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  • Manufacturer: Avaya
  • Category of Device: IP Phone, Recording Equipment
  • Document: 2420 End User Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 12-09-2023
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Avaya 2420 IP Phone, Recording Equipment PDF End User Manual (Updated: Tuesday 12th of September 2023 08:27:28 AM)

Rating: 4.6 (rated by 38 users)

Compatible devices: G11, one-X Deskphone 16-300703, 1692, 9641, 1120E, 5620SW + EU24, IP Office 3.0, 9630 Deskphone Edition.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Avaya 2420 Document (Main Content), UPD: 12 September 2023)
  • 2, 2420 Digital Telephone End User Guide | 2 | Page Table of Contents About Your Telephone ........................................................................................................................................... 3 Overview ............................................................................................................................................. 3 Support for Call Center Users ..................................................…

  • 3, 2420 Digital Telephone End User Guide | 3 | Page About Your Telephone Overview The 2420 Digital Telephone is a multi-line digital telephone for use with an Avaya MultiVantage™ software 1.1 or later. It is designed to put convenient features and capabilities at your fingertips, including: • an easy-to-read screen - that allows you to view call appearance/feature button labels, the call log, speed dial lists, and call identifier information. • a flexib…

  • 4, Telephone Components Refer to the figure below to familiarize yourself with your telephone screen display, buttons, and programmable features. 1) Call appearance/feature buttons - For accessing incoming/outgoing lines and programmed features. An underscore indicates the currently selected call appearance. 7) Dialpad - Standard 12-button pad for dialing telephone numbers. 2) Display - This area shows the Home, Speed Dial, Call Log, and Options screens. 8) Speaker button - For …

  • 5, The Home Screen The Home screen, which consists of three pages, displays the available call appearance/feature buttons, caller ID information, the current date and time, softkeys, and information provided by the Avaya call processing system. In general, you use the Home screen to perform standard call handling. When the telephone is operating in normal display mode, eight call appearance/feature buttons are displayed on each page of the Home screen. Note: In Call Center Mode, 12 call appearance/feature button labels are displaye…

  • 6, identified by default labels a, b, c, etc., where a represents call appearance/feature button 1. The buttons in the right column run from 5 through 8. If Call Center mode is enabled, call appearance/feature buttons 17 through 20 (identified by default labels q, r, s, t ) are also displayed (with abbreviated labels) along the bottom of the screen. When you receive or make calls, the available call identification information is displayed where the date and time a…

  • 7, 2420 Digital Telephone End User Guide | 7 | Page Conventions Conventions Used in the Procedure Descriptions LWC CnLWC AutCB Timer Information that is offset represents the display screen. The second line appearing on the display will most likely list the features you can access with the softkeys. {handset tones} The tone that appears in curly quotes after a step, such as {dial tone}, indicates what you should hear from your handset (or speakerphone) after successfully performing that step. Special Instructio…

  • 8, Avaya 2420 Message Your Message light goes on when a caller has left a message for you. You can then follow your local message retrieval procedures to get your message. Speakerphone Allows you to place and answer calls without lifting the handset. Use any time you prefer hands-free communication, both speaking and listening, or for group conference situations. Speed Dial Screen Allows you to store up to 104 speed dial entries in your personal telephone directory for quick dialing access to those numbers. Redial Automatically red…

  • 9, 4. Hang up. To park a call at your extension (for retrieval at any extension) when a Call Park button is not administered: 1. Press . 2. Enter the Call Park code *6. 3. When you hear confirmation tone, hang up. To retrieve a parked call from another extension: 1. Pick up the handset or press . 2. Dial the Answer Back code #6. 3. When you hear a dial tone, dial the extension at which you parked the call. If returning to a ca…

  • 10, Send All Calls To send all calls (except priority calls) and automatic callbacks immediately to coverage: 1. Press the Send Calls button (while on-hook). or, Dial the Send All Calls code *3 (while off-hook) 2. Listen for confirmation tone. Note: You hear confirmation tone only when you use a feature access code. To cancel Send All Calls: 1. Press the Send Calls button again (while on-hook). or, Dial the Send All Calls Cancel code #3 (while off-hook). 2. Listen for confirmatio…

  • 11, Avaya 2420 The most recent call is displayed in the top-most position of the first page. When the log is full (that is, 100 calls), the log automatically deletes the oldest call information to allow for continuous logging without interruption. In addition, you can delete specific entries from the Call Log Detail screen. Note: Every time you access the Call Log Summary screen to view the information in the call log, the counter displaying new cal…

  • 12, Avaya 2420 The number displayed in the upper left corner of the screen indicates the position of this call in the log summary. The call type (that is, Answered, Un-answered, or Outgoing) is displayed in the upper right corner. Working in the Call Log Detail Screen Working in the Call Log Detail Screen To Press Make a call to the entry displayed The Call softkey View the next call log entry > View the previous call log entry < Remove the selected entry The Delete softkey Save the selected entry a…

  • 13, Avaya 2420 o The Call Log Detail screen for this entry is displayed. 4. Press the Delete softkey. o The entry is deleted from the Call Log. Message To retrieve your messages: Note: Your Message lamp turns on when a caller has left a message for you. 1. Press the button to retrieve your messages, then follow the prompts. Note: Certain features must be programmed by your system manager to activate the Message button. Please s…

  • 14, When you have created a speed dial list, the Speed Dial screen displays the saved entries in alphabetical order. A single page displays eight entries. You can make a call directly from this screen by pressing the button associated with a displayed entry. The figure below shows a sample Speed Dial screen. In addition to placing calls from the Speed Dial screen, you can add entries, delete entries, and make changes to save…

  • 15, Avaya 2420 Quick Access to Speed Dial Entries When you access your speed dial list to select, edit, or delete entries, you can use the index feature to locate a specific entry quickly. For example, press 1 on the dialpad to move directly to the beginning of the list. You can use keys 2 through 9 on the dialpad to locate entries beginning with the letters that correspond to these keys. For example, press 3 to locate the first entry that begins with the letter "D." If no entries begin with the letter "D," th…

  • 16, To save your entries and return to the Speed Dial screen, press the Save softkey. To continue without saving your entries, press the Cancel softkey. To return to Page 1 of the Home screen without saving your entries, press . 7. Repeat Steps 2 through 6 to add more entries. To make a call to a personal directory entry using the Speed Dial feature: 1. From the Home screen, press the SpDial softkey. o The Speed Dial screen is displayed. 2. Press the button next to the entry you want to ca…

  • 17, Avaya 2420 Redial To redial the last number that you dialed: 1. Press . Tones and Their Meanings The tables below describe the defaults for each ringing and feedback tone. Check with your system manager to verify if the descriptions in the Meaning column are accurate for your system. Ringing Tonesare produced by an incoming call. Ringing Tones Rings Meaning 1 ring A call from another extension. 2 rings A call from outside or from the attendant. 3 rings A …

  • 18, 2420 Digital Telephone End User Guide | 18 | Page There is no dial tone. 1. Check with your system manager to be sure your telephone is administered correctly. 2. Make sure the handset and line cords at your telephone are securely connected at both ends. 3. Find a working telephone of the same type as your own. Unplug this telephone from its modular wall jack. Plug your telephone into that jack and check if it gets dial tone. 4. If your telephon…

  • 19, 2420 Digital Telephone End User Guide | 19 | Page off-hook When the headset is activated, the handset is removed from the cradle (for example, when you lift the handset to place or answer a call), or speaker is on. on-hook When the headset is not activated, the handset is left on the cradle, and the speaker is off. party A person who places or answers a call. personal list One of the four types of Abbreviated Dialing lists; programmable by the system …

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  • Page 1 of 35 z Please read this manual before using your phone. z All illustrations in this user manual are for illustration only and may not accurately depict the actual phone. z We operate a policy of continuous development and reserve the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this manual without prior notice. ...

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