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  • Manufacturer: Atten
  • Category of Device: Multimeter
  • Document: AT6010 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 20-07-2023
  • Count of Pages: 12
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Atten AT6010 Multimeter PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Thursday 20th of July 2023 11:06:35 PM)

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Compatible devices: MS8239C, ATM3500A, MT-2019, SENTRON 7KT1681, HI 95707C, VC-11, EPM-04, PCE-DC2.

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  • 1, MFR Add: Building A29, Tanglang Industrial Zone, Xili, Nanshan, Shenzhen, 518055, P. R. China Tel: 0755-8602 1373 8602 1372 Fax: 86-755-8602 1337 http: // E-mail: [email protected] SHENZHEN ATTEN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. If you have any advice or requirements, please feedback or call 0755-86021373. Thanks for using our products, please read this manual thoroughly before operation. ATTEN INSTRUMENTS RF Microwave Instruments Therefore Microwave Components Spectrum An…

  • 2, Atten AT6010 Contents Spectrum Analyzers Near Field Sniffer Probes AZ530 3 Frequency Expander AT5000F Series 5 AT808 GSM Servicing RF Signal Generator 5 General Information 6 Symbols 6 Tilt handle 6 Safety 7 Operating conditions 8 Warranty 8 Maintenance 8 Switching over the mains/line voltage 9 Introduction 10 Operating Instructions 10 Control Elements 11 Vertical Calibration 12 Horizontal Calibration 13 Introduction to Spectrum Analysis 13 Types of Spect…

  • 3, Specifications Frequency range: 0.15~1050MHz Stability: 10ppm/year Aging: 2ppm each year Resolution of frequency display: 10kHz (5 1/2 digit) Readout accuracy: 2%* sweepwidth +5* -3 10 *CF+10kHz CF adjustment range: 0.15~1050MHz Frequency synthesize: TCXO, DDS Sweep width range: zero steps and 1-1000 MHz (1-2-5 steps) Sweep width accuracy: 10% Resolution bandwidth: 400kHz , 20kHz Video-Filter bandwidth: 4kHz Sweep tim…

  • 4, AZ530-E can measure directly in a circuit without significantly influencing the relationships in the circuit with the probe. One can, for example, measure the quantitative effectiveness of filters or other or other blocking measures. Individual pins of ICs can be identified. With this Hi-Z probe individual test points of a circuit can be connected to the 50W impedance of spectrum analyzer. The E-field monopole probe has the highest sensitivity of the three probes. It is sensitive enough to be used as an antenna for radio or TV recept…

  • 5, Atten AT6010 To view the screen from the best angle, there are three different positions (C, D, E) for setting up the instrument. If the instrument is set down on the floor after being carried, the handle automatically remains in the upright carrying position (A). In order to place the instrument onto a horizontal surface, the handle should be turned to the upper side of the Spectrum Analyzer (C). For the D position (10 inclination), the hand…

  • 6, Switching over the mains / line voltage The spectrum analyzer operates on mains/line voltages of 115V AC and 230V AC. The voltage selection switch is located on the rear of the instrument and displays the selected voltage can be selected using a small screwdriver. Remove the power cable from the power connector prior to making any changes to the voltage setting. The fuses must also be replaced with the appropriate value (see table below…

  • 7, Control Elements The front view picture of the instrument (see last page) contains numbers referred to below. (1) Screen (CRT) (2) Focus Beam sharpness adjustment. (3) Intens Beam intensity adjustment. (4) Power (Power ON and OFF) If power is switched to ON position ,a beam will be visible on the screen after approximately. The Input Attenuator consists of four 10dB attenuators, reducing the signal height before nter-ing the 1st mixer. Each attenuator is active if the push button is depr…

  • 8, Atten AT6010 the operation of the input attenuators (14) can be tested at a level of -27dBm. The spec-tral line visible on the screen can be reduced in 4 steps of 10dB each by activating the attenuators incorporated in the spectrum analyzer. Each 10dB step corresponds to one graticule division on the screen. The tolerance may not exceed 1dB in all attenuation positions. Prior to calibration ensure that all input attenuator switches (14) are released. …

  • 9, displayed. and displayed. When the frequency difference between the input signal and the LO frequency is equal to the IF frequency, then there is a response on the analyzer. The advantages of the superheterodyne technique are considerable. It obtains high sensitivity through the use of IF amplifiers, and many decades in frequency can be tuned. Also, the resolution can be varied by changing the bandwidth of the IF filters. However, the superhet…

  • 10, of two analyzers, to compare sensitivity specifications for equal bandwidths. A spectrum analyzer sweeps over a wide frequency range, but is really a narrow band instrument. All of the signals that appear in the frequency range of the analyzer are converted to a single IF frequency which must pass through an IF filter; the detector sees only this noise at any time. Therefore, the noise displayed on the analyzer is only that which is contained in the IF passband. When me…

  • 11, configuration is use for making selective and Sensitive precise measurement of frequency, by tuning to the signal and switching to zero scan. In the closed-loop configuration, the tracking generator signal is fed into the device under test and the output of the device under test is connected to the analyzer input. In this configuration, the spectrum analyzer/ tracking generator becomes a self-contained, complete (source, detector, and display) swept frequency measurement system. An internal leveling loop in the …

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