. 2. …

  • 21, Maintenance 5. Cleaning Methods We recommend the use of an approved disinfectant for the dental / medical environment for cleaning the outside of the Nitronox, demand valve, and accessories. Do not spray disinfectant directly onto housing. Spray disinfectant into disposable towel and wipe unit thorou…

  • 22, Porter NITRONOX Troubleshooting PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION 1. Leakage at YOKE CYLINDER VALVE connection. Missing or defective yoke seal washer (models with “E” cylinder yoke); damaged pins. Replace with Porter part No. A-3399-000 (4 per Unit). 2. Low or no reading on CYLINDER G…

  • 23, CERTIFICATE OF WARRANTY THIS WARRANTY IS GIVEN IN PLACE OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR OTHERWISE. Under no circumstances shall Parker Hannifin Corporation be liable for incidental or consequential damages as those terms are d…


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