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  • Manufacturer: Sinee
  • Category of Device: Servo Drives
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  • Updated: 17-06-2023
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Sinee EA180 Series Servo Drives PDF Manual  (Updated: Saturday 17th of June 2023 03:07:01 PM)

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Compatible devices: Ultra1500, SINAMICS S210, Control Techniques Digitax-SF Series, SV660N Series, S772, AKD PDMM series, BR100, ACS350.

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  • 49, Sinee EA180 Series EA180 Servo Drive Manual 49 P0-20 Pulse output setting definition Initial value 0 Commu.addr. 0014H Unit - Valid time Power on again Range 0~1 Data size 16bit Control mode P S T Parameter function: sets the meaning of the P0-21 parameter. P0-20=0:The setting value of P0-21 is before 4 frequency doubled, e.g. the pulse number of phase A or phase B ( 2500ppr encoder has this option only) P0-20=1:P0-21 the set value is after 4 frequency doubl…

  • 87, Sinee EA180 Series EA180 Servo Drive Manual 87 6.15 Pb-xx Homing parameters Pb-00 Zero return failure alarm time Initial value 0 Commu.addr. 0A00H Unit ms Valid time Immediately Range 0~65535 Data size 16bit Control mode P Parameter function: starting homing command, if you cannot locate the origin after the parameter setting time, the drive display Al01C alarm and the ALM terminal acts. When the parameter is set to 0, the homing monitor is switched off, even if the hom…

  • 68, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 68 Parameter function: setting the function of DI1~DI8 terminal, see Table 5-5. 8 DI corresponding function settings, you can set the range of 0~99, but the current part is reserved. Different DI can set the same function number, the corresponding logical relationship is OR, e.g. when the D1 or D2 is valid, the corresponding function will happen. For example, P6-02=1, P6-03=1, when one of DI1 and DI2 is valid, servo ON; when two are invalid, servo OFF. …

  • 26, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 26 Motor power Brake command Motor speed Power on P0-10 Disengaged Engaged ON OFF Power off Servo enable(/S-ON) Or alarm or power OFF Coast to stop P0-09 Figure 3-23 Brake actions when the servo motor is rotating Note☞ 1. Even if the value set in the P1-10 is more than the highest speed of the servo motor, it will be limited to the maximum speed of the servo motor. 2. Do not assign the motor rotation signal (TGON) and the brake signal (BK) to the same terminal. If assigned to the same terminal, due to the…

  • 71, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 71 Parameter function: set the effective and invalid delay time for each DO output. DO output Effective Void Void Event Not happen Happen Not happen Not happen DO void delay DO effective delay P6-24 DO Forced output Initial value 0000B Commu.addr. 0618H Unit - Valid time Immediately Range 0000B~1111B * Data size 16bit Control mode P S T Parameter function: 0: depen…

  • 35, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 35 AF-02 JOG Data size 16bit Communication address 3F02H Register value storage - Register value Keypad display Operation - -sjog Press ˄ , motor run forward, it shows sjog _ Press ˅ , motor runs reverse, it shows _sjog . Do not press the button, the motor is static, reads -sjog * The speed of inching(JOG) operation is determined by P8-00, and the acceleration and deceleration time is decided by P8-01. AF-03 Internal S_ON comma…

  • 41, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 41 from enabled ON to enabled OFF. d0-22 IGBT module temperature Initial value 0 Commu.addr. 2016H Unit ℃ Type Display Range 0~150 Format Decimal Data size 16bit Control mode P S T Internal temperature of IGBT module This drive has a perfect over temperature protection mechanism. Because of the temperature detection position, the temperature may be 100 degrees or higher, which is normal. d0-24 Total elapsed time of the system Initial value 0 Commu.addr.…

  • 10, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 10 Table 3-2 Servo motor power cable and servo motor connecting terminal Connector shape and type Terminal pin distribution Motor flange 12 34 Shell type:172159-1 TE MATE-N-LOCK Insert spring type:794407-4 TE MATE-N-LOCK 4PINAmp plug (excluding brake) Pin# function 1 U 2 V 3 W 4 PE 40 60 80 86 1 4 3 2 Model:YDA28K4TS Air plug (excluding brake) Pin# function 1 PE 2 U 3 V 4 W 110 130 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Model:Y…

  • 21, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 21  When using the external 24V power supply and internal current limiting resistance +24V Extl 2KΩ 100Ω 100Ω 1 33 34 100Ω 100Ω 31 32 36 16 PULSE- SIGN- COM +24V PULHIP PULHIS +24V Servo drive PULSE+ PE External 24V supply and internal current limiting resistor NPN connection External 24V supply and internal current limiting resistor PNP connection Open collector pulse position command The maximum input …

  • 37, Sinee EA180 Series EA180 Servo Drive Manual 37 0 0 Press SET , it shows -End- , hide Pd group parameters 1 1 Press SET , it shows -End- , display Pd group parameters. AF-16 Absolute encoder multi-turn data and fault handling Data size 16bit Communication address 3F10H Register value storage Automatically clear after completion Register value Keypad display Operation 0 0 Press SET , it shows -End- , no operation. 1 1 Clear multi-turn encoder fault : Press SET , it sho…

  • 20, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 20 Position command pulse differential input mode Servo drive 2KΩ 100Ω 100Ω 1 33 34 Upper Computer 100Ω 100Ω 31 32 41 16 GND PULSE+ PULSE- SIGN+ SIGN- Minimum pulse width of pulse position command 1US The maximum input frequency is 500kpps PE GND 2KΩ Figure 3-13 Differential mode input pulse command wiring diagram Note☞ Please ensure "2.8V≤ (H level -L level) ≤3.7V", otherwise the servo drive input pulse will be unstable. It will result in the following situations::  在…

  • 17, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 17 2) As for NPN open collector circuit output: 4.7K +24V +24V supply COM+ DI1 COM Internal 24V supply Servo drive NPN NPN 4.7K +24V +24V supply COM+ DI1 COM External 24V supply Servo drive NPN NPN DC24V 25 21 5 7 25 21 5 7 Figure 3-9(a) NPN open collector circuit output wiring diagram 3) As for PNP open collector circuit output: 4.7K +24V +24V supply COM+ DI1 COM Internal 24V supply Servo drive PNP PNP 4.7K +24V +24V supply COM+ DI1 COM External 24V supply Servo drive PNP PNP DC24V …

  • 91, Sinee EA180 Series EA180 Servo Drive Manual 91  If the ORPG signal is not valid, the target zero position is searched directly at the speed of Pb-04. -L Reverse limit switch Forward limit switch Motion trajectory Origin detecting switch Motor Z signal ORPG signal Pb-04 t 3 Z pulse Position Motor speed ORPG signal Trigger signal Pb-02=7: Target Zero positon: the first Z pulse after the falling edge of the ORPG  D…

  • 7, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 7 Chapter 3 Wiring 3.1 Peripherals connection CN2 CN3 When braking resistor and bus capacitor is not enough, P+、 C connected to external braking resistor. +24V The electromagnetic contactor brake control signal turns on / off the brake power supply EMI filter Brake supply 24V is applied when the servo motor has brake. ground Servo drive, PC communication cable Power cable Contactor S…

  • 27, Sinee EA180 Series EA180 Servo Drive Manual 27 Figure 3-24 position control mode standard wiring diagram 3.8.2 Speed control mode standard wiring diagram 8 23 37 38 9 24 39 10 DO1 DO1- DO2 DO2- DO3 DO3- DO4 DO4- State output Encoder frequency division pulse output-differential PE PA+ PA- PB+ PB- PZ+ PZ- 28 13 12 27 26 GND 29 11 35 14 Upper computer GND Encoder z-phase Open collector output GND OCZ +5V +5V GND 6 29 GND AO1 Analog 1 output Analog 2 output 15 29 30 29 GND GND AI2 AI1 EA180 Servo Drive Se…

  • 100, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 100 exceeds 1MHz high Whether there is serious interference Use a qualified twisted shielded wire to transmit the pulse signal Al 034: Analog zero drift error correction Alert cause Check Treatment For zero drift self-learning, the collected external voltage exceeds 2V When performing the autotuning of zero drift, whether the upper computer command is set to 0 The commands from the upper computer is set to 0, and then auto tune the zero…

  • 22, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 22  Typical examples of mis-connection 2KΩ 100Ω 100Ω 1 33 34 100Ω 100Ω 31 32 16 PULSE+ SIGN- COM +24V PULHIP PULHIS 25 SIGN+ PULSE- Servo drive PE VCC Current limiting resistance not connected 2KΩ 100Ω 100Ω 1 33 34 100Ω 100Ω 31 32 16 PULSE+ SIGN- COM +24V PULHIP PULHIS 25 SIGN+ PULSE- Servo drive PE VCC Current limiting resistance not separately used 2KΩ 2KΩ 2KΩ 100Ω 100Ω 1 33 34 100Ω 100Ω 31 32 16 PULSE+ SIGN- COM +24V PULHIP PULHIS 25 SIGN+ PULSE- Servo drive PE VCC R1 …

  • 1, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 1 Preface Thank you for choosing EA180 series servo drive! Document NO. : 31020005 Release Time: 2017-11 Version: 100 EA180 series servo drive is a high performance small and medium power AC servo unit developed by Shenzhen Sine Electric Co.,Ltd. This series of products adopts advanced motor control special DSP chip, large scale programmable gate array (CPLD/FPGA) and PIM power module, which has the char…

  • 40, Sinee EA180 Series EA180 Servo Drive Manual 40 Note☞:This parameter can be modified to the encoder unit by setting P8-18 bit3 to 1. Please see the detailed description of P8-18 d0-12 DI input terminal status Initial value 00000000B Commu.addr. 200CH Unit - Type Display Range 00000000B~11111111B Format Binary Data size 16bit Control mode P S T The display state of the input terminal DI, a total display 8bit data, representing DI1 ~ DI8. P…

  • 54, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 54 display reads P-oT or n-oT,The motor stops as per the P0-08 setting. Note☞ The setting unit at the factory is the command unit and can be changed to the encoder unit via the P8-18 bit3 (at this time, please set the appropriate value according to resolution). 6.6 P2-xx Speed control parameters P2-00 Speed command source selection Initial value 0 Commu.addr. 0200H Unit - Valid time Immediately Range 0~3 Data size 16bi…

  • 81, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 81 Pr command CMD3 CMD2 CMD1 CMD0 CTRG Running pulse numbers Allowable speed Stop time Pr14 1 1 0 1 ↓ P9-58 P9-60 P9-61 Pr15 1 1 1 0 ↓ P9-62 P9-64 P9-65 Pr16 1 1 1 1 ↓ P9-66 P9-68 P9-69 Note: 0/1 in the table simply indicates that the DI terminal is invalid / valid and does not indicate the actual level. Note☞ 1. the…

  • 99, EA180 Servo Drive Manual 99 Alert cause Check Treatment The battery voltage of absolute encoder is below 3.1V Measure the battery voltage Replace the battery (Please keep the encoder and the drive CN5 terminal in good condition and replace the battery when the drive is powered on. If the encoder does not have power, replace the battery, the alert A l 01A will occur after power on. Al 01A: absolute encoder battery voltage low Alert cause Check Treat…

  • 73, Sinee EA180 Series EA180 Servo Drive Manual 73 Parameter function: set the meaning of AO terminal output When the output of the AO terminal is 10V, it means that the amount it represents reaches at the maximum value Setting AO output Setting AO output 0 The actual motor speed: 1V corresponds to 1000rpm 9 Write P6-42 direct output: -10000 ~10000mV 1 Speed command: 1V corresponds to 1000rpm 10 AI1 input: -10V ~ 10V corresponds to -10V ~ 10V 2 Torque command: 1V corresponds to 100.0% of r…

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