Sangean DDR-3 Manual, Operating Instruction

Manual, Operating Instruction for Sangean DDR-3 Radio (24 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Sangean
  • Category of Device: Radio
  • Document: DDR-3, File Type: PDF Operating Instruction
  • Updated: 05-02-2024
  • Count of Pages: 24
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Data: UPD 5th February 2024

Sangean DDR-3 Radio PDF Operating Instruction (Updated: Monday 5th of February 2024 10:49:54 AM)

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Compatible devices: HDR-1, DDR-60BT, ATS 305, PT-50, PR-D3L, U1, DPR-99 Plus, U5 DBT.

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  • 2, Sangean DDR-3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS........................... 2 Controls........................................................................... 3-4 Mains operation ................................................................. 5 Operating your radio - DAB ............................................... 6 Selecting a station - D…

  • 3, Sangean DDR-3 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this apparatus near water. 6. Clean only with dry cloth. 7. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 8. Do not install near any …

  • 4, Sangean DDR-3 3 Controls 1. Light button 2. Band button 3. Auto tune button 4. Advanced INFO 5. LCD display 6. StandBy indicator (Front) 7. Infra Red sensor 8. Volume control 9. Tone control 10. Tuning control/Snooze 11. Preset buttons DDR-3_381K801A_GB.p65 2004/2/27, 下午 02:094 …

  • 5, 4 Controls (Rear) 12. Telescopic aerial 13. Headphone socket 14. Deep bass boost switch 15. Optical output socket (Toslink) 16. Telescopic aerial holder 17. Mains input socket GB DDR-3_381K801A_GB.p65 2004/2/27, 下午 02:095 …

  • 6, 5 Mains operation 1. Place your radio on a flat surface. 2. Plug the mains lead into the Socket located on the rear of your radio ensuring that the plug is pushed fully into the socket. 3. Plug the other end of the mains lead into a wall socket and switch on the wall socket. DDR-3_381K801A_GB.p65 2004/2/27, 下午 02:096 …

  • 7, Sangean DDR-3 6 Operating your radio - DAB 1. Fully extend the telescopic aerial. 2. Press the Standby button to switch on your radio. 3. If this is the first time the radio is used a quick scan of Band III DAB channels will be carried out. The display will show "Autotune Quick scan". If the radio has been used before the…

  • 8, Sangean DDR-3 7 Selecting a station - DAB 1. The top line of the display shows the name of the station currently selected. 2. Rotate the Tuning control to scroll through the list of available stations. Stop rotating the Tuning control when you find the station that you wish to hear. 3. Press and release the Tuning control to select the station. The…

  • 9, 8 Display modes - DAB Your radio has five display modes:- 1. Press the Advanced INFO to cycle through the various modes. Secondary services - DAB 1. Certain radio stations have one or more secondary services associated with them. If a station has a secondary service associated with it the display will show ">" nex…

  • 10, 9 Finding new stations - DAB As time passes new stations may become available. To find new stations proceed as follows:- 1. Press and release the AutoTune button, the display will show "Autotune Quick Scan". Your radio will perform a scan of the channel 10A~12D frequencies. As new stations are found the station counter on the right-hand side…

  • 11, 10 Manual Tuning - DAB Manual tuning allows you to tune directly to the various DAB Band III channels. 1. Press and hold in the Tuning control until the display shows "Manual tune". 2. Rotate the Tuning control to select the required DAB channel. 3. Press and release the Tuning control to select the channel. 4. Rotate…

  • 12, 11 Operating your radio - FM 1. Fully extend the telescopic aerial. 2. Press the Standby button to switch on your radio. The display will show "DAB digital radio" for a few seconds. 3. Press the Band button to select the FM band. 4. Press and immediately release the Auto Tune button, your radio will scan in an upwards direction (low frequency to…

  • 13, 12 Manual tuning - FM 1. Press the Standby button to switch on your radio. 2. Press the Band button to select the FM band. Fully extend the Telescopic aerial . 3. Rotate the Tuning control to tune to a station. The frequency will change in steps of 50kHz. 4. When the waveband end is reached the radio will recommence tuning from the opposite…

  • 14, Sangean DDR-3 13 Display modes - FM On FM the bottom line of the display can be set to any of the following modes:- 1. Press the Advanced INFO to cycle through the various modes. a. Scrolling text Displays scrolling text messages such as artist/track name, phone in number etc. b. Program Type Displays type of station being listened to e.g. Pop, Clas…

  • 15, 14 Presetting stations - DAB and FM There are 5 memory presets for each of the 2 wavebands. 1. Press the Standby button switch on the radio. 2. Tune to the required station as previously described. 3. Press and hold down the required Preset button until the display shows e.g. "Preset 1 stored". The station will be stored …

  • 16, Sangean DDR-3 15 Setting the alarm When the radio is on/standby, repeatedly press and release the Advanced INFO button until the lower line of he display shows alarm status. Press Tuning Control button to select Alarm Status on/off. During Alarm Status in ON status, display will auto switch to alarm time setting. The minute will start to flash, rotary …

  • 17, Sangean DDR-3 16 Headphone and optical output sockets 1. A 3.5mm Headphone Socket located on the rear of your radio is provided for use with either headphones or an earpiece. Inserting a plug automatically mutes the internal loudspeaker. 2. A digital optical output socket is provided on the rear of you radio for connection to a an amplifie…

  • 18, Sangean DDR-3 17 1. Band button 2. Select button 3. Mute button 4. Auto tune button 5. Info button 6. StandBy button 7. Volume up/down buttons 8. Tuning up/down buttons 9. Preset buttons Remote control DDR-3_381K801A_GB.p65 2004/2/27, 下午 02:0918 …

  • 19, Sangean DDR-3 18 Remote handset battery replacement 1. With the aid of the end of a paper clip slide catch in direction shown. 2. Remove battery holder by pushing holder in direction shown. 3. Remove battery from holder. 4. Replace battery (2025 or equivalent) ensuring that positive side of battery faces you with holder positioned as shown. 5. Replace the battery hol…

  • 20, Sangean DDR-3 19 Using the remote control The buttons on the remote control have the same functions as front panel controls with two exceptions:- 1. Mute - press this button to mute sound, press again to restore sound. DDR-3_381K801A_GB.p65 2004/2/27, 下午 02:0920 …

  • 21, 20 Clock display 1. Your radio will display clock time when in set to StandBy mode. 2. During StandBy mode the clock will receive updates from the last station tuned to before entering stanby mode. When in StandBy mode your radios clock will automatically track Summer\Winter time changes. GB DDR-3_381K801A_GB.p65 2004/2/27, �…

  • 22, 21 Specifications Power Requirements Mains AC 230 volts, 50Hz only Battery (Remote control) 3.0V 2025 button type Frequency Coverage FM 87.5-108MHz DAB 174.928 - 239.200MHz Circuit Features Loudspeaker 75mm 8ohms Output Power 3 Watts Headphone socket 3.5mm dia Aerial System FM Telescopic aerial DAB Telescopic aerial Gene…

  • 23, Sangean DDR-3 22 The wire coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal marked N or coloured BLACK. The wire coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal marked L or coloured RED. Mains supply The DDR-3 will operate from a supply of AC 230 volts, 50Hz only. DO NOT cut off the mains plug from this equipment. If the plug fitted is…

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