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  • Manufacturer: Kenwood
  • Category of Device: Car Receiver, Receiver
  • Document: KDC-4060RG Instruction Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 23-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 29
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Kenwood KDC-4060RG Car Receiver, Receiver PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Thursday 23rd of November 2023 08:26:13 AM)

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Compatible devices: KRC-225, KMM-122, KRC-35R, KDC-X7006, KDC-M4524, KHD-C710 - Music Keg Digital Player, KDC-519, VR-4700.

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  • 12, Tuner features (See page 6) — 12 — English Auto M emory Entry You can automatically store all the receivable frequencies in the band currently being listened to, and then recall them with the touch of a button later. This function is especially useful when you are travelling and do not know what stations are available. Up to 6 frequencies can be stored this way. Select the band for auto memory entry. Hold down the ME…

  • 19, — 19 — Track Repeat Function Repeat playing the current track. Turning Repeat Play Function On/ Off: Press the REP button to switch the repeat play function on and off. The REP indicator lights up when the repeat play function is turned on. The track number currently being heard blinks in the display. The repeat play function is cancelled when you stop playing the disc. NOTE Random Play Function Play all the tracks on the current disc in random order. Press the RDM button to switch the ra…

  • 4, Safety precautions — 4 — English • If you experience problems during installation, consult your Kenwood dealer. • If the unit does not seem to be working right, try pressing the reset button first. If that does not solve the problem, consult your Kenwood dealer. Cleaning the Unit If the front panel gets dirty, turn off the power and wipe the panel with a dry silicon cloth or soft cloth. Do not wipe the panel with a stiff cloth or a cloth dampened by volatile solvents such as paint thinner and alcohol. They can scratch the s…

  • 20, Other features (See page 8) — 20 — English Audio Control Setting Adjust various parameters of sound quality. Press the AUD button to enter the control mode. Each time the AUD button is pressed, the adjustment mode display changes as follows: 7 Bass 7 Treble 7 Balance 7 Fader 7 Volume If you do not move to step 2 in 5 seconds, the unit will switch back to the volume adjustment mode (i.e., the normal mode). Source tone memory Each source (CD, FM, and AM) has its own memory in which to store the bass and treble tone settings. The settings made for …

  • 13, — 13 — RDS features (See page 7) RDS (Radio Data System) RDS is a digital information system that lets you receive signals besides those of regular radio programmes, such as network information being transmitted from radio stations. When listening to an RDS station (ie, a station with RDS capability), the programme service name of the station is displayed along with the frequency, advising you quickly which station is being received. RDS (Radio Data System) stations also transmit frequency data for the same station. When …

  • 3, Kenwood KDC-4060RG — 3 — Safety precautions To prevent injury and/ or fire, take the following precautions: • Insert the unit all the way until it is fully locked in place. Otherwise it may fly out of place during collisions and other jolts. • When extending the ignition, battery or ground cables, make sure to use automotive- grade cables or other cables with an area of 0.75mm 2 (AWG18) or more to prevent cable deterioration and damage to the cable coating. • To prevent short circuits, never put or leave any metallic objects (e.g., coins or metal tools) inside …

  • 18, CD player features (See page 7) — 18 — English Playing CDs: If no CDs are inserted, insert one in the slot with the label facing up. (If a CD is already inserted, press the CD button). The CD-IN indicator lights up when a CD has been inserted. The 3 indicator lights up when a CD is being played. Pausing and Restarting CD Play: Press the 38 button to make the disc pause. The 8 indicator lights up. Press the same button again to start play again. St…

  • 15, — 15 — Auto TP Seek Function When the TI function is on and poor reception conditions are experienced when listening to a traffic information station, another traffic information station with better reception will be searched for automatically. This function is on, when unit is first powered on. Turning Auto TP Seek Function On/Off: Hold down the MENU button for one second or more. "MENU" is displayed and the menu mode is turned on. Press the ¢ button repeatedly until the Auto TP Seek function appears in the …

  • 10, Basic operations (See page 6) — 10 — English • Make sure to end the menu mode when finished. If you fail to end the menu mode, several funcions may not operate properly, including the Traffic information function, the News Bulletin function with PTY news timeout setting, and the Alarm function. • Some tuner functions will not be displayed unless you are currently listening to the tuner. • Functions marked with an asterisk (* ) cannot be used during AM reception. • The News function turns on when the setting is made fo…

  • 29, This file has been downloaded from: User Manual and User Guide for many equipments like mobile phones, photo cameras, monther board, monitors, software, tv, dvd, and othes.. Manual users, user manuals, user guide manual, owners manual, instruction manual, manual owner, manual owner's, manual guide, manual operation, operating manual, user's manual, operating instructions, manual operators, manual operator, manual product, d…

  • 16, RDS features (See page 7) — 16 — English News Bulletin Function with PTY New s Timeout Setting You can arrange to have news bulletins interrupt your current listening source, including other radio stations. When the News Bulletin function is on, the PTY News Timeout setting allows you to set the interval during which further news interruption cannot take place. You can adjust the PTY news interruption period from 10 to 90 minutes on each journey. Turning News Bulletin Function On/ Off: Hold down the MENU button for one second or more. "…

  • 8, Buttons and Display — 8 — English T I LOUD CLK VOL ADJ MENU REPRDMSCNDISP CD PWR OFF EJECT 35W x 4 MENU u / d AUD ATT CLK AM FM 4 ¢ AUD Clock display Other features Downloaded from: …

  • 17, Kenwood KDC-4060RG — 17 — Programme Type (PTY) Function Conduct auto seek tuning only on those stations with selected kinds of programmes. Selecting Type of Programme to be Received: Hold down the MENU button for one second or more. "MENU" is displayed and the menu mode is turned on. Press the ¢ button repeatedly until "PTY" appears in the display. Press the 4 button to search in the other direction. Press either the AM button or FM button. The PTY indicator will turn on, and the Programme Type…

  • 6, Kenwood KDC-4060RG Buttons and Display — 6 — English AUD T I LOUD CLK VOL ADJ MENU REPRDMSCNDISP CD PWR OFF EJECT 35W x 4 MENU ATT TUN AM FM 4 ¢ # 1 ~ 6 AUTO indicator ST indicator M ONO indicator AUD T I LOUD CLK VOL ADJ MENU REPRDMSCNDISP CD PWR OFF EJECT 35W x 4 LOUD / MENU u / d ATT ATT CD TUN / PWR OFF AM FM 4 ¢ Basic operations ATT indicator LOUD indicator Tuner features LO.S indicator Band display Preset Station Number Frequency Downloaded from: …

  • 27, Kenwood KDC-4060RG — 27 — Specifications FM tuner section Frequency range (50 kHz Space) ..............87.5 MHz – 108.0 MHz Usable sensitivity (S/N=26dB) ....................................0.7 µV/75 Ω Quieting Sensitivity (S/N=46dB)..................................1.6 µV/75 Ω Frequency response (±3.0 dB) ..............................30 Hz – 15 kHz Signal to Noise ratio (MONO) ..............................................68 dB Selectivity (DIN) (400kHz)..................................................�…

  • 2, Contents — 2 — English Before use Safety precautions ........................................................................3 Handling Compact discs................................................................5 Buttons and Display......................................................................6 Basic operations Power............................................................................................9 Volume....…

  • 25, Kenwood KDC-4060RG — 25 — Removing the hard rubber frame ■ When the lower level is removed, remove the upper two locations. 2 The frame can be removed from the top side in the same manner. NOTE Catch Lock Engage the catch pins on the removal tool and remove the two locks on the lower level. Lower the frame and pull it forward as shown in the figure. 1 Accessory2 Removal tool Accessory3 Removing the Unit ■ Lower the removal tool toward the bottom, and pull out the unit halfway whilst pressing towards the inside. 4 P…

  • 23, Kenwood KDC-4060RG — 23 — Connecting Cables to Terminals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 P.CONT.OUT Rear right output (Red) Rear left output (White) Connector Function Guide Pin Numbers for ISO Connectors Cable Colour Functions External Power Connector A–4 A–5 A–7 A–8 Speaker Connector B–1 B–2 B–3 B–4 B–5 B–6 B–7 B–8 Yellow Blue/White Red Black Purple Purple/Black Gray Gray/Black White White/Black Green Green/Black Battery Power Control Ignition (ACC) Earth (Grou…

  • 1, Kenwood KDC-4060RG KDC-4060RG KDC-4060RA © B64-1106-00 (EF) CD-RECEIVER INSTRUCTION MANUAL Downloaded from: …

  • 5, — 5 — Handling Compact discs Playing a CD that is dirty, scratched or warped can cause the sound to skip and the unit to operate incorrectly, resulting in worsened sound quality. Take the following precautions to prevent your CDs from getting scratched or damaged. Handling CDs • Do not touch the recorded side of the CD (i.e., the side opposite the label) when holding it. • Do not stick tape on either side of the CD. Storing CDs • Do not store CDs in areas exposed to d…

  • 22, — 22 — English The use of any accessories except for those provided might result in damage to the unit. Make sure only to use the accessories shipped with the unit, as shown above. 2CAUTION Accessories ..........................................1 ..........................................2 ..........................................1 ..........................................1 1 2 3 4 External view Number of items Installation Procedure 1. To prevent short circuits, remove the key from the ignition and disconnect the - terminal of the battery. 2. M…

  • 11, — 11 — Tuner features (See page 6) With the local seek function turned on, auto seek tuning skips stations with relatively poor reception. Turning Local Seek Function On/ Off: Hold down the MENU button for one second or more. "MENU" is displayed and the menu mode is turned on. Press the ¢ button repeatedly until the local seek function appears in the display. Press the 4 button to search in the other direction. The function setting is indicated by…

  • 7, — 7 — AUD T I LOUD CLK VOL ADJ MENU REPRDMSCNDISP CD PWR OFF EJECT 35W x 4 ATT CD / 38 / EJECT 4 ¢ REP DISP SCN RDM CD-IN indicator 3 indicator RDM indicator AUD T I LOUD CLK VOL ADJ MENU REPRDMSCNDISP CD PWR OFF EJECT 35W x 4 MENU CLK ATT TI / VOL ADJ AM FM 4 ¢ # 1 ~ 6 RDS features NEWS indicator AF indicator REG indicator CD player features TI indicator TA indicator PTY indicator EON indicator TP indicator 8 indicator REP indicator SCN indicator Track number Track time Downloaded from: http://www.user…

  • 24, Kenwood KDC-4060RG — 24 — English Connecting Cables to Terminals Connecting the ISO Connector (see p.23) The pin arrangement for the ISO connectors depends on the type of vehicle you drive. Make sure to make the proper connections to prevent damage to the unit. The default connection for the wiring harness is described in 1 below. If the ISO connector pins are set as described in 2 or 3, make the connection as illustrated. 2WARNING Unit Vehicl…

  • 26, — 26 — English What might appear to be a malfunction in your unit may just be the result of slight misoperation or miswiring. Before calling service, first check the following table for possible problems. SOLUTIONPOSSIBLE CAUSEPROBLEM No sound can be heard, or the volume is low. The fader and/or balance settings are set all the way to one side. Reset the fader and/or balance settings. The input/output cables or wiring harness are connected incorrectly. Reconnect the input/output cables an…

  • 14, RDS features (See page 7) — 14 — English Restricting RDS Region (Region Restrict Function) You can choose whether or not to restrict the RDS channels, received with the AF function for a particular network, to a specific region. When the Region Restrict Function is on, the region is restricted and the REG indicator is turned on. Turning Region Restrict Function On/ Off: Hold down the MENU button for one second or more. "MENU"…

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