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Owner's Manual for Audiovox PRO-9900 Car Alarm (24 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Audiovox
  • Category of Device: Car Alarm
  • Document: PRO-9900, File Type: PDF Owner's Manual
  • Updated: 06-12-2023
  • Count of Pages: 24
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Audiovox PRO-9900 Car Alarm PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Wednesday 6th of December 2023 03:56:47 PM)

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Compatible devices: AA-939, Protodyne PRO-300A, Prestige Platinum 128-4629B, CA 6151, APS-997C, APS-15CL, Prestige Platinum 128-7401A, APS95BT2 - Car - Code Learning Transmitter.

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  • 1, 128-7398 1 of 24 Page 1 Model PRO-9900 Owner’s Manual IMPORTANT ! In order to provide you with the highest level of security to your vehicle, this system is equipped with selectable manual override circuitry. It is possible that you will need to override you security system if the transmitter become…

  • 2, Audiovox PRO-9900 128-7398 2 of 24 Page 2 ! Protected Push Button Valet/Override Switch ! 7-Function LED-Arm / Disarm / Zone 1 / Zone 2 / Zone 3 / Valet / Arming ! Intrusion Alert With Memory ! Instant Siren Activation ! Starter Disable Output ! Additional Engine Immobilizer Output, (Optional Relay Required) ! True Last Door …

  • 3, 128-7398 3 of 24 Page 3 known as a code grabber, which will receive and store the signal from your keychain transmitter and re-transmit at a later time to disarm your system. Your Keeloq Code Hopping transmitters will change their signal every time the button is pressed, so when a thief grabs then re-transmits your…

  • 4, Audiovox PRO-9900 128-7398 4 of 24 Page 4 " The dash mounted LED begins to flash slowly. " Parking Lights flash one time. " Siren will not sound. If the siren "chirped" three times, sometime after arming, the exclusive delayed dome light learn circuit has been programmed and the system detected…

  • 5, Audiovox PRO-9900 128-7398 5 of 24 Page 5 started. " Any mild impact to the vehicle’s glass will cause the alarm to sound a short series of warning tones. " Any strong impact to the vehicle’s glass will cause the alarm to trigger for the full 30 second alarm cycle. NOTE: If the optional interior illumination cir…

  • 6, 128-7398 6 of 24 Page 6 automatically. Open any door to suspend the automatic arming. " Parking Lights flash two times. If the parking lights flashed three times, then the alarm was triggered in your absence. Before turning the key on, examine the LED to identify which zone was triggered. &quo…

  • 7, 128-7398 7 of 24 Page 7 LED turns on solid. The system will remain in the valet mode. 3. To return to normal operation, press and release the pushbutton switch any time the ignition is on. NOTE: Always remember to return the system to normal operation. This will ensure that the vehicle remains protected at all times. …

  • 8, 128-7398 8 of 24 Page 8 Custom Code Programming Example: To Change the code from the factory pre-assigned code of 11 to “52” you would do the following: 1. Disarm the system by use of the transmitter or by use of the emergency override sequence. 2. Turn the ignition switch to the on position. 3. With…

  • 9, Audiovox PRO-9900 128-7398 9 of 24 Page 9 1. Turn the ignition key on then off. 2. Within 10 seconds, press and release valet switch three times. 3. If the chirps were on before you started, then you will hear two chirps indicat- ing they have been turned off. If the chirps were off before you started, then you will hear …

  • 10, Audiovox PRO-9900 128-7398 10 of 24 Page 10 In this mode, the pre-detect chirps will change from six pre-warning tones to a full 10 seconds of warning chirps. The full detect trigger duration will be reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. NOTE: Setting the stage of the shock sensor will be effective for one arming cy…

  • 11, 128-7398 11 of 24 Page 11 monoxide fumes which can be harmful or fatal if prolonged exposure occurs. DO NOT remote start the vehicle if it is garaged. To Remote Start The Vehicle: Press and release the programmed channel of your keychain transmitter two times within 2 seconds. The vehicle will start and rema…

  • 12, Audiovox PRO-9900 128-7398 12 of 24 Page 12 The parking lights will flash and the siren will chirp 4 times indicating the timed start mode is activated. CANCELING THE AUTOMATIC START UP TIMER To cancel the automatic start up timer do one of the following; 1. Start the vehicle manually with the use of the ignition key and depress the …

  • 13, Audiovox PRO-9900 128-7398 13 of 24 Page 13 Some of the more common uses for this channel are: # Remote Car Starter # Remote Window Closure # Remote Garage Door Interface To remotely operate the device indicated, momentarily press, or press and hold the appropriate transmitter button(s) as indicated above. ADDITIONAL REMOT…

  • 14, 128-7398 14 of 24 Page 14 set up for turbo timer during installation. Consult with your installation center to be certain this feature was activated and how long the vehicle will continue to run, 3, 5, or 10 minutes after the ignition switch is turned off. To activate the turbo timer: Anytime the engine is runn…

  • 15, Audiovox PRO-9900 128-7398 15 of 24 Page 15 unit shuts off the exhaust indication will turn off and the trans- mitter will play a melody. If text mode was selected, the screen will scroll the words Engine Running. Note Engine can be started in many modes armed, disarmed, valet, etc... The screen shown is Locked/Armed and running…

  • 16, 128-7398 16 of 24 Page 16 When the vehicle is armed, and a door is opened, or ajar, the transmitter will chirp 3 times, the lights will flash, and the display will indicate a door trigger as shown on the previous page. In the text mode the word Armed, Door Opened will appear. When the door is closed or the zo…

  • 17, 128-7398 17 of 24 Page 17 ADDITIONAL REMOTE FEATURES: The two way remote control unit allows you to access status information from the vehicle, check temperature, light the display, toggle the transmitter from beep tones to vibrate mode, initiate daily start timer, and temperature start. Selection of …

  • 18, Audiovox PRO-9900 128-7398 18 of 24 Page 18 the transmitter will emit a tone confirming the feature is active. Note: the unit will start once and run for the prescribed time. If you require more frequent starting please refer to auto start up timer mode shown earlier in this guide. NOTE: To insure accurate 24 Hour Start up, it is advis…

  • 19, 128-7398 19 of 24 Page 19 NOTE: Your system is shipped with two transmitters, 1 two way, shown on the left and the one way transmitter, shown right. The one and two way transmitters are programmed from the factory with separate lock & unlock buttons, the trunk/ key icon button operates remote st…

  • 20, Audiovox PRO-9900 128-7398 20 of 24 Page 20 (i) You can set the unit to provide a Tone, or Vibrate upon activation (j) You can set the Countdown Timer (k) You can set the Alarm Clock (l) You can set the Clock Your transmitter has a battery indicator that is shown in the upper right corner of the screen as shown left. This icon ind…

  • 21, 128-7398 21 of 24 Page 21 Throughout this manual you will find screen shots where they apply if using the two way transmitter. If using the one way transmitter while the two way transmitter is within range of the vehicle, the two way transmitter will update it's screen. Parking Meter Count Down Timer. The trans…


  • 24, 128-7398 24 of 24 Page 24 © 2005 Audiovox Electronics Corp., 150 Marcus Blvd., Hauppauge, NY 11788 128-7398 …


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