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Sea Quest Pro QDi3 Diving Instrument PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Tuesday 31st of October 2023 08:32:41 PM)

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Compatible devices: NEPTUNE SPACE, DataMax Sport, MEGA 4.5 DD, LX Wing Series, Apeks Regulator, INCURVE, SF2 ECCR, NS117121.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Sea Quest Pro QDi3 Document (Main Content), UPD: 31 October 2023)
  • 22, Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 21 WARNING: Do not rely on the i3 Control Unit as the only means to inate your BC. It is important to practice the technique for orally inating your BC so that you are prepared for any type of malfunction or out of air situation that could render the i3 Control Unit inoperable. You may otherwise be unable to achieve positive buoyancy in an emergency, which c…

  • 27, 26 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual CAUTION: Before rinsing, ensure that the i3 Control Unit is pressurized with air. This will prevent debris and contaminants from entering the valve mechanism if the lever is accidentally lifted. POSTDIVE CARE & MAINTENANCE c) Completely drain the bladder of water, either through the Flat E-Valves or the multiport. d) Inate the BC, and allow it to dry…

  • 21, 20 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual Secure the oral inater snugly with the ap/hook & loop. Power Ination with the i3 Control Unit For the power inator to operate, the MP inator hose must be connected (see “Routing and Attaching the MP Inator Hose”, p. 10). After the hose is attached to the i3 Control Unit, pressurize the rst stage regulator by slowly opening t…

  • 2, Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 1 WARNINGS indicate a procedure or situation that may result in serious injury or death if instructions are not followed correctly. CAUTIONS indicate any situation or technique that will result in potential damage to the product, or render the product unsafe if instructions are not followed correctly. NOTES are used to emphasize important points, tips and reminders. WARNING: This manual provides essential instruction for th…

  • 11, 10 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual Routing & Attaching the MP Inator Hose 1. After attaching the BC and regulator to a cylinder, make sure the bladder is completely deated (see Deation Methods, p. 21). 2. Route the MP hose down the back of the BC along the cylinder and through the hook & loop hold-down. If needed, adjust the hook & loop hold- down to the desired size. 4. Remove the dust cap on the quick disconnect plug on the i3 control unit. 5. Grab the hose grip …

  • 17, 16 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual Non-releasable Weight To supplement the releasable weight, the Pro QDi3 is designed to carry non-releaseable weight in two xed pock- ets located on the backside of the back pad. The maximum amount of weight that each pocket can hold depends on the BC size. Refer to the chart below: To install weight into the non-releasable weight pockets, simply disconnect the buckle, open the hook & loop reten- tion ap, then slide in the weigh…

  • 7, Sea Quest Pro QDi3 6 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 3. Check to ensure the o-ring is present and in good condition, and screw the threaded end of the hose into the port. Tighten to 40 in/lbs (46 kg/cm) with a 9/16" wrench. Note: The terms “hook”, “loop” and “hook & loop” are used through- out this manual. Hook & Loop is commonly known as Velcro®, which is a trademarked brand of hook & loop. Many of the BC’s components have hook &a…

  • 8, Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 7 Note: BC cylinder bands adjust for all standard cylinder diameters: 6.9" (17.5 cm), 7.25" (18.5 cm), and 8.0" (20.3 cm). The cylinder bands are properly threaded to the buckles when the BC leaves the factory. If rethreading is necessary, follow the procedure in the next section: Threading the Cylinder Band. 1. Remove the free end of the cylinder band from outer slot on the buckle. 2. Wet the cylinder band and then slide it over the cylinder so that the …

  • 29, 28 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual Purchase Date Store Name Serial # Date Dealer Name City, State Tech Initials ANNUAL SERVICE & INSPECTION RECORD Note: Serial number is located under oral inator hold-down …

  • 13, 12 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual NOTE: The weight pouches are specially pre-formed to t the contour of your waist. Do not attempt to bend or straighten a pre-formed pouch. WEIGHT INTEGRATION FEATURES The Pro QDi3 features the SureLock™ (SL) weight system. With the SureLock™ system, weight pouches are secured with a mechanical locking mechanism, as opposed to a hook & loop attachment used on other models. The SureLock™ weight system either supplements or replaces a conventional weight belt. This un…

  • 5, Sea Quest Pro QDi3 4 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual General Precautions & Warnings Before using this buoyancy compensator (BC), you must receive instruction and certication in SCUBA diving and buoyancy control from a recognized training agency. Use of SCUBA equipment by uncertied or untrained persons is dangerous and can result in injury or death. Read this owner’s manual completely before attempting to use your BC, and become familiar with it rst in a controlled environmen…

  • 10, Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 9 NOTE: This nal threading step is done when the BC is secured to the cylinder (refer to step 4, p. 7). Close the buckle halfway to prevent the webbing from slipping and thread the free end of the band through the open slot in the end of the buckle. WARNING: The use of oversized twin set ups can lead to a dan- gerous situation underwater, including your inability to achieve …

  • 23, 22 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual CAUTION: The proper function of the overpressure relief valve is vital to prevent damage to the BC bladder. Unauthorized service or tampering may render these valves inoperable, and could cause the bladder to leak or burst. This type of damage is not repairable, and is not covered under warranty. WARNING: Most training agencies recommend that you descend in an upright, feet-rst position, in order to maintain a slower and more controlled descent. This is especially true if you expe…

  • 15, 14 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual b a CAUTION: Aqua Lung/SeaQuest strongly recommends that you do not attempt to don your BC when it is fully loaded with weight. You may otherwise risk injury due to muscle strain or a temporary loss of balance. Surelock™ Weight Pouch Installation The pouches are installed with the smooth panel facing outward (pouch ap facing toward the BC). WARNING: Before every dive, it is important to make sure each weight pouch is secure, in order to prevent the pouches from falling out. Involuntary …

  • 16, Sea Quest Pro QDi3 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 15 Releasing Weight Pouches Unlike a weight belt, which has only one release mecha- nism, each weight pouch is connected to the BC indepen- dently of the other and must be released separately. This provides you with the option of being able to jettison one pouch at a time, thereby maintaining better control of your ascent rate in an emergency. In the e…

  • 31, Pro QDi3 Buoyancy Compensator Owner’s Manual 23 4 0 C ous teau C ou r t • V ist a , C A • 9 20 81 (76 0) 5 97- 5 0 0 0 • w w w. aqualun g.c om © 2006 Aqua Lung International Literature PN 18347 Rev 11/2006 …

  • 28, Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 27 DEALER INSPECTION & SERVICE 1. It cannot be assumed that the BC is in good working order on the basis that it has received little use since it was last serviced. Remember that prolonged or improper storage can still result in internal corrosion and/or deterioration of o-ring seals and valve springs, as well as bladder seam degradation. 2. It is imperative that you obtain pr…

  • 26, Sea Quest Pro QDi3 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 25 WARNING: If you can hear any leaks, or if the bladder begins to deate within 5-10 minutes, DO NOT attempt to use the BC until it has received service from an authorized dealer. WARNING: Loss of the releasable weight pouches can occur if they are not properly secured. Involuntary release of both weight pouches can cause a sudden increase in buoyancy causing a rapid ascent, and could lead to serious injury or death due to arterial gas embo- lism, decompression …

  • 30, Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 29 WARRANTY INFORMATION WARNING: It is dangerous for untrained and uncertied persons to use the equipment covered by this warranty. Therefore, use of this equipment by an untrained person renders any and all warranties null and void. Use of SCUBA equipment by anyone who is not a trained and certied diver, or receiving training under the supervision of an instructor, could lead to serious injury or death. This warranty gives you specic legal rights. Y…

  • 18, Sea Quest Pro QDi3 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 17 WARNING: The non-releasable weight pockets are intended strictly for containing non-releasable weight, used in addition to releasable weight. Do not ll either pocket with weight unless you are certain you can achieve positive buoyancy at depth by releasing your weight pouches or weight belt while your BC is completely deated. DONNING & ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURES 1. Remove the weight pouches from the BC. 2. Loosen and …

  • 19, Sea Quest Pro QDi3 18 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual INFLATION METHODS Oral Ination The oral ination tube is located under the ap/hook & loop on the left shoulder of the BC. To orally inate your BC, pull down on the mouthpiece to fully extend the oral ination tube so that there are no kinks in the tube. NOTE: Adjusting the shoulder straps too tightly will transfer the cylinder weight from the hi…

  • 12, Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 11 NOTE: The Pro QDi3 is equipped with a longer than normal MP in- ator hose. It is very important to use the inator hose provided with the BC (if the hose is too short it will not reach the i3 control unit. Hose lengths are as follows: XS/S – 27 inches (pn 24827 — red) M/ML/L – 33 inches (pn 24833 — light blue) XL – 36 inches (pn 24836 — blue) XXL – 40 in…

  • 3, 2 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual CONTENTS QUICK REFERENCE 3 SAFETY INFORMATION 4 General Precautions & Warnings 4 BASIC SETUP 6 Attaching the MP Hose to the First Stage 6 Securing the BC to the Cylinder 7 Threading the Cylinder Band 8 Double Cylinder Setup 9 …

  • 24, Sea Quest Pro QDi3 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 23 The Pro QDi3 has two grommet holes located at the top of the left pocket. These holes are designed to accept many of the specialty knives available from Aqua Lung. For information on available knife models, consult with your Aqua Lung retailer. To attach the knife, refer to the instructions that come with the knife. Knife Attachment SPECIAL FEATURES Octo Pocket™ The Pro QDi3 features an Octo Pocket™ which allows you to ea…

  • 9, Sea Quest Pro QDi3 8 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual Step 4: Insert band through the inside slot. Step 5: Insert band through the outer slot. WARNING: The cylinder band will initially stretch as it becomes wet. Always wet the band before making the nal adjustment; apply enough tension to ensure that the cylinder is completely secure. Test this connection before every dive. If the cylinder slips free from the BC during the dive, you may lose your air supply…

  • 14, Sea Quest Pro QDi3 Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 13 Fig. 1 w b c 2. Lift up each pouch’s ap (Fig 1a), and lay it back over the handle (Fig 1b). While holding the pouch fully open, insert the weight and then close the ap. When each pouch has been loaded with weight, rmly run your hand over the aps to securely fasten the hook & loop (Fig 1c). TOP TOP TOP TOPTOPTOP TOP Installing weight in the large weight pouch The procedure for loading the large weight pouch is the same …

  • 4, Pro QDi3 BC Owner’s Manual 3 QUICK REFERENCE Accessory D-rings (5) Chest Strap Oral Inator Swivel Buckle Pull Knob SureLock Weight System Cummerbund Waist Buckle i3 Control Unit Lever MP Hose w/Hose Grip Knife Attachment Grommets Flat E-Valve Multiport MP Hose Hold-down Traction Pad Flat E-Valve Carry Handle Positioning Strap Cylinder Band …

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