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NatComm BMS2/M Media Player PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Thursday 2nd of March 2023 09:15:52 PM)

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Compatible devices: X2O Media Player-R, BIS-6330A, HD-35, DMR HD, CQ-HX1003W, Sky+HD, MovieStation maxi t.u, DMP128MS.

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  • 9, National Communications Page 9 FLASH CARD FOLDERS You should use the BMS Dealer Control program (see page 10) to CONDITION your MUSIC and MESSAGE cards and to transfer your MUSIC Sub-Folder to the MUSIC card and your Messages (and optional High Rotation Files) to the MESSAGE card. MUSIC CARD 1) You should ALWAYS prepare your MUSIC Flash Card by using the ‘Condition Music SD Card’ facility provided with the BMS Control Program. This facility will REFORMAT the card and then create a M…

  • 19, National Communications Page 19 INSTALLATION DIAGRAM NATIONAL COM MUNICATIONS BMS-2 BMS -100V output Units 11-12/39-47 Lawrence Drive Nerang Queensland 4211 Phone (07) 5596 5128 Fax (07) 5596 5121 100V Speakers (maximum of 10) 12V/1A Power Supply A udio O ut V olum e Adjust M u s ic C a rd M usic Card M essage Card M e s s a g e C a r d 12V Power 100V 2 .5 m m P o w e r S o c ke t 3 .5 m m A u d io S oc ke t You can connect up to 10 spe…

  • 5, National Communications Page 5 FLASH CARD INFORMATION BMS2 uses TWO standard SD-HC Flash Cards to store your MP3 based Music and Messages. They must be formatted as FAT32. This is automatically done when you use the ‘Condition Flash Card’ facility provided with our BMS Dealer Control program Our unique SD card loading design allows your complete Music or complete Message programming (contained on the Flash cards) to be changed in seconds. You do not even need …

  • 12, Page 12 National Communications STEP 4 - TRANSFER HIGH ROTATION SONGS TO YOUR MESSAGE CARD If Required - The Fouth step is to TRANSFER ENCRYPTED High Rotation Files (HRF) to your SD Flash Card. You should navigate through to each ‘HRF’ that you require to be copied to the SD Flash Card and transfer them one at a time by highlighting them and then clicking the Send Icon. Note - BMS2 will only play Encrypted Files, so you should Encrypt each …

  • 4, Page 4 National Communications OPERATION BMS2 is designed to be left ON at all times. Power consumption is minimal and there are no moving parts that will wear with use. Upon connecting the supplied Power Adaptor (and after a short ‘boot up’ delay), BMS2 will begin randomly playing MUSIC FILES from your MUSIC FLASH CARD. It will also play MESSAGE FILES and (if required) HIGH ROTATION FILES sequentially from your MESSAGE FLASH CARD…

  • 6, Page 6 National Communications FLASH CARD PROGRAMMER Your MUSIC FILES and your MESSAGE FILES are transferred to the Flash Card using an SD flash card programmer. These Flash Card programmers can be built into your PC, or an external unit can connected to your PC via a USB port. Flash Card programmers are treated by the PC as a Removable Hard Drive device. Once connected to the PC, they are automa…

  • 16, Page 16 National Communications BMS2 INSTALLATION when using an Amplifier Please refer to the Installation Diagram on page 16. BMS2 provides a Stereo Line Level output, which is designed to connect direct to a separate Amplifier. The separate Amplifier is then used to power the required number of speakers (usually 100V paging/music speakers) The amplifier used should have a power rating (W), greater than the sum of the tapping setting of all speakers connected to…

  • 18, Page 18 National Communications INSTALLATION when fitting speakers direct Please refer to the Installation Diagram on page 18. Our BMS units are designed to power directly, up to TEN 100V speakers, each with a tapping setting of 1W or less. This setting will allow each speaker to provide clear background level audio. If higher volume is required on one or more speakers, then you may increase the tapping to a higher W setting, but you must …

  • 14, Page 14 National Communications TIME PROGRAMMABLE MUSIC and MESSAGE CHANGE option Our Model BMS2/T will allow you to set MUSIC FOLDERS and INDIVIDUAL MESSAGES to play on a Time Programmable Basis. You can program MUSIC FOLDERS and INDIVIDUAL MESSAGES to play : * During a specific Time Periods WITHIN a Single Day * During specific DAYS of the WEEK. * From a specified START DATE to a specified STOP DATE. With this option, you can also program the BMS2 unit to * START and STOP PLAY…

  • 8, Page 8 National Communications MESSAGE FLASH CARD Messages Play Sequentially * You can load a MAX of 250 Messages onto the Message Flash Card. * You can also load a MAX of 250 High Rotation Songs onto the Message Flash Card. MESSAGES must be located within a single folder, called MESSAGES . This folder is automatically is created on your MESSAGE CARD by using the ‘Condition Message SD Card’ facility of the BMS Dealer Control program. HIGH ROTATION SONGS must be lo…

  • 11, NatComm BMS2/M National Communications Page 11 STEP 2 - TRANSFER MUSIC FOLDER TO YOUR MUSIC CARD The second step is to TRANSFER COMPLETE FOLDERS of ENCRYPTED MUSIC to your MUSIC Flash Card. You should navigate through to each folder that you require to be copied to the SD Flash Card and transfer them one at a time by highlighting them and then clicking the Send Icon. Note - BMS2 will only play Encrypted Music Files, so you should Encrypt each folde…

  • 20, Page 20 National Communications SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions : 165w x 150d x 60h mm Weight : 415g Power Supply : 240VAC to 12VAC/1A Audio Power Output : 10W Line Out Connector : 3.5mm Mono Socket 100V out Connector : 3.5mm Stereo Socket ACMA COMPLIANCE : Supplier Number N 782 WARRANTY This device is guaranteed against defects from workmanship for a period of two years (24 months) from the date of purchase. In the event of failure, you should return the p…

  • 2, NatComm BMS2/M Page 2 National Communications PACKING LIST Your BMS2 unit is supplied with the following items : 1 x BMS2 unit 1 x 12V/1A Power Adaptor 1 x 3.5mm Audio Plug (for connection to speaker wire). 1 x 3.5mm to RCA Stereo Audio Cable (for connection to Amp). 1 x 2GB MMC/SD Flash Card (for Messages and High Rotation Songs) 1 x 2GB MMC/SD Flash Card (for Music Folders) 1 x User Guide TABLE OF CONTENTS Description -Page 3 Operat…

  • 13, National Communications Page 13 ENCRYPTION FACILITY This facility is used to ENCRYPT all MP3 based Music and Message files for use with our BMS devices. It is accessed via the Common Functions section of the BMS Dealer Control Program. The Encryption process is a demanding mathematical manipulation of your original MP3 files and can be quite time consuming. Depending on the power of your PC, this…

  • 7, NatComm BMS2/M National Communications Page 7 MUSIC FLASH CARD Music Plays Randomly Because of the large volumes of Music that will normally be used, BMS2 uses MUSIC SUB-FOLDERS on the MUSIC FLASH CARD. Each Sub- Folders can have a MAX of 250 SONGS contained within it. Up to 250 Sub- Folders can be stored on the MUSIC FLASH CARD. As BMS-2 will only play Encrypted MP3 Files, all MP3 based Music Files must be ENCRYPTED first with our Encryption program…

  • 15, National Communications Page 15 MODEM OPTION to allow DIAL IN MESSAGE or MUSIC CHANGES Our Model BMS2/M device has an internal Modem which will allow you to connect it to a telephone line so that you can DIAL IN and : 1) ADD or CHANGE a MESSAGE File 2) CHANGE the SET.TBL file This will allow you to change the frequency that a MESSAGE File should play. It will also allow you to change the Time Programming A SEPARATE USER GUIDE IS SUPPLIED WITH THIS MODEL WHICH PROVIDES FULL…

  • 3, NatComm BMS2/M National Communications Page 3 DESCRIPTION BMS2 is a High Quality Digital Message Player, designed specifically for Background Music and Messaging applications. It is designed to play a mixture of MP3 based Music and Message files, where Messages are automatically played at a User Selectable frequency. BMS-2 also allows for a separate Folder of HIGH ROTATION SONGS that can be loaded onto the MESSAGE CARD that can also be played at a User Selectable fre…

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