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  • Manufacturer: Hoover
  • Category of Device: Vacuum Cleaner
  • Document: Vortex Pro 5231, File Type: PDF Manual 
  • Updated: 31-07-2023
  • Count of Pages: 20
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Hoover Vortex Pro 5231 Vacuum Cleaner PDF Manual  (Updated: Monday 31st of July 2023 09:04:05 AM)

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Compatible devices: Globe, E1, S5620, CH50015, CH86000, UH70600RM, RUSH, Hydropower.

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  • 3, 3. Features: 1. Handle 2. On/Off Button Power Control Button 3. Battery Release Button 4. Handvac Release Button 5. On/Off Button (Handvac) Power Control Button (Handvac) 6. Dust Canister Release Button 7. Power Indicator 8. Handvac Dust Canister 9. Dust Release Button 10. Diverter 11. Diverter Dust Canister 12. Powerhead …

  • 4, Hoover Vortex Pro 5231 4. Before You Begin This cleaner must be operated in accordance with these instructions and used only for domestic household cleaning to remove DRY dirt and dust from household carpets, flooring, walls and fabrics. This cleaner is not fit to be used as an industrial cleaner hence will void the manufacturer’s warranty if used inappropriately. Please …

  • 5, 5. When using your vacuum cleaner, basic precautions should always be observed, including the following; 1. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concer…

  • 6, Hoover Vortex Pro 5231 6. 16. Before vacuuming, remove any large or sharp objects from the floor or cleaning surface in order to prevent damage to the filter. 17. If the air inlet or floor head is blocked, switch off the cleaner straight away. First, clear the blocked object before attempting to start the vacuum cleaner again. 18. Before carrying out any maintenance se…

  • 7, 7. WARNING! Ensure that the charging base is disconnected from the Mains power before assembly. WARNING! Always switch off the cleaner before fitting or removing accessories. Assembly 1. Insert the battery into the handvac, as shown, ensuring that it clicks into place. 2. To remove the battery, press the Battery Release button and gentl…

  • 8, 8. Accessories Powerhead Ideal for cleaning carpets and hard floors. WARNING! SEEK ADVICE FROM CARPET MANUFACTURERS BEFORE USING THE MOTORISED POWERHEAD ON WOOLLEN OR DELICATE CARPETS. NOTE: The powerhead may be difficult to manoeuvre on certain carpet types, adjust the suction by pressing the Power Control Button to reduce the suction. NOTE: The clea…

  • 9, 9. Accessories 2-in-1 Brush & Upholstery Tool Can be used as a soft dusting brush for cleaning different surfaces or as an upholstery tool for cleaning furniture. Dusting Brush For multi-surface cleaning. Long Crevice Tool Perfect for cleaning in between hard to reach places. Large Upholstery Tool Ideal for cleaning furniture & upholstery. …

  • 10, Hoover Vortex Pro 5231 10. Instructions for Use (continued) 1. Ensure that the power plug is plugged into the mains power supply. Place the cleaner onto the charger. When the power indicator light turns green, the vacuum cleaner battery is fully charged. IMPORTANT! Please ensure that the charging base is placed on a flat level surface. NOTE: The cleaner requires up to …

  • 11, 11. Using the Handvac 1. Remove the handvac from the body by pressing the Handvac Release Button. 2. Press the On/Off Button to turn on the cleaner. The cleaner will begin in High Power. To select Low Power press the Power Control Button. To turn off the cleaner press the On/Off Button. 3. Choose the appropriate accesso…

  • 12, Hoover Vortex Pro 5231 12. Instructions for Use (continued) Using the Handstick 1. Remove the Extension Tube by pressing the Rod Release Button. 2. Push the Handvac Extension Button as shown to release the Handvac Connector. 3. Insert the Handvac Connector into the handvac. 4. The accessories can now be attached to the Extension Tube. …

  • 13, Hoover Vortex Pro 5231 13. Instructions for Use WARNING! Always switch off the cleaner before performing any maintenance. It is recommended to clean the dust bin after each use or when dust reaches the “Max” fill line. Maintenance Emptying the Diverter Dust Canister Emptying the Handvac Dust Canister 1. Turn the Diverter Dust Canis…

  • 14, Hoover Vortex Pro 5231 14. 1. Press the Handvac Release Button to remove the handvac from the main body. 2. Press the Dust Canister Release Button to remove the dust canister from the handvac assembly. 3. To remove the Dust Canister Filter pull the filter strap, as shown. The filter can now be cleaned or replaced. NOTE: The dust canis…

  • 15, Hoover Vortex Pro 5231 15. Maintenance 1. Press the Exhaust Filter Cover Release Button to access the exhaust filter. NOTE: It is recommenced to replace the filter every 6 months or when it is visibly dirty. 4. To clean the dust canister mesh filter, rotate and remove the base of the cyclone filter, as shown. Hair and debris can now be cl…

  • 16, Hoover Vortex Pro 5231 16. Maintenance (continued) 1. Using a flat-head screwdriver or coin, turn the locking tab to the unlock position. The locking tab can now be removed to access the roller brush. 2. Gently remove the roller brush as shown, and clean as required. WARNING! Always switch off the cleaner before performing any maintenance on the powerhead. Cl…

  • 17, 17. Maintenance 1. To remove the trap door, use a screwdriver to unlock the two screws, as shown. 3. After cleaning, replace the trap door and ensure that the two screws are turned to the ‘Locked Position’. 2. The hose can now be pulled out for easy cleaning. To clean, simply use the handvac to vacuum dirt or debris…

  • 18, Hoover Vortex Pro 5231 18. Part Part Number Battery 33201621 Filter Set 32201630 Roller Brush 33788104 Diverter dust bin 33155917 Handvac dust bin 33155918 Please contact Hoover Customer Care: 1300 360 845, NZ: 0800 387 442 to find your local spare parts provider. Spare Parts …

  • 19, 19. Troubleshooting Fault Cause Solution Cleaner will not switch on / Power indicator is flashing. Flat battery. Charger the cleaner. The cleaner can’t be charged. The cleaner is not placed properly onto the charging base. The charging base is disconnected from the mains power supply. The battery is not assembled properly. Place the cleaner o…

  • 20, Hoover Vortex Pro 5231 SAVE TIME, REGISTER WARRANTY ONLINE! www.hoover.com.au and www.hoover.co.nz Conditions of warranty Your Hoover cleaner, in the case of domestic use, has a two year* parts and labour warranty against product defects and failures when the product is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of this warranty statement. This warranty …

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