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  • Manufacturer: EnPointe
  • Category of Device: Microphone system, Monitor
  • Document: EP-P01 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 18-09-2023
  • Count of Pages: 16
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EnPointe EP-P01 Microphone system, Monitor PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Monday 18th of September 2023 03:45:27 AM)

Rating: 4.6 (rated by 23 users)

Compatible devices: 31mu97, EP-K02, AG322QC4, PDK 102B-CWG03L, PDP-31H1ENV, 276B1, 60B4-RAR6-WW, AL1716W.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the EnPointe EP-P01 Document (Main Content), UPD: 18 September 2023)
  • 3, EnPointe EP-P01 Fencing Setup The Pocket Boxes . Plugging in . Orientation in the pocket The Relay Box . Connecting to the scoring machine . Touching on . Switching off Batteries and Power . Battery life . Battery indicator lights . Replacing the batteries Timing and Updates . Downloading an update . Updating the Relay Box Troubleshooting and Warning lights . General errors . Equipment errors FAQs Important Information . Wireless specs . Disclaimer . Safety message . Compliance The EnPointe Wireless Fencing System 1 2 - - - - 3 - 4 - - - 5 - - 6 - 9 - - 10 11…

  • 4, The EnPointe Wireless Fencing System This set includes two Pocket Boxes that plug into body wires, and a Relay Box that plugs into an existing scoring machine. A scoring machine is not included with this set. This system behaves as a wired (reels) system would, without a grounded metallic piste. A piste attachment can be added to this set for hit cancellation on metallic pistes. For more information about the system, the piste attachment, features or setup, please see our website www.enpointefencing.com or contact us at: support@enpointefenc…

  • 5, Fencing setup | 2 The Pocket Box: To begin using your system, place two AAA batteries in the battery compartment of each pocket box, shown in [F], in the direction indicated. In order to begin fencing with the pocket boxes, simply plug your three-pronged bodywire into the plug at the top of the box, shown in the picture above [E]. There is no need to switch the pocket box ‘on’, it will automatically turn on w…

  • 6, Touching On: Firstly, place your scoring machine in the mode of weapon you will be fencing in. Now choose the weapon you wish to fence with by pressing the ‘Sabre’, ‘Épée’ or ‘Foil’ buttons, as shown in [A]. This will switch on your relay box. If your weapon is plugged in and your body wire is plugged into the pocket box and attached to the lamé, you can register to the piste by touching the top of the relay box with your weapon. This process should take less …

  • 7, Batteries and Power: The Pocket Boxes use two standard AAA batteries, and last for 90 hours of continuous fencing, or approximately three months worth of regular club use. The pocket box batteries can be replaced by pulling on the lift-tab shown in [F]. The battery level can be viewed by touching the two outer pins on the pocket box. The middle pin will glow green (high battery), or fade to yellow (medium battery) or red (low ba…

  • 8, Timing and Updates Please note that the information listed in this manual is for the initial release software, and additional updates may change the behaviour of the system. Please refer to the version release notes available at www.enpointefencing.com/downloads for more information. Any new EnPointe system will come pre-installed with the latest update. In the event of rule changes, or if we have made any changes to our system that we th…

  • 9, EnPointe EP-P01 Troubleshooting and Warning Lights General Connection Errors are shown by the warning lights. They indicate that the relay box is not communicating with a pocket box on that side of the piste. Personal equipment errors are shown by the equipment light, and indicate there is an issue with an individual fencer’s equipment, including lamé, weapon, body wire or pocket box. Troubleshooting Guide The yellow error lights on the relay box (both general and equi…

  • 10, EnPointe EP-P01 The connectivity error light ( ) is ashing continuously on one side of the piste. The equipment error light ( ) for my side of the piste is ashing. The relay box error lights ( ), and equipment error lights ( ) ash ve times when I rst turn on the system. The off-target light(s) on the scoring machine are ashing. Hits are not being registered correctly. This indicates that the fencer touched-on to that side of the piste has low battery…

  • 11, EnPointe EP-P01 The connectivity error lights ( ) on the relay box ash, then extinguish. The off target lights on the scoring machine ash when this happens. This indicates that a wireless connection cannot be sustained between the pocket boxes and the relay box. The relay box will attempt to reconnect, and the off-target lights will display if the box is disconnected for a long enough period of time, that a hit could have occured. First check that the wireless antenna o…

  • 12, The off-target lights on the scoring machine are continuously ashing and will not allow us to fence. All the error lights on the relay box are lit. This indicates that the system is unable to establish a connection between the relay box and pocket boxes. Firstly; 1. Does your pocket box have enough battery? Check by touching the outer pins of your box, and looking through the centre pin for the battery indicator light. 2. Have the batteries in the poc…

  • 13, Important Information: Technical Specications: Power Supply Size and Weight of entire set (including carry case) Battery Life (of one set of batteries) Radio Transmission frequency Size and Weight (inc. batteries) Encryption Protocol Operating Temperature Range Relay box: four (4) x AAA batteries Pocket boxes: two(2) x AAA batteries per box Size: 20.7cm x 17.5cm x 5.0 cm Weight: 575g Relay box: approximately 120 hours Pocket Box: approximately 90 hours 2.4G…

  • 14, Warranty: The warranty is valid for twelve months from the date of purchase. It includes free repair for any defects in materials or assembly. It does not include international shipping costs. If the consumer encounters a major fault or defective system, they must stop using the system, and contact the manufacturer immediately. This ensures they are eligible for a warranty claim. You can contact [email protected] to make a claim, or contact us through our business address: EnPointe Fencing, 5a Hartnett Close, Mulgrave 3170, Victor…

  • 15, CE Compliance Notice: The EnPointe Wireless fencing set (EP-P01, EP-R01) meets the minimum requirements for safety and electromagnetic compatibility of electronic devices, and conforms with the relevant European Union directives and recommendations: Directive 2011/65/EU Directive 2014/53/EU Directive 2014/30/EU Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC of 12th July 1999 More information about our compliance, including the relevant harmonised standards, can be found in our declaration of conformity, available at www.enpointefencing.c…

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