Tiffin Motorhomes WAYFARER 2021 Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual for Tiffin Motorhomes WAYFARER 2021 Caravans (170 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Tiffin Motorhomes
  • Category of Device: Caravans
  • Document: WAYFARER 2021, File Type: PDF Owner's Manual
  • Updated: 22-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 170
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Compatible devices: 15 Year Anniversary Edition XT 10E, CityCar 2016, OP13, MAMMUT, XT17-HRT 2018, Caramatic DriveTwo, ALICANTO GRANDE, SUPERLITE 2021.

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  • 61, TELEVISION SETS The televisions in your Wayfarer motorhome are digital HDTV. The televisions (Figure 53.1 and 53.2 and 54.1) are powered by 120VAC electricity. therefore the motorhome must be plugged into the 30AMP shore power cord or have the motorhomes generat…

  • 16, Tiffin Motorhomes WAYFARER 2021 SPECIFICATION LABELS There are two main labels used to identify your Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the legal identification of the completed motorhome. The VIN is the number used by the state for the vehicle identification and registration. (Fi…

  • 80, ELECTRICAL FEATURES GENERAL INFORMATION There are two electrical systems used in your Tiffin Wayfarer Motorhome. These are the 12V DC (VDC) system and the 120V AC (VAC) system. Most standard appliances require the 120V VAC system, while the majority of the lighting …

  • 131, DRIVING YOUR MOTORHOME SINGLE VISION CAMERA REAR MONITOR SYSTEM The rear view monitoring system (Figure 123.1) is provided to aid the driver in backing up and parking of the motorhome. A camera mounted on the rear of the motorhome feeds a televised view of the rear of the motorhome to the Mer…

  • 31, CO/LP DETECTOR CONTINUED If the (CO) alarm persists in re-arming and continues to give further alarms, ventilate the motorhome by opening doors and windows and then check for propane (LP) gas leaks. If the leak cannot be readily found SAFELY, then close the main valve to …

  • 30, CARBON MONOXIDE WARNING A properly maintained engine exhaust and ventilation system is the best way to protect against carbon monoxide's entry into the motorhome. We recommend that the exhaust system and body be inspected by a qualified motorhome service center at …


WRX735SDB, APH Series, StudioStation 100, BIZHUB 131F
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