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  • Manufacturer: APV
  • Category of Device: Spreader
  • Document: UD 100 M1 Operating Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 17-06-2023
  • Count of Pages: 28
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APV UD 100 M1 Spreader PDF Operating Manual (Updated: Saturday 17th of June 2023 12:02:14 AM)

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Compatible devices: ROLLTWIN, HELIXX Series, 50141, ZG-B 5500 Special, AccuPro2000, TF 404 F, SnowEx SP-7550, EV-N-SPRED 2170.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the APV UD 100 M1 Document (Main Content), UPD: 17 June 2023)
  • 19, Page 19 Figure 21: Shovel bracket Figure 22: Calibration slide • Shovel bracket The shovel bracket can be retrofitted on the UD in order to carry a snow shovel and/or a broom. Attention: The snow shovel must not have a handle on the shaft; if it does it will not fit into the bracket. The thickness of the shaft must not exceed 41 mm. Scope of delivery: Brackets incl. rubber grommets Item number: 11003-2-025 • Calibration slide The calibration slide is hooked onto the fra…

  • 25, APV UD 100 M1 Page 25 Maintenance • Maintenance, repair, and cleaning work as well as the elimination of malfunctions should always be performed when the drive is switched off and the motor is at a standstill! – Remove the ignition key! – Switch off the implement! • Check the nuts and bolts regularly for tight fit and retighten if necessary! • When performing maintenance on the lifted implement, always ensure safety through suitable …

  • 5, Page 5 Figure 1: Counter plate 4 Mounting of the spreader Layout and mode of operation The UD 100 M1 is a universal spreader with a capacity of 105 litres. The spread rate is regulated by the seeding shaft, which is driven by a 12V gear motor. The working width is regulated comfortably from the driver's seat via the speed of the spreading plate. As an option, there is the possibility of adjusting the speed of the seeding shaft to the speed of the tractor by using various speed sen…

  • 26, Page 26 WARNING Moving parts can crush and cut. ! Keep hands clear. Do not operate with guard removed. 13 Safety signs Observe this sticker on the implement! It informs you of special dangers! Read and observe the operating manual before operating the implement! Always switch off the engine and remove the key before maintenance work! Danger due to thrown parts; observe the safety distance! Do not reach into rotating parts. Switch of…

  • 10, Page 10 Figure 7 Figure 6 Deflector (guide plate) The deflector is required when the spreading material is flung towards the front onto the vehicle. It is installed on the left side in the direction of travel of the spreader. To install the deflector, remove the M6x16 flange screw and install the deflector with the supplied star knob screw. Dismounting the seeding shaft To dismount the see…

  • 22, Page 22 12 Safety instructions For your safety… This supplement to the operating manual contains general rules of conduct for the intended use of the implement and safety-related information that should always be observed for your personal safety. The list is very extensive, and some of the information does not apply exclusively to the delivered implement. However, the summary of the information often reminds you of unconsciously neglected safety regulations for the everyday operation of machines and implements. …

  • 2, Page 2 Table of contents EC Declaration of Conformity ...................................................................................................... 3 1 Provisions ............................................................................................................................ 4 2 Warranty............................................................................................................................... 4 3 Accident prevention safety instructions ..…

  • 23, APV UD 100 M1 Page 23 • Maintenance and cleaning work must be carried out with the implement lowered, shut down and secured to prevent it being switched on again. • Working under the implement is forbidden. • Observe the generally applicable safety and accident prevention regulations! • Use additional lighting (e.g., flashlight) for repair or maintenance work! • The warning and information signs applied to the implement prov…

  • 17, Page 17 Figure 17 Units in mm 8 Technical data Designation: UD 100 M1 Hopper content: 105 litres Weight: 45 kg Dimensions (H x W x D): 1100 x 550 x 550 mm Max. spreading width: 6 m with salt Recommended spreading width: 5 m Min. spread rate 0.5 kg of salt per minute Max. spread rate 20 kg of salt per minute Power supply: 12 V, 30 A Spreading plate motor data (nominal power): 170 watt Power consumption of the spreading plate motor: 25 amps when starting, 14 amps…

  • 7, APV UD 100 M1 Page 7 CAUTION! The 12 volt power supply must NOT be connected to the socket for the cigarette lighter. After use of the implement, the control box should be disconnected again (for various safety-related reasons). If your battery is charged by a charger that is in "Start" operating mode, there can be voltage peaks! These can cause damage to the electrical system of the control box if it is also connected when the battery is being charged. CAUTION! If these instructions are not observed, damage ma…

  • 14, APV UD 100 M1 Page 14 Emptying the hopper • To empty the hopper, unscrew the screw plug on the emptying nozzle at the front of the hopper, and hold a container, sack or other vessel underneath. • To ensure complete emptying, open the fastener and fold down the spreading plate. • Now attach a sack or a suitable hopper to collect the residual quantity (Figure 15). • Then actuate the menu point "Emptying" on the control box. Now let the seeding shaft ro…

  • 24, APV UD 100 M1 Page 24 • Lock the track markers in transport position! • When filling the hopper with slug pellets or similar toxic agents, only fill as much as is needed in the near future. Protective clothing, safety gloves, and face and eye protection must be worn during the filling procedure. • Observe the warning information provided by the manufacturer on the packaging. The seed grains used in your spreader can be toxic! • Always keep hands, clothing etc. aw…

  • 16, Page 16 7 Decommissioning, storage and disposal Decommissioning the implement To ensure that the implement remains fully functional even if it is out of operation for longer periods of time, it is important to take precautions for storage: 1. Completely remove all spreading material from the spreader. 2. Clean the spreader inside and out (see Cleaning the spreader, Point 6.3). 3. Store the spreader in a dry place to prevent the formation of germs in…

  • 13, Page 13 Figure 13 Proceed as follows to perform the calibration test: 1. Fold down the spreading plate by opening the quick fasteners (Figure 13). 2. For the calibration test, use the supplied sack or a different hopper that can be attached to the metering unit to collect the spreading material (Figure 14). 3. A precise description of how to perform the calibration test can be found in the operating manual of your control box. 4. After beginning operation, you should verify the spread rate. 5. In…

  • 15, Page 15 Figure 16 Location of the rating plate The rating plate is located on the steel frame. In cases of inquiries or warranty claims, please always tell us the production number of your machine. Cleaning the spreader The spreader must be cleaned inside and out on a regular basis to ensure long-term proper functioning. If not cleaned properly, germs can form inside the spreader due to spreading material resid…

  • 28, APV UD 100 M1 Page 28 APV – Technische Produkte GmbH HEADQUARTERS Dallein 15, 3753 Hötzelsdorf, Austria Telephone: +43 (0) 2913 / 8001 Email: [email protected] Fax: +43 (0) 2913 / 8002 Web: www.apv.at Company details APV - Technische Produkte GmbH, Managing Director: Ing. Jürgen Schöls, Dallein 15, 3753 Hötzelsdorf, Austria, [email protected], www.apv.at, UID: ATU 5067 1107 Photo cre…

  • 9, APV UD 100 M1 Page 9 Figure 4 Positioned towards the front Positioned straight Positioned towards the rear Figure 5 Spreading disc, throwing vanes, point of impact adjustment With the variable throwing vanes (Figure 4) attached to the spreading disc, the spread pattern can be adapted to the specific weight of the spreading material. This results in uniform lateral distribution. When the throwing vanes are moved forward, the spreading material exits the…

  • 1, ORIGINAL OPERATING MANUAL Version: 1.0 EN / Item no.: 00601-3-684 Operating manual UD 100 M1 Please read carefully before initial operation! …

  • 12, Page 12 Figure 12: Loosen the nut from the bolt 2. Loosen the nut marked in Figure 12 from the bolt (WAF 7) and pull out the bolt. 3. Reinstall the motor cover on the spreader. Calibration test / Regulation of the seed rate The speed of the seeding shaft depends on the spread rate and the forward speed when operating with sensors. To determine the desired spread rate, you should perform a calibration test before beginning work. The spread rate is calculated with the following formu…

  • 18, Page 18 Figure 18: Truck bed mounting bracket Figure 19 : Calibration button Figure 20: Fill level sensor 9 Accessories • Truck bed mounting bracket For practical and easy attachment to flatbeds or pick-up trucks. Scope of delivery: Truck bed mounting bracket Item number: 00300-1-001 • Calibration button The calibration button is integrated directly in the wi…

  • 6, Page 6 Figure 2 Mounting the control box Fasten the standard supplied bracket with two bolts in the tractor cab. Stow the excess cable in the driver's cab to avoid pinching. CAUTION! If possible, do not roll up the cable into a coil! On the bottom side of the control box, there is a 3-pin plug (= connection to the power supply of the tractor), a 6-pin plug (= connection of …

  • 11, Page 11 Figure 8 3. Loosen the star knob screws marked in Figure 8 and fasten them on the marked position. 4. Pull the seeding shaft out of the metering unit in the direction shown by the arrow (Figure 8). 5. To install the seeding shaft, proceed in the reverse sequence. Agitator Use of the agitator is only required for spreading materials that tend towards bridging. If the agitator is not needed, then proceed as follows: 1. To remove…

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