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  • Manufacturer: Fire Sense
  • Category of Device: Heater, Patio Heater
  • Document: LIP-09A-TGG Manual , File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 09-10-2023
  • Count of Pages: 15
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Fire Sense LIP-09A-TGG Heater, Patio Heater PDF Manual  (Updated: Monday 9th of October 2023 01:21:11 AM)

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Compatible devices: PH08-SB, 61279, PH01-S, 61445, 61280, FireSense 01775, 11201 Deluxe, Lux Series.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Fire Sense LIP-09A-TGG Document (Main Content), UPD: 09 October 2023)
  • 1, Questions, problems, missing parts? Before returning to your retailer, our exceptional customer service is available. Call us toll-free at (866) 985-7877 Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., EST, email us at [email protected], or go online and live chat at DANGER FOR YOUR SAFETY: If you smell gas: 1. Shut off gas to the appliance. 2. Extinguish any open flame. 3. If odor continues, keep away from the appliance and immediately call your gas supplier or fire department. DANGER DANG…

  • 2, Fire Sense LIP-09A-TGG BEFORE YOU BEGIN Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Before You Begin Page 2 Safety Information Page 3-4 Package Contents Page 4 Hardware Contents Page 4 Assembly Page 5-8 Operating Instructions Page 9-12 Care and Maintenance Page 13 Troubleshooting Page 14 Page 15Warranty Information BEFORE YOU BEGIN Please read and understand this entire manual before attempting to assemble, operate or insta…

  • 3, Fire Sense LIP-09A-TGG SAFETY INFORMATION Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 3 DANGER EXPLOSION—FIRE HAZARD • Keep solid combustibles, such as building materials, paper, or cardboard a safe distance away from the heater as recommended by the instructions. • Provide adequate clearances around air openings into the combustion chamber. • Never use the heater in spaces which do or may contain volatile or airborne combustibles, or …

  • 4, Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 4 PACKAGE CONTENTS PART DESCRIPTION QUANTITY A B C D E F G H I J K L A M8 Nut Qty: 4 HARDWARE CONTENTS Top Cap Reflector Emitter Upper Supports Lower Supports Mesh Guards Glass Tube Connector Glass Tube Burner Tank Housing/Base Regulator/Hose Assembly Cylinder Holder 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 4 8 2 D Mesh Guard Connectors Qty: 4 B M8 Spacer Qty: 4 C M6x12 Bolt Qty: 3 …

  • 5, Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 5 ASSEMBLY 1 Locate 4 Upper Supports D and 4 Lower Supports E. Slide 1 Mesh Guard Connector D over bottom end of Upper Support, then screw Upper Support onto Lower Support (NOTE: Mesh Guard Connector will remain loose and able to slide on the supports.) Repeat with remaining Upper and Lower Supports and Mesh Guard Connectors until you have 4 assembled supports. Hardware Used: D Mesh Guard Co…

  • 6, Fire Sense LIP-09A-TGG Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 6 ASSEMBLY 3 Fit the Emitter C down over the threaded end of the assembled Supports D by aligning the holes in the corners of the Emitter with the Supports and sliding the Emitter down over the Supports. 4 Secure Emitter C to Supports D using 4 Spacers B . Tighten with an open-end wrench. 5 Attach Reflector B to top of Supports D. Align holes in bottom of Reflector with Supports and slide Reflector Hardware Used: B M8 Spacer …

  • 7, Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 7 ASSEMBLY 6 Place Top Cap A into Reflector B. 7 Assemble Glass Tube H. Locate Glass Tube Connector G and both pieces of Glass Tube. Insert one end of Glass Tube Connector into open end of one Glass Tube and then repeat with other Glass Tube. 7 6 8 Carefully insert Glass Tube H into bottom of Emitter C and then into hole on top of the Tank Housing/Base J. 8 …

  • 8, Fire Sense LIP-09A-TGG Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 8 ASSEMBLY Attach Mesh Guards F to Supports D/E. (HINT: It is best to begin with bottom pieces of Mesh Guards.) Locate one Mesh Guard. Slide the Mesh Guard Connectors D up the Support and hold them in the center of the Support. Insert the longer tabs at the bottom of the Mesh Guard into the holes on Tank Housing/Base. Insert the shorter tabs at the top of the Mesh Guard into the holes on the Mesh Guard Connector. R…

  • 9, Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 9 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS A minimum supply pressure of .5 psi is required for the purpose of input adjustment of propane gas. Storage of an appliance indoors is permissible only if the cylinder is disconnected and removed from the appliance. A cylinder must be stored outdoors in a well-ventilated area out of the reach of children. A disconnected cylinder must have dust caps tightly installed and must not be stored in a building, garage, or any other enclosed area. The minim…

  • 10, Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 10 LEAK TEST 1. Make 2-3 oz. of leak test solution (one part liquid dish washing detergent and three parts water). 2. Apply several drops of solution where hose attaches to regulator. 3. Apply several drops of solution where regulator connects to cylinder. 4. Make sure all patio heater valves are OFF. 5. Turn cylinder valve ON. IF BUBBLES APPEAR AT ANY CONNECTION, THERE IS A LEAK. 1. Turn cylinder valve OFF. 2. If leak is detected at hose/regulator connection, tighten c…

  • 11, Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 11 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS LIGHTING NOTE: For initial start or after any cylinder change, hold the control knob in for 2 minutes to purge air from all gas lines before proceeding. NOTE: This heater has an Electronic Ignition and requires installation of 1 - AAA battery behind the red Igniter Button. 1. Turn the control knob to the “OFF” position. 2. Fully open the LPG tank valve. 3. Push in and turn the control knob clockwise to the small f…

  • 12, Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 12 Operating Instructions OPERATION CHECKLIST: For a safe and pleasant heating experience, perform this check before each use: BEFORE OPERATION: m I am familiar with entire owner’s manual and understand all precautions noted. m All components are properly assembled, intact and operable. m No alterations have been made. m All gas connections are secure and do not leak. m Wind velocity is below 10 mph.…

  • 13, Fire Sense LIP-09A-TGG Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 13 CARE AND MAINTENANCE To enjoy years of outstanding performance from your heater, make sure you perform the following maintenance activities on a regular basis: KEEP EXTERIOR SURFACES CLEAN. 1. Use soapy water for cleaning. Never use ammable or corrosive cleaning agents. 2. While cleaning your unit, be sure to keep the area around the burner a…

  • 14, TROUBLESHOOTING Contact us for assistance: (866) 985-7877 | 14 PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION Main burner will not light Gas valve may be off Turn gas valve ON Fuel tank may be empty Rell LPG tank Orice blocked Clean or replace orice Air in supply system Purge air from lines. Open gas lines and depress control knob for 2-3 minutes. Loose connection Check all ttings Igniter fails Use stick lighter to manually li…

  • 15, LIMITED WARRANTY Customers in the Contiguous US This product is warranted for a period of 1 year from original purchase date against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This warranty does NOT cover normal wear/weathering, exposure to water, freezing temperatures, oils, fluids, or chemicals, OR use in a commercial application if model is not designated as a commercial model. At Well Traveled Living’s sole discretion, products under warranty will be repaired and/or replaced at no charge to the cus…

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