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  • Manufacturer: Neat
  • Category of Device: Transmitter
  • Document: SMILE Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 22-06-2023
  • Count of Pages: 24
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Neat SMILE Transmitter PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Thursday 22nd of June 2023 07:09:02 PM)

Rating: 4.3 (rated by 77 users)

Compatible devices: F-100-01, Efector 600 TA3333, FS-G7P, Possum SensorMATe 3, WRT-847B, MF-PFTT, aSENSE GH (Disp) RL, WALL Famiy.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Neat SMILE Document (Main Content), UPD: 22 June 2023)
  • 3, 3 1 About SMILE 5 1.1 SMILE 5 1.2 SMILE ID 5 1.3 Intended use 5 1.4 General Use 5 2 SMILE 6 3 SMILE parts 6 4 LED indications 7 5 SMILE Accessories 7 5.1 EPA (Easy Press Adapter) 7 5.2 BERLOCK 7 6 Mounting 8 6.1 PIN/necklace 8 6.2 Wristband 8 6.3 CLIP 8 6.3.1 Mounting the EPA 8 6.4 BERLOCK 9 6.5 Changing the top shell 9 7 SMILE Programmer 9 7.1 The drop down menus 10 7.1.1 File 10 7.1.2 Communication 11 7.1.3 Help 12 7.2 Button and Alarm ty…

  • 2, 2 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 SMILE kit contents The list below shows the included parts in the package. If any part is missing or is defect, please kontakt your reseller or distributor. # Denomination 1 SMILE unit 2 Necklace with PIN 3 Wristband Declaration of Conformity Hereby NEAT Electronics AB declares that the radio equipment type SMILE is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the fol…

  • 21, Neat SMILE 21 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 9 Technical data Measure 34 x 42 x 15 mm Weight (incl. battery) 14 g RF Frequency - EU 869.2 MHz (Social alarms) Category 1 RF Frequency - Non EU* 866.2, 868.2, 906.2, 916.2 MHz RFID frequency 125 kHz Battery life > 5 years IP Class IP67 Temperature range +5 - +55 °C *According to local regulations …

  • 6, Neat SMILE 6 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 2 SMILE # Denomination 1 LED 2 Alarm button 3 SMILE parts # Denomination 1 SMILE Unit (with red alarm button) 2 SMILE PIN (with latch and necklace) 3 SMILE CLIP (Optional) 4 Necklace with PIN 5 Wristband 1 2 1 4 5 …

  • 8, 8 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 6 Mounting 6.1 PIN/necklace Thread the pin into the holes and press until the latch clicks into place. Release the pin by pressing the latch (1) and then pulling it upwards (2). 6.2 Wristband Thread the wristband through the holes and attach on arm. 6.3 CLIP Fix CLIP on the back of the SMILE, thread the PIN trough the holes on the SMILE until the latch clicks in place. To…

  • 13, 13 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 7.2.1 Button functions SMILE supports a number of dierent press types, i.e. how the alarm button is pressed. By default Normal press is always enabled. Normal press enabled A normal press is when the alarm button is pressed and kept pressed for max. 0.3 ms. Double press enabled Enable if Double press should be available. Double press is when the alarm button is pressed two times within the specied press time congured in the box Max tim…

  • 7, Neat SMILE 7 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 4 LED indications The LED indicates status when the alarm button is pressed. When pressing the alarm button, the LED lights red during the trans- mission until it receives an ACK. When an ACK is received the LED lights green for 2 s. If the LED rapidly blinks during transmission (red) and ACK conr- mation (green), this indicates the battery is low (and a Battery Low alarm is also sent) and the unit should be…

  • 9, 9 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 6.4 BERLOCK The BERLOCK is mounted in the same way as the CLIP. To remove the BERLOCK, stick a paperclip in the wristband hole closest to the necklace and detach the PIN. 6.5 Changing the top shell The SMILE design allows for replacement of the top shell. Remove the top shell by gently pulling the wristband holes outwards. Attach the new top shell and press until a distinct “click�…

  • 14, 14 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 And other alarm types can be sent by the unit described in the manual: • Alarm type Passive. • Alarm type Door. • Alarm type Inactivity. 7.3 Radio The Radio tab is divided into two sections: • Radio ID Code, Alarm Delay • Radio transmission. 7.3.1 Radio ID Code, Alarm Delay Radio ID-code When a unit is read, the Radio ID code is displayed in the Current box. To change ID code, enter the new Radio ID code in the New box, eg. 1A3D. Values 0000 (four zeroes) and FFFF are forbidden. Alarm…

  • 12, Neat SMILE 12 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 7.1.3 Help This drop down item displays the soware version and rmware ver- sion of the connected NPU. The information displayed is read-only. 7.2 Button and Alarm types The Button and Alarm types tab is divided into two sections: • Button functions • Alarm Types …

  • 18, 18 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 Personnel Device Check this box whether the unit is a personnel device or not. Transmit extended message If the receiver needs more information than normal the SMILE-ID can be congured to send extended messages. The information included in an extended messages is: • Previous positions • SMILE-ID type (personell or caretaker device) 7.7 RFID zones/codes The RFID tab is divided into two sections: • Codes and zone…

  • 4, Neat SMILE 4 7.4 Info 16 7.5 Activity 16 7.6 RFID 17 7.7 RFID zones/codes 18 7.7.1 Codes and zones with continous retransmission 18 8 Battery holder 20 9 Use and maintenance 21 9.1 Safety notes 21 9.2 Use Use only original parts. 21 9.3 Do not expose to direct sunlight. 21 9.4 Cleaning 21 9.5 Recycling 21 10 Technical data 22 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 …

  • 20, 20 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 8 Use and maintenance 8.1 Safety notes • Read instructions prior to use • Always test the system per instructions prior to use. • The product may not be suitable for all persons. • Check device regularly and replace when necessary. • Always check the function of the product aer making adjust- ments. • Our units are NOT intended for any life support device, thus intending a device…

  • 16, 16 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 7.4 Info This is a read-only window displaying technical data from the read unit. 7.5 Activity The SMILE-ID unit has been built with an accelerometer intended to detect either inactivity or activity and automatically send an alarm if this occurs. Activity enable Check box to activate activity sense, i.e. enable activity alarms. Activity Alarm interval (h) Set max time for activity before an activity alarm is sent, …

  • 17, 17 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 7.6 RFID Max number of RFID elds (1-4) Number of Position ID codes included in the NRTP message. RFID inactivity period aer receive (s) When an RFID message has been received the RFID receiver is inactive for a certain period in order to save battery power and this period is set here (in seconds). Radio inactivity period aer transmit (s) When the SMILE-ID has transmitted a message the unit will not send any messa…

  • 5, 5 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 1 About SMILE The SMILE Family is a range of products meant for the care sector, either in a home care living or in a warden facility. The SMILE Family consist of two portable triggers, SMILE and SMILE ID. The term SMILE or SMILE unit will be used for the trigger in general and if not stated otherwise it refers to the standard SMILE. 1.1 SMILE SMILE is a portable alarm trigger whi…

  • 11, 11 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 7.1.2 Communication Read from and write to device When a unit is read from, the rmware is automatically recognized by the programmer. The general procedure for obtaining the conguration is: • Start the reading process in SMILE-ID Programmer. • Press the alarm button to connect the SMILE-ID with the programmer. • Pressing the alarm button a second time to read actual congura- tion. Read from unit Click Communication -…

  • 19, 19 SMILE User manual NE41 14002-02 v2.0 Codes and zones with none or restricted retransmission Restricted retransmission: Retransmit when re-entering same eld. When enabled (checked) the unit retransmits if the user exits from a eld and then (without entering a new eld) re-enters the same eld. Together with the next option (see below) it is possible to further specify how long time the unit must be out of the eld before a re-transmiss…

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