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Camera Accessories, Control Unit


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  • Manufacturer: National Instruments
  • Category of Device: Camera Accessories, Control Unit
  • Document: PXI-1428 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 30-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 37
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National Instruments PXI-1428 Camera Accessories, Control Unit PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Thursday 30th of November 2023 10:28:22 AM)

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Compatible devices: Phase Matrix PXI-1430B, IMAQ PCI-1410, Network Adapter NI PXIe-1075, NI 9423, FP-1001, NI 9225E, FIELDPOINT FP-1600, 2 SD Card Memory Module NI 9802.

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  • 18, National Instruments PXI-1428 Chapter 2 Hardware Overview © National Instruments Corporation 2-5 NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual • Trigger control—You can start an acquisition by enabling external or RTSI bus trigger lines. Each of these inputs can start a video acquisition on a rising or falling edge. You can use all four external triggers and up to four RTSI bus triggers simultaneously. • Delayed acquisition—Use either software or triggers to start acquisitions instantaneously or after skipping a specific number of frames. You can…

  • 21, Chapter 3 Signal Connections NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual 3-2 MDR 26-Pin Connector The MDR 26-pin connector provides reliable high-frequency transfer rates between the camera and the acquisition device. To access this connector, use a 3M Camera Link cable. For additional information on Camera Link cables, including ordering information and cable lengths, refer to the Camera Link Cables section of Appendix A, Cabling. Figure 3-2 shows the NI 1428 MDR 26-pin connector assignments. Refer to Table 3-1 for a description of the MDR-26 and 68-…

  • 25, Appendix A Cabling NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual A-2 Figure A-1. 26-Pin MDR Medium Configuration Camera Link Connector Figure A-2. 25-Pin D-SUB Trigger Connector For information about additional connector pin assignments, refer to the Connectors section of Chapter 3, Signal Connections. GND RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED CL_Y(3)– CL_YCLK– CL_Y(2)– CL_Y(1)– CL_Y(0)– GND GND RESERVED RESERVED RESERVE…

  • 14, © National Instruments Corporation 2-1 NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual 2 Hardware Overview This chapter provides an overview of NI 1428 hardware functionality and explains the operations of the NI 1428 functional units. Functional Overview The NI 1428 features a flexible, high-speed data path optimized for receiving and formatting video data from Camera Link cameras. Figure 2-1 illustrates the key functional components of the NI 1428. Figure 2-1. NI 1428 Block Diagram Data 26-Pin MDR Connector Channel Link Receiver Enables Pixel Clock Camera Control…

  • 3, National Instruments PXI-1428 Support Worldwide Technical Support and Product Information National Instruments Corporate Headquarters 11500 North Mopac Expressway Austin, Texas 78759-3504 USA Tel: 512 683 0100 Worldwide Offices Australia 1800 300 800, Austria 43 662 457990-0, Belgium 32 (0) 2 757 0020, Brazil 55 11 3262 3599, Canada 800 433 3488, China 86 21 6555 7838, Czech Republic 420 224 235 774, Denmark 45 45 76 26 00, Finland 385 (0) 9 725 72511, France 33 (0) 1 48 14 24 24, Germany 49 89 7413130, India 91 80 41190000, Israel 972 3 6393737, It…

  • 1, Artisan Technology Group is your source for quality new and certied-used/pre-owned equipment • FAST SHIPPING AND DELIVERY • TENS OF THOUSANDS OF IN-STOCK ITEMS • EQUIPMENT DEMOS • HUNDREDS OF MANUFACTURERS SUPPORTED • LEASING/MONTHLY RENTALS • ITAR CERTIFIED SECURE ASSET SOLUTIONS SERVICE CENTER REPAIRS Experienced engineers and technicians on staff at our full-service, in-house repair center WE BUY USED EQUIPMENT Sell your ex…

  • 13, Chapter 1 Introduction © National Instruments Corporation 1-5 NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual Integration with DAQ Platforms that support NI-IMAQ also support NI-DAQ and a variety of National Instruments DAQ boards. This allows integration between image acquisition devices and National Instruments DAQ products. Vision and Motion Use National Instruments high-performance stepper and servo motion control products with pattern matching software in inspection and guidance appli…

  • 10, Chapter 1 Introduction NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual 1-2 For detailed specifications of the NI 1428, refer to Getting Started with the NI PXI/PCI-1428. Camera Link This section provides a brief overview of the Camera Link standard. For more detailed information about Camera Link specifications, refer to the Specifications of the Camera Link Interface Standard for Digital Cameras and Frame Grabbers manual. This manual is available on several Web sites, including the Automated Imaging Association site at…

  • 12, National Instruments PXI-1428 Chapter 1 Introduction NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual 1-4 Vision Builder AI allows you to easily configure and benchmark a sequence of visual inspection steps, as well as deploy the visual inspection system for automated inspection. With Vision Builder AI, you can perform powerful visual inspection tasks and make decisions based on the results of individual tasks. You also can migrate the configured inspection to LabVIEW, extending t…

  • 33, Glossary NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual G-4 T tap A stream of pixels from a camera. Some cameras send multiple streams, or taps, of data over a cable simultaneously to increase transfer rate. transfer rate The rate, measured in bytes/s, at which data is moved from source to destination after software initialization and set up operations. The maximum rate at which the hardware can operate. trigger Any event that causes or starts some …

  • 4, National Instruments PXI-1428 Important Information Warranty The NI PXI/PCI-1428 is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment, as evidenced by receipts or other documentation. National Instruments will, at its option, repair or replace equipment that proves to be defective during the warranty period. This warranty includes parts and labor. The media on which you receive National Instruments software are warranted not to fail to execute programming …

  • 37, National Instruments PXI-1428 Artisan Technology Group is your source for quality new and certied-used/pre-owned equipment • FAST SHIPPING AND DELIVERY • TENS OF THOUSANDS OF IN-STOCK ITEMS • EQUIPMENT DEMOS • HUNDREDS OF MANUFACTURERS SUPPORTED • LEASING/MONTHLY RENTALS • ITAR CERTIFIED SECURE ASSET SOLUTIONS SERVICE CENTER REPAIRS Experienced engineers and technicians on staff at our full-service, in-house repair center WE…

  • 28, National Instruments PXI-1428 © National Instruments Corporation B-1 NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual B Technical Support and Professional Services Visit the following sections of the National Instruments Web site at for technical support and professional services: • Support—Online technical support resources at include the following: – Self-Help Resources—For answers and solutions, visit the award-winning National Instruments We…

  • 8, Contents NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual viii Appendix A Cabling Appendix B Technical Support and Professional Services Glossary Index Artisan Technology Group - Quality Instrumentation ... Guaranteed | (888) 88-SOURCE | …

  • 32, Glossary © National Instruments Corporation G-3 NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual P PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect. A high-performance expansion bus architecture originally developed by Intel to replace ISA and EISA. PCI offers a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 133 Mbytes/s. pixel Picture element. The smallest division that makes up the video scan line; for display on a computer monitor, a pixel’s optimum dimension is square (aspect ratio of 1:1, or the width equal to the height). pixel clock Divides the in…

  • 11, Chapter 1 Introduction © National Instruments Corporation 1-3 NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual The following sections provide an overview of the driver software and the application software. For detailed information about individual software packages, refer to the documentation specific to each package. NI-IMAQ Driver Software The NI-IMAQ driver software ships with the NI 1428. NI-IMAQ has an extensive library of functio…

  • 36, Index © National Instruments Corporation I-3 NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual SerTC± signal (table), 3-4 SerTFG± signal (table), 3-4 signal connections, 3-1 connectors 68-pin VHDCI connector, 3-2 MDR 26-pin connector, 3-2 signal descriptions, 3-4 NI 1428 connectors (figure), 3-1 software NI resources, B-1 Vision Development Module, 1-4 software controlled start conditions, 2-4 software programming choices, 1-2 integration with DAQ, 1-5 National Instruments NI Vision, 1-3 NI-IMAQ driver software…

  • 26, Appendix A Cabling © National Instruments Corporation A-3 NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual Camera Link Cables Use a standard Camera Link cable to connect your camera to the MDR 26-pin connector on the NI 1428 device. Camera Link cables consist of two MDR-26 male plugs linked with a twin-axial shielded cable and are available in two shell configurations. Note National Instruments recommends purchasing a Camera Link cable. Building your own cable is not recommended due to the …

  • 15, Chapter 2 Hardware Overview NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual 2-2 Camera Link and the NI 1428 The NI 1428 supports the Camera Link Base configuration as well as the 8-bit × 4 mode of the Camera Link Medium configuration. Base Configuration The Camera Link Base configuration places 24 data bits and four enable signals (Frame Valid, Line Valid, Data Valid, and a spare) on a single Channel Link part and cable. The Base configuration includes asynchronous serial transmission as well as four digital camera control lines for controlli…

  • 30, © National Instruments Corporation G-1 NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual Glossary A acquisition window The image size specific to a video standard or camera resolution. active line region The region of lines actively being stored. Defined by a line start (relative to the vertical synchronization signal) and a line count. active pixel region The region of pixels actively being stored. Defined by a pixel start (relative to the horizontal…

  • 17, National Instruments PXI-1428 Chapter 2 Hardware Overview NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual 2-4 High-Speed Timing Built from high-speed counters, the high-speed timing circuitry on the NI 1428 can generate precise real-time control signals for your camera. Map the output of this circuitry to a trigger line to provide accurate pulses and pulse trains. Use these control signals to control exposure time and frame rate. Note For your convenience, the external control for cameras that support the NI 1428 has been preprogrammed into the camera file. You can use MAX t…

  • 29, Appendix B Technical Support and Professional Services NI PXI/PCI-1428 User Manual B-2 • Calibration Certificate—If your product supports calibration, you can obtain the calibration certificate for your product at If you searched and could not find the answers you need, contact your local office or NI corporate headquarters. Phone numbers for our worldwide offices are listed at the front of this manual. You also can visit the Worldwide Offices section of to access the branch office Web sites,…

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  • Confidential & Proprietary 1/35 !"#$%&"'()*+(#,- ./, (% 01/2 (%3,4(560768(!!! !!!!(('9&1:;(<0=>(!"#$%&'!()**+$!,-./0!,123455#!62789*94*:;+*$!<=7>278;8=$!,4*7872?;@/$!A94*788/;>*$!B*+42!C%C;D##!!E4)!F!GH5;C";I5J;I5%#! ! (2K!F!GH5;C";I5J;I5#%( ( ...


  • PROTOCOLFrame Format: FT1.2 (IEC 870-5-1 and 870-5-2)Protocol telegrams: EMI2Protocol Data points: BAOS Binary V1Up to 250 group objects and 250 parameters CONNECTING DEVICE TO THE ZIPABOX1 | Disconnect Zipabox from power;2 | Align connector of KNX expansion module to expansion Slot 2 of Zipabox (or to module connected into Slot 2);3 | Join module and Zipab ...

    Zipabox 3

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