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  • Manufacturer: VERDER
  • Category of Device: Furnace
  • Document: CARBOLITE GERO AAF 11/3 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Instructions, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 02-12-2023
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VERDER CARBOLITE GERO AAF 11/3 Furnace PDF Installation, Operation And Maintenance Instructions (Updated: Saturday 2nd of December 2023 05:57:17 PM)

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Compatible devices: Carbolite HZS Series, CARBOLITE GERO CFM 14/2 AUX, CARBOLITE GERO CFM 14/1, CARBOLITE GERO STF 15/450, CARBOLITE GERO CFM 14/2, TZF 12/65/550, CARBOLITE GERO STF 15/180, TZF 12/100/900.

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  • 8, 2.0 Installation Supply Terminal Label Cable Colour Supply Types Live - Neutral Reversible or Live- Live 1-phase L Brown to live to either power conductor (For USA 200-240V, connect L1) N Blue to neutral to the other power conductor (For USA 200-240V, connect L2) PE Green/ Yellow to earth (ground) to earth (ground) Electrical Connection Details: 8 …

  • 24, 7.0 Repairs and Replacements Switch the furnace ON and heat to 900 °C without interruption and then dwell for 1 hour. Some smoke may be observed during this process, which should be carried out in a well ventilated area. Check that the furnace is controlling properly to rule out the possibility that previous element failed because of a fault in the control circuit. 24 …

  • 16, 5.0 Operation 5.7 Power Adjustment The product control system incorporates electronic power limiting. Depending on the model and the destination country the power limit maybe set to 100% or a lower figure. Where appropriate the power limit parameter OP.Hi is accessible to the operator, but it should not generally be altered. See section 10.0 for details of the power limit settings. DO NOT adjust the power to a level higher than the design level states; this may cause a fuse to blow and could damage the heating elements. The powe…

  • 32, 11.0 Specifications 11.0 Specifications Carbolite Gero reserves the right to change the specification without notice. Model Max Temp (°C) Max Power (kW) External Size (mm) Chamber Size (mm) Net Weight (kg) H W D H W D Ashing Burn-off and Coal and Coke Testing Furnace AAF 11/3 1100 2.1 585 375 485 90 150 250 22 with Thermal Catalytic Oxidiser Option 1100 2.1 740 375 670 90 150 250 25 11.1 Environment The models listed in this manual contains electrical parts and should be stored and used in indoor conditions as f…

  • 3, VERDER CARBOLITE GERO AAF 11/3 6.2.2 Safety Switch 19 6.3 Calibration 19 6.4 After-Sales Service 20 6.5 Recommended Spare Parts and Spare Parts Kit 20 7.0 Repairs and Replacements 21 7.1 Safety Warning - Disconnection from Power Supply 21 7.2 Safety Warning - Refractory Fibre Insulation 21 7.3 Temperature Controller Replacement 21 7.4 Solid-State Relay Replacement 22 7.5 Thermocouple Replacement 22 7.6 Element Replacement 23 7.7 Door Plug Replacement 25 7.8 F…

  • 28, 8.0 Fault Analysis B. Product Overheats 1. Product only heats up when the instrument switch is ON The controller shows a very high temperature The controller is faulty The controller shows a low temperature The thermocouple may be faulty or may have been removed out of the heating chamber The thermocouple may be connected the wrong way around The controller may be faulty 2. Product heats up when the instrument switch is OFF The SSR has failed "ON" Check for an accidental wiring …

  • 10, 4.0 2132 Over-Temperature 4.0 2132 Over-Temperature Controller Description (if fitted) 4.1 Description Key A Alarm Light B Page C Scroll D Down E Up F Display This over-temperature controller is fitted and supplied ready to use by Carbolite Gero. It is a digital instrument with a latching alarm, requiring no additional panel controls. The controller features easy setting of over-temperature setpoint and reading of current temperature by the over-temperature sensor. 4.2 Operation 4.2.1 Controls Most Carbo…

  • 13, 5.0 Operation 5.1 Operating Cycle This product is fitted with an instrument switch which cuts off power to the control circuit. Connect the product to the electrical supply. Turn on the instrument switch to activate the temperature controllers. The controllers illuminate and go through a short test cycle. Over-Temperature option only. If the digital over-temperature option has not yet been set as required, set and activate it according to…

  • 15, VERDER CARBOLITE GERO AAF 11/3 5.6 Thermal Catalytic Oxidiser Option Catalytic oxidation allows the purification of exhaust air from volatile organic components at low temperature without an open flame. By the use of a suitable catalyst, complete oxidation of the volatiles takes place at temperatures between 250°C and 400°C. Due to the low reaction temperature, catalytic oxidisers require very little energy. Compared to other exhaust gas purification systems, the catalytic oxidiser has a very…

  • 21, 7.0 Repairs and Replacements 7.1 Safety Warning - Disconnection from Power Supply Immediately switch the product off in the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. large amount of smoke). Allow the product to return to room temperature before inspection. Always ensure that the product is disconnected from the electrical supply before repair work is carried out. Caution: Double pole/neutral fusing may be used in this product. 7.2 Safety Warning - Refractory Fibre Insulation I…

  • 34, VERDER CARBOLITE GERO AAF 11/3 The products covered in this manual are only a small part of the wide range of ovens, chamber furnaces and tube furnaces manufactured by Carbolite Gero for laboratory and industrial use. For further details of our standard or custom built products please contact us at the address below, or ask your nearest stockist. For preventive maintenance, repair and calibration of all furnace and oven products, please contact: Carbolite Gero Service Telephone: + 44 (0…

  • 29, 9.0 Wiring Diagrams 9.1 WA-11-30 Connections below show single phase with indirect safety switch(es). Key F1, F2, F3 Fuses FIL Filter R1/1, R1/2 Relay Contactor R1 Relay C Temperature Controller TC Control Thermocouple SSR Solid State Relay SSW Safety Switch H Heat Lamp EL Element(s) SW Instrument Switch(es) N Neutral L Live PE Earth Cables BU Blue R Red GR/Y Green + Yellow G Grey P Pink 29 9.0 Wiring Diagrams …

  • 23, VERDER CARBOLITE GERO AAF 11/3 7.6 Element Replacement See section 7.2 - wearing a face mask is required. The chamber of this type of furnace is formed by winding resistance heating wire on to a refractory muffle former. In the event of failure, the whole "wound muffle" assembly must be replaced. Disconnect the furnace from the electrical supply and remove the furnace back panel. Pull the chimney out of the top of the furnace. Make a note of the wiring connections; "Thermocouple Re…

  • 25, VERDER CARBOLITE GERO AAF 11/3 7.7 Door Plug Replacement See section 7.2 - wearing a face mask is required. Open the door and remove the door cover from the plug carrier assembly. Remove the old door plug by sliding it upwards out of its carrier. Slide the new plug into the carrier assembly making sure that the plug is the correct way up. Refit the door cover. When first heating the furnace after a replacement, ensure that the ventilation is good: emission of some fumes is to be expected. Key A Door (seen from the back) A1 Door Cover A2 Fixing Screws A3 Door Pl…

  • 5, 2.0 Installation 2.1 Unpacking and Handling When unpacking and handling the product, always lift it by its base. Do not use the door or any other projecting cover or component to support the equipment when moving it. Use two or more people to carry the product where possible. Carefully remove any packing material from inside and around the product before use. Avoid damaging the surrounding insulation when removing packing materials. NOTE: This product contains Refractory Cer…

  • 6, 2.0 Installation Depending on the application of the product, it may be appropriate to position it under an extraction hood. Ensure the extraction hood is switched on during use. Ensure that the product is placed in such a way that it can be quickly switched off or disconnected from the electrical supply. Under no circumstances should any objects be placed on top of the product. Always ensure that any vents on the top of the product are clear of any obstruction. Always ensure all cooling ve…

  • 17, VERDER CARBOLITE GERO AAF 11/3 6.0 Maintenance 6.1 General Maintenance Preventive rather than reactive maintenance is recommended. The type and frequency depends on the product use; the following are recommended. 6.2 Maintenance Schedule CUSTOMER QUALIFIED PERSONNEL DANGER! ELECTRIC SHOCK. Risk of fatal injury. Only electrically qualified personnel should attempt these maintenance procedures. Maintenance Procedure Method Frequency Daily Weekly Monthly …

  • 9, 3.0 Temperature Controller If this product is fitted with a temperature controller, instructions are provided separately. 9 3.0 Temperature Controller …

  • 20, 6.0 Maintenance thermocouple and temperature indicator should be made from time to time to determine whether full calibration is required. Carbolite Gero can supply these items. Depending on the controller fitted, the controller instructions may contain calibration instructions. 6.4 After-Sales Service Carbolite Gero Service has a team of Service Engineers who can offer repair, calibration and preventive maintenance of furnace and oven products both at the Carbolite Gero factory and at customers’ premises throughout …

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  • HI-EFFICIENTDIRECT VENTWALL FURNACE - Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vaporsand liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. - WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS: • Do not try to light any appliance. • Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use anyphone in your building. • Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor’sph ...

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  • TechnicalOIL KITS AND ACCESSORIES u,e._,o@1993Lennox Industries Inc.503,004MDallas, Texas 40732H0939/93Litho U.S.A.020 SERIES HEAT EXCHANGERCLEAN-OUT KITINSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR HEAT EXCHANGERCLEAN-OUT KIT (54J98) USED ON ALL 020 SERIES UNITS.1- Clean-out brush1- Length of vinyl tubingThis kit is may be used to clean the heat exchanger onany 020, OSR20 or OF ...

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  • HJJ(J|)i(i)))_J))1))These instructions must be read and understood completely before attempting installation.Safety Labeling and Signal WordsDANGER, WARNING, CAUTION, and NOTEThe signal words DANGER, WARNING,CAUTION, and NOTE are used to identify levels ofhazard seriousness. The signal word DANGER isonly used on product labels to signify an immediatehazard. The signal words WARNING, CAUTION,a ...

    F9MXE0801716A1 52

  • Portions of the text and tables are reprinted from NFPA 54 /ANSI Z223.1−2009©, with permission of National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA 02269 and American Gas Association, Washing-ton, DC 20001. This reprinted material is not the complete and official position of the NFPA or ANSI, on the referenced subject, which is represented only by the standard in its entirety.Printed in U.S. ...

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  • User's Information ManualResidential Gas FurnacesFOR YOUR SAFETY— Do not store or use gasoline or otherflammable vapors and liquids in thevicinity of this or any other appliance.— WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS:• Do not try to light any appliance.• Do not touch any electrical switch;do not use any phone in yourbuilding.• Immediately call your gas s ...

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