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  • Manufacturer: Gilera
  • Category of Device: Scooter
  • Document: Nexus 500 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 27-05-2023
  • Count of Pages: 110
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Gilera Nexus 500 Scooter PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Saturday 27th of May 2023 06:38:02 PM)

Rating: 4.5 (rated by 25 users)

Compatible devices: Runner PureJet 50, GP 800 i.e., 633721, NEXUS 300 i.e., Fuoco 500ie, Runner RSTPurejet, 633499, Runner Purejet 2007.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Gilera Nexus 500 Document (Main Content), UPD: 27 May 2023)
  • 76, 03_38 Number plate light (03_38) Loosen the two screws «D», remove the plastic cover behind the mudguard. Remove screw «E» from behind the mudguard. Remove the bulb socket. 03_39 Helmet compartment lighting bulb (03_39) Open the helmet compartment, take out the pressure mounted glass cover «F» and replace the bulb. 76 3 Maintenance …

  • 16, Setting the date function (01_09) Press the «CLOCK» button to set the «DATE» function. Press «CLOCK» for more than 3 seconds; the day digits will start to flash. Set the day using the «ODO/SET» button. Press the «CLOCK» button again and the month digits will start to flash. Set the month using the «ODO/SET» button. Press the «CLOCK» button again and the year digits will start to flash. Set the year using the «ODO/SET» button. WARNING TO K…

  • 71, Power: 12V - 55W Quantity: 2 Front headlights bulb Type: ALL GLASS Power: 12V - 5W Quantity: 2 Direction indicator bulb Type: Spherical Power: 12V - 10W Quantity: 4 Tail light and stop light bulb Type: Spherical, double filament Power: 12V - 21/5W Quantity: 1 License plate light bulb Type: All glass Quantity: 1 Power: 12V - 5W Helmet compartment light bulb Type: Cylindrical Quantity: 1 Power: 12V - 5W 71 3 Maintenance …

  • 14, Gilera Nexus 500 Digital lcd display (01_07) A = «SERVICE» maintenance icon B = «BELT» maintenance icon C = Battery Icon D = Miles/gallons icon E = Fuel gauge F = 3-digit display G = Miles per hour icon H = Total odometer indicator I = Partial odometer indicator L = Km/h - Km/l indicator M = 5-digit display N = Fuel consumption and autonomy gauge O = Maximum speed indicator P = Mean speed/consumption Q = Water temperature gauge 14 1 Vehicle …

  • 65, CAUTION DO NOT REVERSE THE POLARITY: RISK OF SHORT CIRCUIT AND DAMAGE TO THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. Checking the electrolyte level The electrolyte level must be checked frequently and must reach the maximum level. To restore such level, use only distilled water. If water refilling is required too fre- quently, check the vehicle electric system since the battery works overloaded and can be damaged very quickly. WARNING DO NOT DISCONNECT THE BATTERY CABLES WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING, THIS CAN CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO THE VEHICLE ELECTR…

  • 12, Gilera Nexus 500 01_05 Indicator unir (01_05) A = Emergency flashing light indicator (4 direction indicators) B = Light indicatorp C = Upper beam indicator D = Emergency stop light/side stand lowered 12 1 Vehicle …

  • 43, Gilera Nexus 500 WARNING AFTER A LONG DISTANCE COVERED AT THE MAXIMUM SPEED, DO NOT STOP THE ENGINE IMMEDIATELY, BUT LET IT RUN AT IDLE FOR A FEW SECONDS. WARNING TAMPERING MAY CAUSE SERIOUS ENGINE MALFUNCTION. Difficult start up In the rare case of flooding the engine, to facilitate start-up, it is possible to try to put the scooter into action with the gas hand grip partially or completely open. It is however necessary, once the engine is started, to take your vehicle to an Authorised Piaggio- Gilera Service Centre to determine the causes…

  • 56, CAUTION THE USE OF TYRES OTHER THAN THOSE INDICATED MAY CAUSE INSTABIL- ITY. IT IS HIGHLY ADVISABLE TO USE ORIGINAL PIAGGIO TYRES. Characteristic Front tyres Bridgestone 120/70-R15" Tubless 56H - Battlax TH01 Rear tyres Bridgestone 160/60-R14" Tubless 65H Battlax TH01 Tyre pressure (front wheel) Front wheel: 2.1 bar Tyre pressure (rear wheel) Rear wheel: 2.3 bar Tyre pressure (rear wheel with rider and passenger) Rear wheel (rider and passenger) 2.5 bar 56 3 Maintenance …

  • 108, Vehicle and brake test - road test RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS TABLE Product Description Specifications AGIP GEAR 80W-90 Oil for speed gearbox SAE 80W-90, API GL-4 mineral multigrade oil AGIP CITY HI TEC 4T Oil to lubricate flexible transmissions (throttle control) Oil for 4-stroke engines AGIP GP 330 Grease for brake levers, throttle White calcium complex soap-based spray grease with NLGI 2; ISO-L-XBCIB2 AGIP CITY HI TEC 4T Engine oil SAE 5W-40, API SL, ACEA A3, JASO MA Synthetic oil AGIP BRAK…

  • 89, Height 1045 mm Saddle height 780 mm Wheelbase 1515 mm Fuel supply Electronic injection with electric fuel pump. Exhaust muffler absorption-type exhaust muffler with catalytic converter. Electronic ignition inductive, high efficiency integrated with the injection system, with variable timing and separate HV coil. Lubrication Engine lubrication with trochoidal pump (inside the crankcase), oil filter and pressure adjustment by- pass. Cooling Forced fluid circulation, with engine driven pump; 3 way thermostat with head intake. Tr…

  • 29, 180 W 01_29 01_30 The saddle (01_29, 01_30) To lift the saddle and get access to the helmet compartment, insert the key in the key switch «A». With the key set to «OFF», push it and turn it counterclockwise to the «SADDLE OPENING» position. Opening the saddle to access the helmet compartment by remote control When the key is in «LOCK» or «OFF» position you can open the saddle using the remote control. The saddle cannot be opened only when the key is set to "ON". 29 1 Vehicle …

  • 5, INDEX VEHICLE...................................................................................... 7 Dashboard................................................................................ 9 Instruments............................................................................... 11 Indicator unir............................................................................. 12 Clock..........................................................................…

  • 66, Gilera Nexus 500 WARNING SPENT BATTERIES ARE HARMFUL FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. COLLECTION AND DISPOSAL SHOULD BE CARRIED OUT IN COMPLIANCE WITH CURRENT REGULATIONS. Long periods of inactivity Battery performance will decrease if the scooter is not used for a long time. This is the result of the natural phenomenon of battery discharging, and may be due to residual absorption by scooter components with constant power consumption. Poor battery performance may also be due to environmental conditions and the cleanliness of the terminals. One of the following proce…

  • 25, WARNING SHOULD THE ENGINE START WITH THE RED KEY (WITH TRANSPONDER OFF), OR IN THE EVENT OF WRONG OPERATION DURING PROGRAMMING, REPEAT THE PROCEDURE FROM THE BEGINNING. 01_24 01_25 Saddle opening remote control (01_24, 01_25) The vehicle is fitted with a key operated via remote control to open the saddle. This remote control is supplied together with the «MASTER» key and it has been pro- grammed to control the opening device control unit at the manufacturing stage. A maximum of 7 keys ope…

  • 13, 01_06 Clock (01_06) Pressing the button«CLOCK» less than 1 second displays the following sequence: • TIME • DATE • TOTAL/PARTIAL To set the clock push and hold the «CLOCK» button for longer than 3 seconds. The numbers showing the hours will begin flashing. Set the hours with the «ODO/SET» button. Push the «CLOCK» button again and the minutes numbers start flashing. Set the minutes with the «ODO/SET» button. Press the «CLOCK» button agai…

  • 18, Locking the steering wheel Turn the handlebar to the left as far as it will go, turn the key to position «LOCK» and remove the key. Releasing the steering wheel Reinsert the key and turn it to «OFF». CAUTION DO NOT TURN THE KEY TO «LOCK» OR «OFF» WHILE RIDING. 01_12 Switch direction indicators (01_12) Lever towards "S" = Left turn indicator is switched on; Lever towards "D" = Right turn indicator is switched …

  • 11, 01_04 Instruments (01_04) A = Twin scale speedometer (km/h and mph) B = Rpm indicator C = Engine control warning light and injection system failure warning light * D = Low fuel warning light M = Low oil pressure warning light F = Turn indicator warning light G = Antitheft device LED H = LCD Display I = «Odo/Set» button L = «Clock» button M = «Mode» button Q = Remote «Mode» button * See Engine stop section 11 1 Vehicle …

  • 61, 03_19 03_20 Cooling fluid level (03_19, 03_20, 03_21) The engine cooling takes place through a forced fluid circulation system. The cooling circuit contains around 1.8 lt. of cooling fluid consisting of a mixture of 50% deminer- alised water and ethylene glycol and corrosion inhibitors based anti-freeze solution. Recommended cooling fluid, which is supplied with the fluid already mixed and ready for use. For the engine to function correctly, the coolant temperature should be be- tween the 4th and the 7th line of instrument «B» located on the inst…

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