Cabletron Systems Spectrum EMM-E6 Installation Manual

Installation Manual for Cabletron Systems Spectrum EMM-E6 Network Cable, Network Card (64 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Cabletron Systems
  • Category of Device: Network Cable, Network Card
  • Document: Spectrum EMM-E6, File Type: PDF Installation Manual
  • Updated: 10-03-2024
  • Count of Pages: 64
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Cabletron Systems Spectrum EMM-E6 Network Cable, Network Card PDF Installation Manual (Updated: Sunday 10th of March 2024 05:53:51 AM)

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Compatible devices: MMAC-Plus 9F116-01, 9C300-1, TRMIM-20R, Cabletron CyberSWITCH CSX5500, SmartSwitch 8000, FDMMIM, FRM, CBUPRI/E1.

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Text Version of Cabletron Systems Spectrum EMM-E6 Network Cable, Network Card Manual (Summary of Contents)

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  • 62, Index Index-2 EMM-E6 Installation Guide K Knurled knobs 2-1 L LANVIEW LEDs identification 2-6 location 2-2 using 4-1 LDRAM SIMM slot location 2-5 Link length 10BASE2 C-5 10BASE-F multimode C-4 single mode C-5 10BASE-T C-1 M Memory EEPROM 2-5 Local Dynamic 2-5 Shared Dynamic 2-4 upgradin…

  • 11, Document Conventions EMM-E6 Installation Guide 1-3 1.3 DOCUMENT CONVENTIONS The following conventions are used throughout this document: Figures throughout the document are identified by chapter and illustration number. Many figures contain small numbers at the lower right-hand c…

  • 51, EMM-E6 Installation Guide B-1 APPENDIX B UPGRADING THE EMM-E6 This appendix describes how to incorporate additional or expanded capabilities into the EMM-E6. This appendix describes the procedures for the addition of a BRIM or EPIM module and the addition of Single In-line Mem…

  • 38, Chapter 3: Installation 3-18 EMM-E6 Installation Guide 3. If the transceiver PWR LED is OFF with the AUI cable connected, perform the following steps: a. Check the AUI connections for proper pinouts. b. Check the cable for continuity. c. Reconnect the AUI cable to the EMM-E6 and the device. If the …

  • 36, Chapter 3: Installation 3-16 EMM-E6 Installation Guide Figure 3-8 SMA Connector Insertion 3. Attach the other fiber of the pair to the applicable transmit port on the module. 4. At the other end of the fiber optic cable, attach the fiber pair to the transmit and receive ports of the device. If…

  • 59, Cabletron Systems Spectrum EMM-E6 Network Requirements EMM-E6 Installation Guide C-5 • Length: If you meet all system budgets, the maximum single mode fiber optic cable length can reach 5 Km (3.1 miles) with bridges or switches at each segment end. FOIRL specifications specify a maximum of 1 Km (0.62 miles)…


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