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  • Manufacturer: Spirit
  • Category of Device: Bicycle, Elliptical Trainer
  • Document: XBR95 Owner's Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 21-09-2023
  • Count of Pages: 34
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Spirit XBR95 Bicycle, Elliptical Trainer PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Thursday 21st of September 2023 05:54:35 AM)

Rating: 4.1 (rated by 23 users)

Compatible devices: ESPRIT EL455, XBU55, CG800 e, SPT0045, CE800, 161171400, 16207068000, CR900.

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  • 14, Spirit XBR95 10 Fitness Bike XBR95 HEART RATE % PROFILE The console LCD screen will display your current heart rate anytime a pulse is detected. The Bar Graph, located to the right of the LCD screen, will show your current heart rate % in relation to your projected maximum heart rate, which is determined by your age that you entered during the programming phase of any of the 10 programs. The signicance of the bar graph colors are as follows: • 50-60% of maximum is Amber • 65-80% of maximum is …

  • 15, 11 Fitness Bike XBR95 Ten innovative programs offer a variety of work-outs Heart Rate % Profile Easy-Touch Control Buttons Muscle Activation Profile Swivel Fan to keep you cool Integrated Speakers for MP3 Player Convenient cargo compartment for keys, phone, or MP3 player Large LCD with scrolling feedback and scrolling message center The console power is created by a built in generator. When you begin pedaling the Fitness Bike, the console will automatically power up. If there is no movement at the ywheel, the console will go…

  • 23, Spirit XBR95 19 Fitness Bike XBR95 1. Grasp the dumbbells with an overhand grip and arms fully extended in front of thighs; feet are spaced shoulder width apart 2. Maintain a slightly arched lower back throughout the exercise (see side view) 3. Begin the exercise by drawing your elbows up and out until there is a 90˚ bend in your elbows 4. Slowly lower the dumbbells back to the start position 5. Repeat this sequence for the duration of the strength interval DUMBBELL BENT OVER ROW There are…

  • 9, 5 Fitness Bike XBR95 1. Attach the Rear Stabilizer (7) to the Main Frame (1) with the four Hex Head Bolts (65) and four Flat Washers (84). Tighten completely with the wrench (112). 2. Attach the Seat Back (5) to the Seat Carriage (4) of the main frame. Slide a Hex Head Bolt (67) through each side, then attach a Nyloc Nut (89) to each bolt. Tighten the bolts just enough so there is no side to side play, but freedom …

  • 34, www.spiritfitness.com 2601 Commerce Drive Jonesboro, AR 72401 - Phone: 800-258-4555 - Fax: 870-935-7611 © 2011 All Rights Reserved. XBR95 Owner’s Manual 1.1 Rev. 1 …

  • 24, 20 Fitness Bike XBR95 1. Select the desired program button then press the Enter key. 2. The Message Center will ask you to enter your Age. You may adjust the age setting, using the Level Up/Down keys, then press the Enter key to accept the new number and proceed on to the next screen. 3. You are now asked to enter your Weight. You may adjust the Weight value using the Level Up/Down keys, then press Enter to continue. 4. Next i…

  • 7, Spirit XBR95 3 Fitness Bike XBR95 Important Operation Instructions WARNING!  NEVER expose this tness bike to rain or moisture. This product is NOT designed for use outdoors, near a pool or spa, or in any other high humidity environment. The operating temperature specication is 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity is 95% non-condensing (no water drops forming on surfaces).  NEVER operate this tness bike without reading and completely understanding t…

  • 25, 21 Fitness Bike XBR95 There are two customizable User programs that allow you to build and save your own workout. The two programs, User 1 and User 2, operate exactly the same way so there is no reason to describe them separately. You can build your own custom program by following the instructions below or you can save any other preset program you complete as a custom program. Both programs allow you to further personalize it by adding …

  • 10, Spirit XBR95 6 Fitness Bike XBR95 1. Slide the Computer Cable (44), Handlebar resistance control cable (148), and Hand pulse cable (133) through the bottom of the Console Mast Cover (31) and then the bottom of the Console Mast (2). Make sure the Console Mast Cover is correctly oriented (see illustration). 2. Install the Console Mast (2) into the receiving tube (make sure not to pinch cables; damage to the electronics could occur) of the Main Frame (1). Insert two Hex Head Bolts (68) and two Flat Washers (76) on each side. Insert two Hex Head Bolt…

  • 29, 25 Fitness Bike XBR95 Heart rate is important but listening to your body also has a lot of advantages. There are more variables involved in how hard you should workout than just heart rate. Your stress level, physical health, emotional health, temperature, humidity, the time of day, the last time you ate and what you ate, all contribute to the intensity at which you should workout. If you listen to your body, it will tell you all of these things. The rate of perceived exertion (RPE), also know as the Borg scale, was developed…

  • 28, 24 Fitness Bike XBR95 Heart Rate Programs The old motto, “no pain, no gain”, is a myth that has been overpowered by the benets of exercising comfortably. A great deal of this success has been promoted by the use of heart rate monitors. With the proper use of a heart rate monitor, many people nd that their usual choice of exercise intensity was either too high or too low and exercise is much more enjoyable by maintaining their heart rate in the desired benet range. To determine the bene…

  • 13, 9 Fitness Bike XBR95 Product Features Footpads Through research performed with a leading sports scientist and physical rehabilitation expert, Spirit Fitness engineering has developed a breakthrough in pedal design. Typical stationary exercise bikes are wider than a normal road bike. The reason is to allow for the braking mechanism, pulleys, drive components and plastic covers. Since the bike is wider, so is the distance between the pedals; this …

  • 20, 16 Fitness Bike XBR95 Calorie Program 1. Press the Calorie key. Press Enter to select the program. The display will prompt you through the programming. 2. If Enter was pressed, the Message Center will now be blinking a value, indicating your Age (default is 35). Entering your correct age affects the heart rate Bar Graph Display and the Heart Rate programs. Use the Level Up/Down keys to adjust, then press Enter. Your age dete…

  • 19, 15 Fitness Bike XBR95 The Manual program works as the name implies, manually. This means that you control the workload and not the computer. To start the Manual program, follow the instructions below or just press the Manual button, then the Enter key and follow the directions in the Message Center. 1. Press the Manual key, then press the Enter key. 2. The Message Center will ask you to enter your Age. You may enter your age, using the Up/Down keys, then press the Enter key to accept the new value and proceed …

  • 1, Please carefully read this entire manual before operating your new tness bike OWNER’S MANUAL Fitness Bike XBR95 …

  • 16, 12 Fitness Bike XBR95 The 1/4-mile track (one lap) will be displayed around the dot matrix window. The ashing segment indicates your progress. Once the 1/4-mile (Metric - 0.4k) is complete this feature will begin again. There is a lap counter in the message window for monitoring your distance. 1/4 Mile Track The Pulse (Heart Rate) console window will display your current heart rate in beats per minute during the workout. You must use both stainless steel sen…

  • 26, Spirit XBR95 22 Fitness Bike XBR95 Preset Programs The tness bike has seven different programs that have been designed for a variety of workouts. These ve programs have factory preset work level proles for achieving different goals. HILL This program follows a triangle or pyramid type of gradual progression from approximately 10% of maximum effort (the level that you chose before starting this program) up to a maximum effort which lasts for 10% of the total workout time, then a gradual regression of resistance back to approximately 10% of maximum e…

  • 17, 13 Fitness Bike XBR95 This is the quickest way to start a workout. After the console powers up you just press the Start key to begin, this will initiate the Quick Start mode. In Quick Start the Time will count up from zero and the workload may be adjusted manually by pressing the Level Up/ Down buttons. The dot matrix display will have only the bottom row lit at rst. As you increase the work load more rows will light indicating a harder workout. The tness bike will get harder to pedal as the rows increase. Th…

  • 3, Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 9 11 15 26 28 29 Product Registration Important Safety Instructions Important Electrical Instructions XBR95 Assembly Instructions Product Features Operation of Your Console Programmable Features Using A Heart Rate Transmitter General Maintenance Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty ATTENTION This tness bike is intended for residential use only and is warranted for this application. Any other application voids this warranty…

  • 32, Spirit XBR95 28 Fitness Bike XBR95 The console has built in maintenance/diagnostic software. The software will allow you to change the console settings from English to Metric and turn off the beeping of the speaker when a key is pressed for example. To enter the Engineering Mode Menu, press and hold down the Start, Stop and Enter keys. Keep holding the keys down for about 5 seconds and the Message Center will display Engineering Mode Menu. Press the Enter button to access the menu below: a. Key Test (Will allow you to t…

  • 22, 18 Fitness Bike XBR95 1. Hold the dumbbells at shoulder height with an overhand (palms facing forward) or neutral (palms facing one another) grip 2. Press the dumbbells straight overhead until your arms are fully extended 3. Slowly lower to the start position 4. Repeat this sequence for the duration of the strength interval DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS 1. Hold the dumbbells at shoulder height behind your head with a neutr…

  • 6, Spirit XBR95 2 Fitness Bike XBR95 Important Safety Instructions WARNING - Read all instructions before using this appliance.  Do not operate tness bike on deeply padded, plush or shag carpet. Damage to both carpet and tness bike may result.  Keep children away from the tness bike. There are obvious pinch points and other caution areas that can cause harm.  Keep hands away from all moving parts.  Never drop or insert any object into any openings.  …

  • 33, 29 Fitness Bike XBR95 Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty Fitness Bike Warranty - Effective September 15, 2010 Spirit Fitness, Inc. (Spirit Fitness) warrants all its tness bike parts for a period of time listed below from the date of retail sale, as determined by sale receipt, or in the absence of a sales receipt eighteen (18) months from the original factory shipping date. Spirit Fitness’ responsibilities include providing new or remanufactured parts, at Spirit Fitness’ option, and technical support to our…

  • 27, Spirit XBR95 23 Fitness Bike XBR95 STRENGTH This program has a gradual progression of resistance up to 100% of maximum effort that is sustained for 25% of workout duration. This will help build strength and muscular endurance in the lower body and gluts. A brief cool down follows. INTERVAL This program takes you through high levels of intensity followed by recovery periods of low intensity. This program utilizes and develops your “Fast Twitch” muscle bers which are u…

  • 30, 26 Fitness Bike XBR95 Wearing The Chest Strap 1. Attach the transmitter to the elastic strap using the locking parts. 2. Adjust the strap as tightly as possible as long as the strap is not too tight to remain comfortable. 3. Position the transmitter with the logo centered in the middle of your torso facing away from your chest (some people must position the transmitter slightly left of center). Attach the nal end of the elastic strap by inserting the ro…

  • 5, 1 Fitness Bike XBR95 Record Your Serial Number Please record the serial number of this tness product in the space provided below. Serial Number Register Your Purchase The self-addressed product registration card must be completed in full and returned to Spirit Fitness. You can also go to https://www.spirittness.com/residentialwarrantyregistration.html to register online. Thank you for your purchase of this quality group tness bike from Spirit Fitness. Your new tness bike was manufactured by one of the leading tness manufacturers in…

  • 18, 14 Fitness Bike XBR95 When you enter a program, by pressing a program key, then Enter key, you have the option of entering your own personal settings. If you want to workout without entering new settings, then just press the Start key. This will bypass the programming of data and take you directly to the start of your workout. If you want to change the personal settings then just follow the instructions in the Message Center. If you start a program without changing the settings, the default or saved settings will be used. NOTE: Age and Weig…

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