Sunshine Jones SE-02 Operation & User’s Manual

Operation & User’s Manual for Sunshine Jones SE-02 Synthesizer (40 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Sunshine Jones
  • Category of Device: Synthesizer
  • Document: SE-02, File Type: PDF Operation & User’s Manual
  • Updated: 12-12-2023
  • Count of Pages: 40
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Compatible devices: XOXIO I/O, 707, CM-MIDI, Piano Plus HP-30, SEWASTOPOL, Symphony, Electronic keyboard, HEDRA 500 Series.

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  • 27, [15] LAST STEP 1-16 Specifies the step that is played last [16] TEMPO 40-300 Specifies the tempo for internal sync SEQUENCE PARAMETER SETTINGS 1. Press the NOTE button and GATE button to make them light 2. Use the [1] - [3] buttons to select a parameter, and use the VALUE knob to edi…

  • 22, LFO LFO is an acronym for Low Frequency Oscillator. The frequency of the modulation source changes so slowly that if functions as an influence over volume, filter frequency, and other non audio rate aspects of voltage control. The SE-02 offers LFO control over the filt…

  • 29, CHANGING THE NUMBER OF REPETITIONS 5. Press the PTN button to make it blink. 6. Use the VALUE knob to select the part whose number of pattern repetitions you want to change. 7. Use the [0] - [9] buttons to enter the number of repetitions. • Pressing the INS button …

  • 16, XMOD The XMOD section is were you select how cross modulation will be applied. Cross Modulation is described as XMOD (the X is a cross, and MOD is short for modulation) and also frequency modulation. Frequency modulation is a vital component to analog sound design, and v…

  • 18, FILTER/ENVELOPES FILTER These settings determine the brightness and thickness of the sound. Here you can also specify the time- varying change (filter envelope) for the filter and the time-varying change (amp envelope) for the volume. The filter is a 24dB/ octave ladder de…

  • 34, Sunshine Jones SE-02 TRIGGER The SE-02 offers a TRIGGER IN and TRIGGER OUT connector on the back of the synthesizer. This serves as a method of interacting with various other clock and rhythm sources and the internal sequencer of the SE-02. TRIGGER IN This is for connecting an external pattern or clock source to con…


K8SLI-ESATA2, Gigaset E360, Iridium GO!, 32
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